Gregg Fisher, who spotted the UFO during both of our UFO experiences, has had other sightings in the last 15 years, four of which have been witnessed with others. During his first sighting, he actually saw beams of light coming from underneath the body of a craft before it darted off in the night sky.

During our first sighting near Las Vegas, New Mexico, Gregg watched the object through his binoculars for 30-40 seconds. What he saw was a disk shaped object, which he said was vibrating up and down very quickly. He was shocked to see the photos I took and insisted that is not what he saw through the binoculars.

Several days prior to the second event we experienced 30 days later, he and I both saw suspicious objects in the sky that lasted for 5-10 seconds, but I was unable to get photos. What we saw ranged from a shimmering object that faded out, to a white orb that seemed to stay motionless in the distant sky, to small aircraft that occasionally appeared and seemed to disappear quickly.

When we stopped at the Large Radio Telescope Array in southern New Mexico 30 days after the first incident, he spotted another object in the sky. After watching it through the binoculars, he was positive it was a small aircraft. After getting the second set of photos developed several weeks later he was shocked to see a photo that showed an object with a "3-ball" configuration.

As a result of this experience, there are questions I find myself asking over and over:

Why is the "3-ball" object in the first set of photos similar to the object 30 days later?

Was this object following us around?

Whose object was it?

What was it?

Whose intelligence was behind it?

Was it trying to make contact or tell us something?

What are the chances of getting two sets of photos, 30 days apart, during the day, when the sky was cloudless, of a same or similar unidentified object? I find this hard to believe it was a coincidence.

Why was the object morphing so quickly?

What was the purpose of the morphing?

Was it because it was changing form (e.g. from an airplane to another shape)?

Was this object "materializing" from and "dematerializing " to another dimension?

How was it possible for the object to keep fading in and out of reality?

I would appreciate any comments from visitors to this site.

Thank you.



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