Two UFO Sightings in New Mexico
Witnessed and Photographed

Incident #2
May 3, 1998

Thirty days after the first incident, Gregg Fisher and I began our return to Dallas, Texas via Arizona and lower New Mexico. At approximately 8:30 A.M. on May 3, we left Eagar, Arizona and headed east on Route 60 towards New Mexico. 

Approximately 2 hours later we began to pass through the desolate Plains of St. Agustin and eventually reached the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, VLA Telescope site located between the towns of Datil and Magdalena, New Mexico. A picture taken of part of the VLA telescope array is shown below.


VLA telescope array

Prior to arriving at the Observatory, an object appeared several times on the driver's side of the truck. However, Gregg, who was driving, felt t it was a small airplane.

We stopped on the side of the road by the Observatory. Shortly thereafter, Gregg spotted an object in the northeast sky, approximately 1 mile from our location and about 35 degrees above the horizon. The sky was clear and cloudless. 

After viewing the object through his binoculars for several seconds Gregg distinctly felt it was a small airplane. I pointed the camera at the object and found it in the viewing lens. With auto focus locked on infinity, I snapped off 5 pictures in about 5 seconds. I could not tell what the object was through the camera lens. It was small and appeared as a whitish spec.

An examination of the second set of photos and their respective computer scans shows that the object in photographic print #1 of 5 was composed of several ball-like segments with an energy field/aura surrounding it. Incredibly, the object closely resembles the 3-ball-like configuration seen in print #1 of the first incident taken 30 days prior to this event. This raises
many questions including the possibility of being followed by the same object.

A 50X photo of the object and a 1X, digitized/enhanced version are shown below on the right. They can be compared to a similar object photographed 30 days earlier on the left.

This second incident is part of a publication accepted by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) journal and was one of their feature stories in their July, 1999 issue.


Scan3a.jpg (14721 bytes)



Scan8b.jpg (6327 bytes)


img33.gif (1626 bytes)

April 3 Incident
"3-Ball" Configuration
Enlarged 50X

May 3 Incident
"3-Ball" Configuration
 Enlarged 50X


May 3 Incident
Computer Enhanced Version


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