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Is Your Partner
Your Best Friend?

The dawning Age of Aquarius is going to change the way we think about two words we often use today, "best friend." As I passed through life, at one time or another, I had a best friend. We all do. 

A best friend is someone we really enjoy being with, laugh with, cry with, hang out with, have common interests with, and really feel good with. Spending time with our best friend is never boring. And it seems we can talk to her or him for hours on end, and always find it interesting, fun, and mentally stimulating. 

Most importantly, our best friend never makes fun of our most intimate thoughts, because we trust them, and they respect and honor our feelings. In the end, best friends have a deep and profound love for one another. And they should. They are very close soul mates

Over the years your best friend has usually been the same member of your sex. When I grew up, it was unheard of for a guy to have a girl best friend. As a matter of fact, it would have been considered different or weird, and not very manly.

For that matter, I can't think of one instance in which I knew of two individuals in relationship who referred to their partner as their best friend. All of that is changing. We are entering the early stages of a New Age; an age which will support the concept of partners being best friends.    

Today many relationships are in flux and upheaval, whether they are based on marriage vows or otherwise. There is a reason for this. 

We currently find ourselves in an awkward twilight zone between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages. That is the cause of the high divorce rates and failure of partnerships, which are frequently based upon the influence of the ego. Let there be no doubt, ego is the cause of most broken relationships, and Aquarius will not lend its support this kind of behavior. 

The majority of partnerships entered into during the 2,160-year age of Pisces were built upon fear and physical survival. That is why jealousy, control, anger, expectations, needs, clinging, insecurity, dependency, judgments, ownership and other ego-rooted actions were so common to these traditional unions. 

As one might imagine, it would be difficult to develop a best friend, romantic partnership under such conditions. I suspect that is why many individuals today have a best friend relationship with someone outside of their own coupling.    

One of the qualities of a best friend relationship is the ability for it to endure and strengthen over time. This is rare because the more time there is for friendship, the more time there is for ego to disrupt it. 

Think about it. At the very beginning of a love affair (or a friendship) there is the excitement of discovering one another. At that point, it is easy to love and care for your partner. The reason is that the ego's influence is minimal, because love is so powerful and strong. However, with time the initial energy of new love mellows, and the ego waits patiently to move in at the first sign of weakness. 

There is a massive spiritual awakening taking place on planet Earth today. Because of it, "aware" partners will bond under the influence of this new energy, and their relationships will have a sense of honor and sacredness to them.  

Expectations, ownership and control will be replaced by the freedom to be oneself. Clinging, insecurity, dependency, needs, and jealousy will be replaced by trust, acceptance, and the development of one's spiritual self. Guilt and anger will be replaced by the happiness and inner peace we develop within ourselves, and then share with another. And that is how best friend partnerships will evolve.

Many young adults today, who have been hurt by the experience of divorce, have taken a different approach to partnering. In the beginning of a potential relationship, the two will "hang" with one another to see if they can be good friends. Then, if their friendship blossoms, they will "date" and see where that leads to, always mindful that the friendship has to strengthen with the ripeness of time. This is a much healthier path towards soul-to-soul partnerships.     

Most importantly, the successful couples of today and tomorrow - the ones who find joy and fulfillment through a mutual nurturing of each other's spiritual growth - will be the new Aquarian partners. They will set the standards for others and their children. Through the ripeness of time, and all the ups and downs they walk through with greater love for one another, they will become the best of friends for having accomplished this together. 




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