Everything in the universe is energy


All physical matter in our universe contains enormous amounts of energy.

There is also the "unreal" form of energy that seems more ethereal, subtle or intangible in nature.

For instance, we can sense the energy in a room filled with people. Or we can feel the energy of someone's love that is always uplifting or another's negative energy that is always draining.

There is a basic law of science, which states that energy, regardless of its source, can never be destroyed.

It can only change from one form to another.

Here is the critical part.

You are energy.

Imagine yourself as a battery.

This morning, after a refreshing walk through the woods, you return home and are charged with a feeling of wonderful, positive energy that has been added to your reserve.

The phone rings. An angry person is calling.

You choose to plug your lifeline into that person’s negative energy and the positive life force immediately begins to drain from you.

As your positive life force reaches empty, you begin to fill up with the other person’s negative energy.

You become angry.

The wonderful feeling you had minutes ago has disappeared because your energy has changed from one form (positive) to another (negative).

We must constantly question every experience that can influence the quality of our energy.

If we don’t like the negative vibrations of other persons or situations we find ourselves in, then we must look for ways to detach our lifeline from them and plug it into a source of energy that has a far more uplifting effect.

On a larger scale, the flow and exchange of positive and negative vibrations can ripple out and extend far beyond their points of origin and impact more than one person or circumstance in the process.


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