Emotional energy is the great attractor


You are filled with energy. In fact, you are energy.

It even extends beyond your body in the form of an electromagnetic field or aura that reaches out to distances, which are much farther than we know of at this time.

How we feel about something or someone immediately creates energy and our auric field can be affected by it.

How often have you sensed or felt another person’s positive or negative emotions?

As they are occurring, those very same emotions also act like potent magnets. But, in this instance, they do not attract the opposite of what they are.

On the contrary, they will pull in those feelings, individuals or circumstance that are similar to or identical with themselves and try to repel those which are not.

Whenever we have an emotional discharge of love and joy, those feelings are sent out through our auric field to locate and attract the same kinds of energies elsewhere.

Sooner or later the reverse will happen and a host of positive feelings or circumstances will find their way back to the attractive source that created them in the first place.

At the same time, negative vibrations of fear and anger are intuitively felt as foreign and unnatural.

The opposite is also true.

When we are angry or bitter, we eventually draw people and events into our lives that are similar in nature to these kinds of emotions and feelings.

This truth is a simple one... we attract what we feel. Said another way: We are what we think and we bring those energies to us.


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