We are all one with God


The ancient mystics teach that all things in the universe, whether it be the tiny hydrogen atom, the stars, the plants, the animals or ourselves, are intimately connected with one another through All That Is in an unbroken whole.

There is an invisible field of energy that connects all the dots of the basic Oneness, making this a very powerful truth.

The law of cause and effect uses this seemingly transparent network to distribute the emotions and feelings we send out (cause) to the world around us.

In time, they eventually find their way back to us in similar form (effect).

There is more here as well.

We are constantly doing things for ourselves, which can make us happy, angry, bitter, joyful, and so on.

Everything we are connected to feels the vibrations of energy we create.

When a beautiful flower lifts the spirit of a person in one part of the world, we all share in that experience, and feel its joy at some level.

So does the flower... and so does God.

When a thousand people sit in meditation, and focus their minds and hearts on peace and harmony, we feel it more.

If all of us meditated on love at the same time, the feeling created would vibrate deeply throughout the universe and be felt by others.

There is another version of this same thought. What we do for another we also do for ourselves. Again, it operates by the simple truth of "what we put out comes back to us."

Eventually, we will fully realize that everything in the universe is connected to, and forever inseparable from our Source.

We are all ONE.


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