The Spiritual Family


"Now, the siblings born of soulmates on this plane will be leading humanity into the era of super consciousness... These youngsters, as you call them, will lead you into freedom. They will teach you how to be young again, how to play again and how to live again."

St. Germain
Twin Souls & Soulmates


Two individuals who are in spiritual, long-term partnership will want to create life and bring precious souls into this world. This decision will not be reached over a casual cup of morning coffee nor will it be driven by sensual, physical desires. Rather it will begin at a much higher level of intent that has its origin in their souls.

The spiritual couple, be they soul mates or twin souls, will realize that prior to coming to Earth both of them entered into an agreement with their children to play the role of their parents. They would also know that there is a deep, spiritual purpose to the relationship they will share with their children. That purpose might be karma that needs healing from a previous life. Or perhaps the parents will serve as important guides or teachers so that their children will grow in greater awareness about who they really are.

Things are changing quite dramatically on planet Earth these days. Inner change and transformation is occurring everywhere. Millions and millions of restless people are searching for answers and discovering that God is within. 

The new wisdom and universal truths that spiritual couples are awakening to extend into their relationships and those of their children as well. It is becoming the glue that binds in ways we have yet to understand and fully appreciate. Their children will, in turn, grow into adulthood with new spiritual ideals and perspectives, as will their own children someday. That cascade effect, passing from one generation to the next, will bring about positive change on this planet that is hard to measure in human terms.    

As couples come into a greater knowingness that their family unit was formed prior to incarnating, their child-bearing perspective will become more and more sacred. 

Here are some suggestions that could form the basis of a spiritual family.... 

Prior to conception, the spiritual couple will perform sacred meditations that send thoughts and feelings of love to the child who is to be conceived.

The spiritual couple will celebrate sexuality with a deeper intensity, both physical and at the soul level, because of all that it means and implies.

Their communication with the child's soul will continue through conception and the entire period of gestation.

While the soul's body is developing in the mother's womb, the parents will play celestial music for the child that sends out gentle vibrations of love and peace.

The mother's body-temple will be filled with the healthiest foods and liquids, in order to nourish the fetus properly.

The parents will talk to and reassure the child's soul with love, compassion and encouragement, knowing it's not easy to visit the Earth plane.

The child's room will be based upon the colors of the chakras to support its connection to the Spirit world.

That same room will have murals of stars and other heavenly bodies. Music that soothes the soul will be played. Smudging with sage and the use of crystals will be done on a regular basis to ward off negative energy.

When the child arrives, the parents will know it is pure and innocent.

They will take special care to prevent the child from learning the false beliefs that so many others have become conditioned with. And live a fear-based life because of it.

The spiritual parents will perform a ceremony blessing the arrival of the new child and welcome its soul to the Earth plane.

The mother will meditate each day with the child against her heart chakra.

The father will do the same.

Over the years the parents will teach the child about the universe, the stars, the planets, the ancient mysteries and the universal truths.

There will be no religion, no dogmas of fear, no false beliefs taught to the child. They will be replaced by the truths of unselfish love, forgiveness, compassion, humility and service.

The child will be made aware of the sacred relationship it has with the planet as a living organism.

Television will be used infrequently and very selectively during the child's life.

Music and other media that suggest violence, selfishness, self-gratification or promotes the illusion of materiality will not contaminate the child's innocence.

The family will meditate together. Or perhaps they will practice some form of yoga or other technique to facilitate the flow of positive energy and keep their body-mind-spirit complex balanced.

Their home will be cleansed regularly with the help of crystals, sage and other aids to eliminate negative energy and other unwanted influences.

The child will be taught about spiritual relationships and the value of this kind of union.

The child will be taught that sexuality is sacred and that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

The child will be taught that all on planet Earth are one family, that there is no separation from God or from each other. That we are all ONE. 

The child will be taught to balance its masculine and feminine energy and the reasons why.

As the child grows into an adult, these teachings will impact its perceptions, which in turn will influence its actions.

The child will grow to realize more and more that its relationship with All That Is is all that matters. And that all flows from that infinite, unconditional, union.

Children from a spiritual family will still participate fully in the activities of the world around them just as we do, but from a different perspective and awareness.

And it will be these new perspectives that help to change the collective consciousness of our human family.  

It will take a lot of heart and desire to have a family life based upon these suggestions. The children will have to have the most courage of all. Many of the little ones who come to planet Earth today will pave the way for this new spiritual frontier. They also know at some higher level it must be so. And they are far more receptive to such things than we may realize.



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