Dark Night of the Soul
Real Life Experiences

Dark Night of the Soul

In depression, press on.
In the darkness of your soul
lie your screaming rejects.
Listen now
or be deafened by their tormented cries
as they endeavour to grow.
They all need to be heard you know.
How many pieces of you
have you thrown into the pits of hell
to please another?
How many lions must ravage your so-called weaknesses
before you raise yourself gracefully from the ashes
and reclaim your right to be unique?

Dare you peek
into your velvet night
Dare you be a candle, a light;
a guiding star for the pieces of your soul
to navigate safely to centre.

Will you run from a dragon
because you've been TOLD he breathes fire?
Don't you know that dragons hoard treasure
and fire can transform your soul?
Rein the beast in
Learn to ride him,
he is part of you too.

Witches that speak wicked spells
and offer poisoned apples
are, you will discover,
merely shadows of your own darkness.
Will you run from yourself forever?
Or will you plunge into the depths
with a heart of light
that shines for all?

In for a penny, in for a pound,
use all your senses
sight, touch and sound
Be the warrior
Be the hero
climb down from 100
know you are zero.

When the dark night of your soul beckons
do not run and hide.
Instead mount your white charger
and be a beacon unto yourself.
Step into courage and wear it with compassion;
take it to heart.

Along the way you will find unexpected gifts
disguised in distortion,

Cloaked in confusion.
The bitter words spoken now,
the voices that feed your depression
were once not your own.
Did you realise that?
RIP up internalised scripts.

Listen NOT to what is spoken.
Listen to HOW it is said.

See how this opens your eyes?
Feel the truth.
Speak the love in your heart
for your own ears.
Your head,
your voices,
your stories,
your choices.
Choose to write a new script.
Wash away the pain
in a flood.
Stay safe like Noah.
Cleanse away what is not yours,
Open new doors.

Free your dove and find peace.

Polish your diamond;
see yourself mirrored in it's facets.
Such clarity
will unveil illusions.
Perfect takes on a new meaning at this level.

Stand gleaming.

That’s right,


In the depths of your soul you too are a bright star.


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