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Sacred Sexuality


"You have repressed sex , even as you have repressed life, rather than fully Self expressing, with abandon and joy. You have shamed sex, even as you have shamed life, calling it evil and wicked, rather than the highest gift and the greatest pleasure."

Given by God to Neale Donald Walsh
Conversations With God Book 1




Change is in the air. Cosmic cycles large and small are unfolding throughout the universe, which are beyond our control. The mystics knew of these things eons ago. For us, the age of Pisces is fading into the twilight and the New Age of Aquarius is dawning. It is irreversible.

These will be times of profound inner transformation and self-discovery. And the pace of this change is accelerating daily. Those who fear this change will not evolve nor will they have an easy time of it. Those who do will awaken to their true spiritual nature and cosmic heritage.

The birth of Aquarius, a time love, peace and harmony, will bring our fears to the surface so that we might have the opportunity to confront and release them. There will be some challenges and some pain for each of us. But there will also be a sense of renewal and, finally, joy and ecstasy. 

The age of materialism and self-gratification is coming to an end. In its place, we will look within ourselves for understanding and a new sense of awareness that will bring a greater sense of meaning, purpose and peace to our lives. Love will guide our intentions. Fear and ego-based thoughts will no longer be appropriate or accepted. All of this will have a major impact on how we view sexuality.

The Age of Aquarius will last some 2,160 years. You will have this life and other future lives to experience its magnificence. Its theme will be love, unity, harmony, sacredness, peace and happiness. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen. As this golden age unfolds, we will find ourselves putting aside the traditional concepts of male-female unions that have brought us to this point in our cosmic journey as a human family. They aren't working because, for the most part, ego, control and fear were their basis. That is now ending.

The New Age of spiritual partnering will be based upon unconditional love, an all-embracing friendship, openness and the freedom to be oneself without fear of insult, judgment or retribution. 

This new awareness about relationships will take some time to occur, but new, visionary partners will no longer feel a need to be linked to one another by a legal document or an ornate wedding ring. Rather, their union will flourish because of an unselfish desire to be together out of true love. And such, relationships will be far more rewarding than those based upon ego and fear. 

Aquarius will also bring about a renewed sense of sacredness in all things, including female-male couplings. Every day the feminine energy on this planet strengthens and makes its presence and influence felt, after thousands of years of suppression by male dominated thinking. Men and women will no longer bond as unequal opposites. Rather, they will partner as balanced, spiritual beings who are fully aware that their union with one another is an important part of their ongoing, cosmic evolution. 

This renewed sense of meaning at the male-female level will bring with it far more joy, intensity, passion and lasting fulfillment than we have ever experienced before. These kinds of partnerships will have a spiritual foundation. And the lovers and children that spring from such unions will usher in an era of sacred sexuality.

It is sad to see what has happened to sexuality over the past 2000 years. Without a doubt it has lost much of its cosmic meaning. Christian religions have turned it into something that is filled with guilt and shame. The media has used it to satisfy their need for greed. We have overused it to satisfy our desire for self-gratification in the material world. Let's face it. We're lost on this one. How did we reach this point? By allowing ourselves to follow the opinions and judgments of others who have a vested interest in this area.

And yet, at the other extreme, I'm sure we will all agree that there are those precious moments when sexuality can be the most profound way to express our love for another. I can think of no other experience that can compare to the physical ecstasy and emotional pleasure derived from the intense feelings of oneness created as a result of unselfish, sexual intimacy between to individuals who truly care for one another. This gift of love did not happen by accident. It is all a part of the divine plan. Over the years we have drifted from its true meaning and intent.

The New Age will also bring with it a profound change in the reasons why we enter into romantic partnerships with another. The institution of marriage is failing miserably because of expectations, needs, control, fear, domination, judgments, and other ego-based actions. I am convinced that the future of long term partnerships and sexuality will have a sacred basis to it. When one awakens spiritually, all things become sacred.

Below are some passages about sexuality from a "Higher Source" who spoke to Neale Donald Walsh in his incredibly popular Conversations with God books. Quite frankly, I can't compete with the wisdom and knowledge they contain. Hopefully it will make you think and wonder a bit about the sacredness of sexuality and how to bring it into your lives...

God speaking. "First, let's be once again clear that nothing is disapproved by God.

I do not sit here in judgment, calling one action "Good" and another "Evil."

Walsch. How should we deal with this incredible experience called sexuality?

God. Not with shame, that's for sure. And not with guilt, and not with fear.

For shame is not virtue, and guilt is not goodness, and fear is not honor.

And not with lust, for lust is not passion; and not with abandon, for abandon is not freedom; and not with aggressiveness, for aggressiveness is not eagerness.

And, obviously, not with ideas of control or power or domination, for these have nothing to do with love.

May sex be used for purposes of simple personal gratification? The surprising answer is yes...

You are told you are not to use sex for personal gratification something, which is intensely personally gratifying.

You are especially not to feel good about joys of the body. And absolutely not about sex.

Well, the good news is it's all right to love sex.

Yet do not choose sex instead of love, but as a celebration of it.

And do not chose power over, but power with.

I created the two sexes for the same reason I put the "ying" and the "yang' in everything... in the whole universe. They (the male and female energy) are the highest living expression of it in your world.

All of it is necessary for you to experience life as you know it.

Walsch. How may we express this thing called sexual energy?

God. Lovingly. Openly. Playfully. Joyfully. Outrageously. Passionately. Sacredly. Romantically. Humorously. Spontaneously. Touchingly. Creatively. Unabashedly. Sensually. And, of course, frequently.

...for goodness sake, don't destroy sexual innocence and pleasure and the purity of the fun, the joy, by misusing sex.

Don't use it for power, or hidden purpose; for ego gratification or domination; for any purpose other than the purest joy and highest ecstasy, given and shared which is love, and love recreated... which is new life.

Life should be a joy, a celebration, and it has become an experience of fear, anxiety, "not-enoughness," envy, rage and tragedy. The same can be said about sex.

Sex is an extraordinary expression of love... love of another, love of Self and love of life.

I have given you nothing shameful, least of all your body, and its functions. There is no need to hide your body or its functions... nor your love of them, and each other.

You want to experience yourself as a person who has sex without love? Go ahead! You'll do that until you don't want to anymore. And the only thing that will - that could ever - cause you to stop this, or any, behavior, is your newly emerging thought about Who You Are.

Those who evolve to a high level of understanding bring their bodily desires into balance with their minds and souls.

You are three-part beings, and most people experience themselves as a body. You are more than a body with a mind... when was the last time you said hello to your soul?

The biological imperative (to mate) is not to guarantee the survival of the species, but to experience the Oneness, which is the true nature of your being.

Remember, you are a three-part being, with seven chakra centers. When you respond to one another from all three parts, and all seven centers, at the same time, then you have the peak experience you are looking for... that you have been created for!

If you are having sex from only your lower chakra center, you are operating from the root chakra alone (selfishness), and missing by far the most glorious part of the experience.

... sexual energy alone, when not raised to higher chakras and combined with the other energies that make one a whole person, produces choices and outcomes that do not reflect the whole person. These are often less than magnificent.

Yet if you are being loving with another person and coming from all seven energy centers while you are being that, now you are having a peak experience.

So here is the invitation. Raise your energy, your life force, to the highest level possible in every moment, and you will be elevated. This has nothing to do with having sex or not having sex. It has to do with raising your consciousness no matter what you are doing."

As I've mentioned above, when we begin to awaken spiritually, everything becomes more sacred, including sexuality. As we begin to leave behind the notion that the world outside us can bring lasting happiness and fulfillment, we'll begin the inner journey. Along the way our Oneness with All That Is will take on a new and wonderful meaning. When that happens we realize that sexuality is a magnificent gift to celebrate our love for another.

Bless all of your past sexual experiences. They are valuable reference points. Without them how could you eventually experience and feel the sacredness and joy of a physical union based upon unselfish love for your spiritual partner.   



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