Spiritual Romance



"When you lose sight of each other as sacred souls on a sacred journey, then you cannot see the purpose, the reason, behind all relationships."

Conversations With God (Book I)
by Neal Donald Walsch



Is it possible to have a spiritual love affair with someone? What kind of relationship is it? Would it be dull and boring or could it go beyond anything we have experienced before? How can it be passionate and exciting? How will it differ from the romance you've experienced in the past? Is it possible for sexuality within that partnership to be exciting and sacred?

I am convinced that all romantic relationships will best be served when they are nourished and sustained with spiritual insights and principals. Unfortunately ego and fear driven beliefs have tainted romantic couplings for thousands of years and they no longer work. 

Our traditional partnerships have been weakened and destroyed by needs, expectations, wants, clinging, insecurities, control, jealousies, and other ego-based imperfections for ages. Today's divorce rate of 50% says it all. And, of those couples who remain together or married, how many continue to experience a healthy sense of meaning and fulfillment in their relationship?    

Listed below are some thoughts that may cause you to think and wonder about how you might enter into and nurture a spiritual partnership... 

The foundation of a spiritual relationship must be unconditional love for the other.

Unconditional love allows for the freedom to be who you are, without any pretending.

The spiritual couple understands their relationship to God, the rest of humanity and all living things.

The spiritual couple knows that their finding one another was no accident. Rather it was part of a plan they prepared before entering the Earth's plane, reminding each to appreciate the sacredness of their union.

The spiritual couple always honors and respects Mother Earth.

The spiritual couple will meditate together on a regular basis.

Their meditations will become a sacred ritual, performed daily because they want to. Not because they have to.

The spiritual couple will find the time to serve humanity in some meaningful way. This will serve to strengthen their union.

Spiritual partners will not rely on the other to make themselves feel more loving. They will realize that this must begin within themselves.

Spiritual partners take self-responsibility for nurturing the continuation of love in the partnership, once they have committed themselves to a long-term relationship.

Rather than watching television, the spiritual couple will raise their vibrations by listening to cosmic music or watching the planets and stars together.

The spiritual couple will constantly do things to foster the well-being of Earth Mother's environment.

Spiritual partners will know exactly what they want to do with their sexuality. And how they want to use it as an expression of their passion, joy and love for one another

In a spiritual relationship, there will be no feelings of guilt about sexuality. The partners will celebrate their love openly and without shame.

Spiritual partners will know that sexuality is one of God's gifts to us to create feelings of divine oneness.

The spiritual couple realizes that planet Earth's resources are limited and must be kept in sacred balance. That wisdom will influence how many children they conceive.

The spiritual couple will become vegetarians and exercise outdoors, realizing that a healthy body is essential for balancing the mind-body-spirit complex.

Spiritual couples will avoid anything that is grounded in fear, violence or the exploitation of sex.

Their sexuality will transcend anything they've experienced in the past, because the feeling of completeness it produces will be a reflection and a reminder of their union with God.

Spiritual couples will experience and feel their exchange of sexuality from all chakra centers rather than the root chakra, which is grounded in self-gratification and physicality.

Spiritual partners will not care how their mate drives the car, brushes their teeth, sneezes, talks, dresses, eats or hangs their clothes. Each realizes that such things are only important to the ego.

The spiritual couple will smudge each other and their home every day to ensure that negative energy is released from their auras and living space.

There will be no control within the spiritual partnership. Each will simply allow the other to be who they are. 

Being spiritual partners, the couple will feel free to express their deepest thoughts, without fear of insult or retribution.

The spiritual couple will not be attached to one another through fear of losing the other.

The spiritual partnership will be free of fear-based attachments. This will allow for individual freedom and the building of limitless love.

Spiritual couples will not expect the other to do certain things other than being one's self.

The spiritual couple will look back on their relationship and feel as though it's been one long conversation.

Spiritual partners will be the best of spiritual friends and buddies at a very deep and intimate level of the soul.

Spiritual partners will talk to their souls on a regular basis.

Spiritual partners will do their best to base all of their decisions on love rather than fear.

Spiritual partners will not cling to one another because of insecurities or because each lacks of strong sense of self.

Ego will have no place in spiritual romance. Such partners realize that it is the relationship ender.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from chapter eight of Conversations With God, Book I by Neale Donald Walsh. They are meant to stimulate more thought about bringing spiritual romance into our lives. Keep in mind this is "God" talking to the author...

"Relationships are constantly challenging; constantly calling you to create, express, and experience higher and higher aspects of yourself, grander and grander visions of yourself...

"When human relationships fail... they fail because they were entered into for the wrong reason."

"Most people enter into relationships with an eye toward what they can get out of them, rather than what they can put into them."

"There can be only one purpose for relationships... and for all of life: to be and decide Who You Really Are."

"The purpose of a relationship is to decide what part of yourself you'd like to see 'show up,' not what part of another you can capture and hold."

"It is very romantic to say that you were nothing until that special other came along, but it is not true. Worse, it puts an incredible pressure on the other to be all sorts of things he or she is not."

"It is very romantic to say that now that your special other has entered your life, you feel complete. Yet the purpose of relationship is not to have another who might complete you; but to have another with whom you might share your completeness."

"Let each person in relationship worry not about the other, but only, only, only about Self."

"Yet I tell you this: your focus upon the other - your obsession with the other is what causes relationships to fail."

"If you cannot love your Self, you cannot love another."

"... You have to prove that you can love them. To do this, they may ask you to start altering your behavior. So, in order to hold onto your love, they start altering their behavior... Thus, two people literally lose themselves in a relationship... The losing of Self in a relationship is what causes most of the bitterness in such couplings."

"The soul has come to the body, and the body to life, for the purpose of evolution. You are evolving, you are becoming. And you are using your relationship with everything to decide what you are becoming. This is the job you came here to do... Your personal relationships are the most important elements in this process."

"Your first relationship, therefore, must be with your Self. You must first learn to honor and cherish and love your Self."

"The first question in any interactive process with another is: now Who Am I, and Who Do I Want To Be, in relationship to that?"

I wish you and your partner many blessings in your spiritual romance with one another. May the Light guide both of you to the highest good that can be achieved through it.



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