Resources for
Twin Souls and Soul Mates


"Conversations with God" Book 1

by Neale Donald Walsch

My reason for recommending this book first is that
one has to have an understanding of one's 
soul and what it is up to on its
cosmic journey before 
entering soul-based

This book will provide you with that
 understanding. Chapter 8
on relationships is

"Twin Souls:"

A Guide To Finding Your True Spiritual Partner
Patricia Joudry and Maurie Pressman, M.D.

This is the best of all books for
twin souls and soul mates!

It is now back in print...
go to
or check your with
your bookstore


by Jess Stearn

Many useful case history examples! A great resource
that can be used to gain understanding about
recognizing your soul mate and why
such partnerships are unlike
any other.

"St. Germain - Twin Souls and Soul Mates"

channeled through Azena Ramanda
and Claire Heartsong

This is a wonderful book on the nature of twin souls, soul
mates, what they are, how they were created "in the
beginning" and  how it all fits together today. It
also provides insights into the role of twin
 relationships and the New Age.
The last chapter is

"Bartholomew, Planetary Brother"

by Bartholomew the Spirit
channeled by Mary-Margaret Moore

The wisdom within pages 121-147 is excellent
when it comes to understanding how
the ego is a relationship's
worst enemy

"Only Love Is Real"
A Story of Soulmates Reunited

by Brian Weiss, M.D.

A very incredible and true story about
soul mates! It will truly make
you think and wonder.

"Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus"

by Jeffrey First

See pages 27-28 for the Jesus-Mary
twin soul reference

"Beyond The Horizon"

by Walter Mercado

This is the best book I've read that describes the
astrological cycles, the coming of the Age
of Aquarius and how this will affect
many things, including
 soul relationships.

"Somewhere In Time"

A film with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour

This is the film for twins... so beautifully
done! It can be found at any large
video rental store such as
Blockbuster, etc.

"The Camino"

by Shirley MacLaine

Towards the end of the book, Ms. MacLaine's spirit friend,
John, gives a good overview of the origin of twin souls.
Interestingly John reverses the definition of the
soul mate and twin soul phrases, as I
understand  them and how they are
used in this web site. However, it
does  not diminish the
concept that each of
us has another


Soul Mates and Twin Souls

Soul Mate Relationships

Twin Soul Relationships

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