Dark Night of the Soul
Personal Experiences


Being human isn't easy. Prior to incarnating there are those courageous spirits who decide to take on special challenges while in body to help grow and evolve spiritually, rather than walk an easier, less rewarding path. I have so much admiration for these individuals that I wanted to devote a section of this web site to their personal experiences. Perhaps they can serve as part of a useful support network.

The stories below will provide insight, guidance and inspiration for all of us who have taken on the dark night. If there are others who would like to add their personal spiritual crisis experience to this section, please e-mail me. 

Tara's Story

Charlotte's Dark Night of the Soul (from Denmark)

 Kate's Poem about the Dark Night

Pam's Story

Henry's Story

Argennon's Story (from Singapore)

Christine's Dark Night Poem

Margaret's Story (from Australia)

Sharon's Story (From England)

Mike's Story

~ Soul-to-Soul Spiritual Crisis Connections

Below is a quote taken from, Flight Into Freedom, by Eileen Caddy. In that book, the author describes how she was constantly tested by God to the point where she wanted to give up the struggle at times... but somehow found the strength to go on. God never abandoned her. To help her along she was given many messages of love, support and guidance by our Source. Here is one of them. It applies so well to anyone going through the dark night...  

"My beloved child, try to see a pattern running through everything that is happening just now. Every experience, every vision, every revelation comes from Me and is given for a specific purpose. You may not see the reason at the time; you may wonder at the strangeness to the point of doubting your own sanity. Learn to go with it all. Resist absolutely nothing. Be afraid of nothing. Your faith in My word is being tested; you have to find where your security lies. Nothing matters but your relationship with Me. Put your whole life into my hands. I am your only security. Let Me be your guide and know that no matter how devious the road, everything falls into place perfectly."

A message given to Eileen Caddy... by God

Flight Into Freedom


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