The universe is a world of opposites

This principle of "duality" was a very important part of the creation process.

What it means is that for every experience and feeling available to us there would be an opposite for it.

For cold there is hot, for joy there is sadness, for excitement there is boredom, for male there is female,  for pain there is ecstasy, for darkness there is light, for silence there is sound, for love there is fear, for health there is sickness and so on.

There is incredible wisdom behind this principle.

How could we relate to or appreciate anything unless there was an opposite experience or feeling to compare it to?

In order to grow spiritually, and understand all things, we must experience all the different aspects of life, good and bad. In other words, we have to be all things before we leave the confines of planet Earth.

Ultimately, the world of the opposites helps us to make the highest choices and guides us to the Light.

We do this by experiencing our not so good choices, which eventually feel less and less right to us. 

Our lesser choices must be blessed because they can serve as valuable reference points for us. And, should we make such choices, we should not be harsh on ourselves. Rather we must love ourselves as God does... unconditionally. 


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