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If you suspect you might be a Starseed visiting planet Earth at this point in time, don't feel frightened or disillusioned. There are millions of others who feel the same way you do.

From the books I have read about Starseeds, I've put together a blend of symptoms for you to consider. Keep in mind that you do not need all of the symptoms to be a Starseed. Why? It all depends at what stage you find yourself in during the process of awakening that is taking place these days. It also has to do with the way in which you pre-programmed yourself to realize you may be a Starseed.

Here are the symptoms...

- As a child, you felt you didn't belong here

- While growing up, perhaps you felt alone, that
   maybe your father and mother weren't your real

- You developed an interest in the stars, UFOs, ETs,
   space travel and other worlds

- At some point in your life you began to awaken

- This awakening experience was accompanied by
   your whole life turning upside down and inside out

- This same experience may also have been
   associated with a dark night of the soul or spiritual
   crisis experience

- You have a strong urge to serve humanity in some

- You feel you are on a mission but don't quite know
    what it might be

- You find yourself detaching from your old identity
   and are dissociating from your old way of life

- You find your ego desperately trying to hold on to
    the old ways of doing things

- You are experiencing discomfort... like your whole
   world falling apart

- You feel that time is speeding up rapidly

- You feel bored with the aimlessness of your
   familiar routine

- You feel exhausted and you want to "veg" out

- Your ego complains constantly, as you go through
   the process of inner change and remodeling

- The process of inner change is causing much
   mental, emotional and physical disturbances 

- You have seen a UFO or have been taken aboard a
   ship in real life or in your dreams

- You love shows such as Startrek, 2001: A Space
   Odyssey, Close Encounters of a Third Kind,
   Contact, E. T., Star Wars, Heaven Can Wait, etc.

- Your old life is dying and a new life is emerging

- You have an urgent need to continue
   understanding your spiritual nature and the
   universal truths

- You been contacted in some way by benevolent
   spirits or beings

- You are genuinely kind, gentle and loving with no
   desire to harm another

After reviewing this list, perhaps you can begin to develop a feel for possibly being a Starseed. I highly recommend that you also research the Starseed books I've listed in another section of this website (see bottom of that page). Then decide whether you may indeed be from the stars.

Finally, take the Starseed test by clicking here!


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My Starseed Symptoms


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