What we put out comes back to us


Different versions of this same golden rule can be found in ancient writings, the Bible and many of the Eastern mystical teachings.

It has been expressed in a number of different ways over the ages.

The most familiar versions are "we reap what we sow" or "do unto others what we would have them do unto us."

This truth has also been referred to as the law of cause and effect.

It means that for each action we cause, there will be an effect. 

It also means that we must take personal responsibility for all of our actions.

Love-based actions build up positive karma over time.

If we do something that is irresponsible and hurts a person, animal, plant or Mother Earth, the consequences of this negative karma will eventually come back to us in this or some future lifetime.

Eventually, we figure it all out and stop. The same is true if we act with love and compassion, but with a big difference. When we figure this one out we won’t stop.

The law of cause and effect is just, totally fair and should not be replaced with the man-made belief that we will all be judged and punished by an angry God.



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