Dark Night of the Soul
Real Life Experiences


The Dark Night.

Man of steel you are so strong, people marvel at your strength you back off from no one.

Life is simply, rights and wrongs, black and white, and your point of view is pretty well correct. Your use of words is so good you can tie most people up in knots. You know that you have a few weaknesses, but nobody’s perfect. All in all you are doing well.

Beware! You may be made of steel, but your heart is made of stone.

Man of darkness nothing is as it was, your health has gone, and you no longer have control of your body. Convulsion and seizures dog you, your days a filled with anxiety your poor heart will race for no reason whatsoever. You battle through flashing lights within your eyes. And ah, in the darkness of night, the demons from hell torment you and paralyse you; with so many convulsions you cannot sleep for nights on end. And in the darkness your body is wracked with such seizures that surely you will die. Everything you believed in has been destroyed. You do not know it now, but you are in the dark night of the soul

In your abandonment you scream out what have you done to me! When you discover that you, and no one at all can help you with your agony, you then scream out God oh God help me, I cannot help myself! Such is the dark place into which you have fallen.

Child in healing, a gentle hand is guiding you, and is leading you on a journey. The hand is gentle and full of divine love, but the journey is arduous, how can a human body withstand the energies that tear through you, your pulse is so strong that your feet bounce off the ground? How can it be that in one split moment you can feel all of the emotions a human can feel? And that heart of stone explodes within your chest. And all that bliss. And all those tears pouring and pouring silently, like the floodgates of heaven. How is it that when you see a crippled old man you see a brother, and if you come upon one who is in anguish you are at one that soul? You have many weaknesses and you are not perfect, but you know before you can be mended you first must be broken.

You now know where you’ve been and also where you are going. The journey is long but so very healing.

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