It is impossible to be separated
from God forever

Before the universe began God had a plan. It had no imperfections and it contained a unique safeguard that would always help us remember our divine heritage and cosmic purpose.

When we left the realm of the Absolute, All That Is gave us the power and free will to create anything we wanted.

But the use of these gifts was to be tempered with the love in our hearts.

As free spirits roaming and exploring the universe, we were reminded that our consciousness should always be focused on our Source.

There would be challenges along the way. At times the world of the opposites would be filled with the Light and at other times it would be cloaked in darkness.

There was a chance of forgetting our God-centeredness and in the process lose our way.

This drift from God-consciousness is called separation. It is also referred to as ego- or self-centered.

The further we drift, the more we separate, and are likely to experience personal imbalance because of it.

There have been some in our history who have drifted quite a bit. It does not matter. God loves them all without condition.

And no matter how far we might veer off the path, there will come a time when separation is so unbearable it will be impossible to endure.

That is a profound moment of truth and awakening.

When it arrives, we’ll fall to our knees and unashamedly pray to God for help.

Without fail the help will come. Immediately. It is impossible to be separated from God forever.


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