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"I often wonder how many of us, who yearn for soul mate or twin soul relationships, know something about our own souls. After all, how can we have these kinds of sacred partnerships without an understanding of our soul and what it is up to during its profound, cosmic journey?"

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For as long as we have had recorded history, the masculine and the feminine have always been powerfully drawn towards one another. And yet, few have ever taken the time to ask some very fundamental questions about this magical oneness known as man-woman.

Does it exist by accident? Is it nothing more than a by-product of Mother Nature that guarantees more humans? Or could there be a deeper purpose and sacred meaning to it all? 

Why do we have feelings of oneness with another that can be so profound at times we want it to last for all of eternity? How do we account for a knowingness deep within our being that often reminds us we are incomplete; that there exists a someone, somewhere who will make us feel whole again? 

Quite frankly, I can't think of any other human experience that rivals the passion and intensity of falling in love. That is why we seem to be so preoccupied with it. Eventually we reach a point along the spiritual journey when we discover that it has everything to do with our souls.

How did the concepts of soul mates and twin souls begin in the first place? Was it all the result of someone’s vivid imagination? Why is the word soul common to both? Why do we find ourselves so intrigued by these kinds of thoughts? Is there a difference between the two? How will this affect relationships as we enter the New Age of Aquarius? Will a deeper understanding of soul partners and the Aquarian energy change our lives dramatically for the better? Do we even realize what our soul is up to while on its cosmic journey?

All of these questions are important. If we want to have meaningful soul mate or twin soul relationships, and there is a difference between the two, we must start thinking of ourselves as souls. Unless we do so, these kinds of partnerships will have little chance for true meaning and fulfillment.  

Your Soul

In order to understand how all of this began, we must look into the spiritual teachings of the Eastern mystics and some of the channeled insights we have received over the years. There is a common theme that runs through all of it. And it is no accident that this sacred body of mystical knowledge is making its presence felt at this moment in time. 

Humanity is slowly awakening to its true spiritual nature and, as we do, our minds and hearts are opening to this new wisdom in our midst. More importantly we are getting ready to live it now and over the many lifetimes we'll experience during the 2160-year Age of Aquarius. This will be a time when relationships foster spiritual growth between lovers. And that is a big difference from the past age of Pisces, when couples stayed together for purposes of physical survival more than anything else.  

The mystical teachings say that each individual soul  is a fragment of God; something like a miniaturized version of our Source. God has a dual nature or essence, which is an equal blend of the masculine-feminine, ying-yang principle. The dynamic interplay that occurs between the male-female energy of Father/Mother God is responsible for the incredible, creative forces that originate within their divine mind. Since everything that exists comes from Them, the male-female essence is found in all things, including you. 

Not surprisingly, our individual souls contain an equal blend of Father/Mother's masculine and feminine essence. That blend can be likened to a magnet, which has two polarities. One is positive, the other negative. But the magnet is whole within itself. At the soul level we are neither female nor male. We are both. Just as God is.

In order to understand how the soul mate and twin soul concept fits into all of this, we need to go back to the beginning. Literally. 

Before our souls and the universe came into being, all was ONE within the realm of the Absolute or the mind of God. Nothing else existed. There was no division, no separation, no opposites, no conflicts and no contrasts. Just the purest unity, bliss, joy and love imaginable. In that state of being, God could only know things, but not feel and experience them. In order to experience and feel, there had to be an opposite for everything that exists.  

To remedy that dilemma, God created our souls and a place where there could be countless experiences and feelings. That place is the physical universe in which we now find ourselves, complete with galaxies, stars, planets, intelligent life, feelings, emotions and so on. As souls, we agreed to leave the Absolute for a while to experience and feel its offerings and God would do the same through us. Another way to say this is that when we smell a rose, Gods smells a rose. Our connection with our Source is that intimate. 

In a flash of God’s magnificent mind and imagination, the material universe in which we live was created. All of it is a place of exquisite duality. For everything that exists, including our emotions, there is an opposite for it. For heat there is cold, for darkness there is light, for health there is sickness, for anger there is forgiveness, for hatred there is compassion, for love there is fear, and so on. Without these opposites how could we and God appreciate the wonder of joy unless there was sadness to compare it to? 

God also brought into being the greatest opposite of all. It was the feminine and masculine energy or the male-female principle, which is a truly awesome gift. As we awaken spiritually, we are becoming more and more aware of the male/female energies and the profound implications they will have during our relationship with another. 

When we begin to understand and appreciate the origin of our souls and how this led to the soul mate and twin soul concepts, we will want no other kind of partnership. That is why the New Age of Aquarius, which will be a time of love, peace, truth and harmony, will also set the stage for grander soul-to-soul couplings. It promises to  be incredible. And it's already beginning to happen.

When our souls were released from the Absolute into the universe to experience and to feel, a series of divisions or separations took place. The original ONE SOUL fragmented into massive bodies of souls (oversouls). They in turn divided into races or groups of souls.  The human race is one of those them. 

The divisions continued until it reached a point where small, intimate families of souls came into being. Eventually, individual souls existed. That is where we find ourselves now. As we return to God during our cosmic adventure, this process will be reversed.

Brian Weiss, M.D., in one of his many books, Only Love is Real, uses a very good analogy to understand how we relate to one another at the soul level and to the God who created us. He says... 

"I like to think of soul relationships as similar to a large tree with a thousand leaves on it. Those leaves that are on your twig are intimately close to you. You may even share experiences, soul experiences, among yourselves. There may be three or four or five leaves on your twig. You are also highly and closely related to the leaves on the branch next to yours. They share a common limb. They are close to you, but not as close as the leaves on your own twig. Similarly, as you extend father out along the tree, you are still related to these other leaves or souls, but not as closely as those in your immediate proximity. You are all part of one tree and one trunk. You can share experiences. You know each other. But those on your twig are the closest. 

There are many other trees in this beautiful forest. Each tree is connected to the others through the root system in the ground. So even though there may be a leaf on a distant tree that seems quite different from you and very far away, you are still connected to that leaf. You are connected to all leaves. But you are the most closely connected to those on your tree. And even more intimately connected to those on your branch. And almost as one with those on your own twig.

You probably have met other souls farther out on your tree in previous lifetimes. They may have been in many different relationships with you. Their interactions may have been extremely brief. Even a thirty-minute encounter could have helped you learn a lesson or help them or both of you, as is usually the case. One of these souls may have been the beggar in the road to whom you gave a heart's gift, allowing you to extend your compassion to another human being and allowing the recipient to learn about receiving love and help. You and the beggar may have never met again in that lifetime, and yet you are part of the drama. Your meetings vary in duration - five minutes, one hour, a day, a month, a decade or more - this is how souls relate. Relationships are not measured in time but in lessons learned."

This is a remarkable description of how we are all linked together as one. In addition, individuals from the same tree are soul mates, while "half" souls within the same leaf are twins. 

The forest contains countless trees and leaves (souls) that are joined together as a gigantic, cosmic oneness throughout the universe. And that entire oneness is God.  

Your soul, and all the other countless souls that were ever created, are constantly trying to return to their Source to help recreate the ONE SOUL that existed in the very beginning. That yearning for oneness is in each and every one of us and that hunger can never be destroyed. That is the underlying basis for the cosmic principle behind our existence. And this incredible adventure goes way beyond the single lifetime we are now experiencing on planet Earth. 

What we are also beginning to discover as we awaken spiritually is that the yearning we have for oneness with our Source is the driving force behind our falling in love. The experience and feelings that come from the completeness of body, mind and spirit between two spiritual partners reminds us of our desire to be one and whole with God. The New Age of Aquarius is gradually bringing out that realization in us. 

Soul Mates

During each of our lifetimes, individuals from your close knit family of souls, your soul mates, will more than likely be your parents, sisters, brothers, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, and even your lovers. Some members of this intimate group are in Earth heaven at this moment in time. Most of these souls share the same branch of leaves that you are on. Those you feel closer to are nearest to the twig on your branch or may be on the same twig with you.   

You and your soul mates have been together since the beginning of creation. You've had many intimate relationships and experiences with them for a long, long time. And it will continue on like that throughout eternity. Members of this family are helping each other awaken to their true spiritual nature. And all of you are assisting one another's spiritual growth and evolution. In the process, we find out who we really are, as each member of the family plays a very important role during our cosmic journey together. How wonderful it is to know that God's perfect plan of love will keep us bonded throughout eternity to our soul mates. 

Soul Fragments

As mentioned above, your soul is a part of God. As such, it is incredibly powerful. It can send pieces or fragments of itself into the different realms and dimensions that God has created for us. One of those realities is the 3-dimensional world of planet Earth, in which you now find yourself. You are a projection of your soul and, as that fragment, you are occupying your body for a very important reason. As you read these words, a part of your soul, and God, is experiencing and feeling the material world through you. 

Here's where it really gets interesting. If is chooses to do so, your soul can send more than one fragment of itself to occupy different physical bodies on planet Earth at the same time. What that means is that you can literally meet someone on this planet who is a part of your soul. These individuals are not soul mates nor are they your twin. They're called parallel souls or near twins. Should two of you meet, there will be a spontaneous and very powerful recognition and exchange of energy that takes place. 

Twin Souls

In order to understand the twin soul concept, one has to look at what your soul is composed of. It's not a lump of undefined energy nor is it as simple as we've been led to believe. 

Today we are being given new wisdom that will have a profound impact on twin soul couplings. Eventually they will transcend all others. Over time, these sacred unions will emerge as the relationship of choice, as we go through the age of Aquarius. Why? Because this kind of soul-to-soul bonding will create the most powerful of Godmates. And these divine pairings represent the first serious step of soul reunion during our journey back to Spirit. 

As mentioned, when God created your soul, it had an equal balance of male and female essence. One can think of it as two distinct bodies of powerful Light energy within the same soul. One half is the male body of consciousness; the other half is the female body of consciousness. Although there is a difference between these two energies within a single soul, they coexist in a very harmonious way, much like one magnet with two opposite forces or polarities. 

Because your soul is multi-dimensional, the female half of the soul is divided into many individual parts or fragments. Each of these female fragments vibrates at a different frequency of light. It is the same for the male half of the soul. Thus, within the same soul, there are more than one female and male fragments each pair vibrating at different speeds of light. Within the soul, only two fragments of light energy, one male and one female, will vibrate at the same speed or frequency. These two, identical halves of the same soul are called twin souls, twin flames or twin rays. 

Another way to say this is that each soul contains many twin pairings, but only one pair, within all the pairs, have the same frequency of light and are considered twins. Forever. You are one half of a pair. 

During the Fall of mankind many aeons ago, twins separated from one another in a moment of weakness to become physical man and physical woman. Since that time, each set of twins have been searching for their other half. And the Age of Aquarius will be the time when they find one another for permanent reunion. 

Our twin can be our lover, brother or sister, mother or father, another relative or a very dear friend. Regardless of who your twin might be this lifetime around, you will feel a closeness to that person that is usually very, very strong and goes way beyond all others. The strongest attraction will be felt between lovers.

Who your twin is during any given lifetime depends upon the choices the both of you made prior to incarnating. Your twin may not be in body at this time; perhaps he or she is serving as your loving guide to help you through your challenges while here on Earth.  

I won't go into more detail here, but there are reasons for having many pairs of twins within the same soul. Suffice it to say that our Source has an incredible imagination. What is important to keep in mind is that as we begin to walk the path back home to God, it appears that three very important things must happen. The first is that we awaken spiritually and become aware of our divine connection. The second is that we balance the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. And the third is that we reunite with our twin to form a spiritually mature and lasting partnership. 

It's also important to point out that romantic, twin soul relationships will only endure when two God mates are spiritually mature and ready for it. There is an enormous amount of energy associated with twin pairings. And this kind of partnership is very susceptible to the presence and influence of the ego. 

Spiritually mature individuals know how to deal with the ego. And their partnerships are stable because of it. If two twins are not spiritually advanced, their relationship will be electric, but stormy. Eventually it will end. 

Soul mate couplings are extremely important, because they prepare us for eventual twin reunion. That is why they need to be blessed. If you have not yet reached a stage of serious spiritual maturity, you can have a far more rewarding soul mate affair than one with your twin.       

The Journey Home

According to the all-perfect, divine plan, the soul divisions that have taken place all the way down to the individual level will, at some point, begin to reverse themselves. First the twins will reunite as one, complete, spiritually aware soul. Reunited twins will then group together to reestablish the family of souls from which they came, and so on. 

Each rejoining carries with it more and more love, joy, happiness and ecstasy. The rapture we will experience with each reunion will intensify more and more as original soul groups coalesce with one another. The more we coalesce the more we will experience love and joy. Most of this will take place in higher realms and dimensions of experience and feeling. Ultimately, we will all reunite as ONE with our Source, as it was in the beginning.  

As always, the return journey back to our Source has to  begin with a free will choice that each and every one of us makes on our own.
The first step of that incredible journey home occurs when we become aware of our divine connection and decide to grow spiritually. That will happen when we awaken to who we really are and then begin living it. At that moment, a very important cosmic signal is released. It not only provides the soul with a very clear direction, but it also lets the soul know in no uncertain terms that we now desire reunion with our twin. The universe will pick up this signal and do all in its power to bring the two twins together. 

Keep in mind that making the decision to grow spiritually is not enough. Living your decision is the crucial part. Why? Because that is how we start to prepare ourselves for the twin reunion. All of the preparation for a lasting relationship with our twin has to take place inside of us. Much of that inner work has to do with the ego and the imperfections that come with it. Over many lifetimes we have had many opportunities to do this with our soul mate relationships. All soul mate relationships eventually lead to God-centeredness and lasting twin reunion. That is why they exist. That is why God created them. 

Whether you are having a twin soul or soul mate relationship at this time, honor it for what it is. You are together for a very important reason.  

In order to write this section, I have done quite a bit of research on the soul mate and twin soul concepts. My thoughts represent a blend of that effort. One should not jump blindly into this soul adventure without the right kind of preparation or you can become disillusioned and hurt. 

You'll also need to know a good deal about your soul and where you are on your spiritual path. The new Aquarian insights we've been given today are radically different than the traditional, ego-based teachings we've been exposed to during the Age of Pisces. Aquarian romance is serious stuff and it requires a genuine desire to understand what it is all about.

I highly recommend you visit the resource page I have created to help you with your heart and soul journey. In the end, it is best that you make you own decisions. 


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