The truth will always be
found in your heart


Leaving the Absolute and entering the material world of the opposites can be fraught with danger.

There is Light and darkness in the physical realm.

Drift from our Source is possible. We can lose our God-centeredness.

Within it all, there was a need for a reference point that was strong enough to provide us with guidance and yet balanced enough to always ensue that that our free will choices were never overpowered or compromised in any way.

The center of that reference point is the heart. And its answers often leave us struggling with questions and dilemmas about what to do in a given situation.

Usually there is a struggle between the mind and the heart.

The reason for the conflict is simple.

Part of the mind has been overrun and dominated by the ego.

Ego wants no part of our heart-God-centered decisions.

Imagine what this world would be like if all of our choices were made from the heart.

There would never be conflict, just paradise.

Always remember…

Your heart will never lie to you. The real God made it that way.


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