There are no accidents
in God’s universe

Again, this is one of those interesting truths that will never be proven.

And yet there are too many examples of a "background noise" in our lives that can be attributed to fate alone.

Coincidences are far too common, and as they accumulate over time, they force us to think about them as more than just chance happenings.

Interestingly, these unplanned events usually come when we least expect them.

This comes as no surprise when we consider that before we incarnate, we choose the important events, circumstances and people in our lives. 

A blind date that leads to life partnership, an unexpected phone call that pulls us away from tragedy, an opportunity that suddenly opens, a gift of money when we need it most, a dream that turns out to be true, are just a few examples.

These "happenings" are also called synchronous events
and they can occur on a large or small scale. Curiously, these extraordinary gifts of guidance often drop in out of the universe to influence our thoughts or impact the direction that our lives may take.

Whenever this happens, our free will is never violated in the process. Using our free will we planned them before incarnating. And we always have the choice to react to these events, regardless of size, the way we prefer to.


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