Universal Truth

What is the truth?
How do we know it?
What is its purpose?

The Source of all truth, Absolute Truth, is what we are constantly trying to understand, find out, and become. This search will go on for eternity. Another way to say this is that our soul is trying to become God - who in turn is always becoming something grander. 

The truth is something that is self-evident and is based upon the feeling we have about any given thing. It's also been referred to as natural law or universal law.

God will not punish us if we break these laws or truths. They are simply there for us as guidance. We decide how to react to them through our own free will choices. 

Unlike the endless cycles and constant changes of the physical universe in which we live, Universal Truths are unchangeable, everywhere, and always available to those who seek it. Most importantly, it is never forced upon us. It must always be a free will choice.

The soul has searched for the Truth, its Source, throughout the ages, even though it threatens and destroys our false beliefs at times. 

 Truth and the Universal Laws

What are some of the spiritual truths that can be found all over the universe? I am going to briefly describe some of the big ones.

This is not the entire list by any means. Nor is it my list. They come from the many mystical teachings I’ve exposed myself to over the years.

This list does not belong to any exclusive group or religion. They are free for the asking. No one owns them. There is no fee or donation required. The real God made it that way.

As with any truth or teaching, each should first be brought to the heart to see if it "feels" right and then used according to your own wishes.

Click on the headings below if you wish a brief description...

Love is all there is 

God loves us unconditionally 

It is impossible to be separated from God forever

The universe is a world of opposites

There are only two emotions in the universe, love and fear

Everything in the universe is energy

Emotional energy is the great attractor

We create our own reality

There are no accidents in God's universe

What we put out comes back to us

The truth will always be found in your heart

We are all one with God



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