Love is all there is

My understanding of this truth is that God is pure, total and absolute love.

Being total love, All That Is can be nothing else.

Everything outside the Absolute is the physical world, our universe. God created it for us so that we might experience feelings. And God was to experience all of it through us.

Our physical universe is really nothing more than a simple thought of All That Is at play.

As such, it is like a dream into which we entered as spiritual beings, in order to experience and feel all that was in the physical universe.

While we are here, everything in the dream feels very real to us.

That was exactly its intention.

And, within this universe, there are just two sources of emotion and feeling… love and fear.

All that derives from love is real because it is God.

Everything that is based on fear is an illusion, or "Maya," that was specifically created as a reference point so that we are able to experience and recognize that which is love.

As we evolve spiritually, the fears begin to vanish as they are replaced by Love.

In the end, we will all return to and become one with Absolute Love.

And then, the whole cosmic cycle of leaving and rejoining All That Is, will be repeated again, and again, for eternity. 

All for the experience and feeling. All for the purpose of becoming greater and grander versions of ourselves.


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