God loves us unconditionally

Unconditional love means that we are loved without any limits, reservations, attachments, controls, provisions, qualifications, demands, expectations, judgments, needs, obsessions, stipulations, clauses, boundaries, restraints, equivocations, regulations, confinements.

In other words, no matter what we do, God loves us.

This is not what many of us have been taught. And those teachings have caused much of the fear and doubt that far too many of us walk around with today.

Religious leaders of the western world would have us believe that God gets angry and punishes us when we are bad or commit sin. 

This dogma of fear and guilt has been used for almost two thousand years for purposes of control.

Hell was invented to support this concept.

God cannot be unconditional love or one who causes fear through eternal punishment at the same time. It can only be one or the other.

The real God gave us a way to always find the truth. Go to your heart, not your mind, for this answer. And see which feels better for you.


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