The channeled teachings of Oneness and
Amitabh (The Father Consciousness) transcribed by Rasha


Just after September 11, 2001, Rasha sent me several messages from "Oneness," the One Divine Presence she has channeled for the past three years. They were given to her as a source of love, encouragement and insight into the tragic events of that day and those to come. Should more messages arrive, they will be added to this page. As always, take this kind of information into your heart to see if it feels right. Then, make your own decisions.

Here are several messages from Oneness...   


First Message...

This transmission was received from
Oneness by Rasha

 at 9:00am mountain time, September 11, 2001

This is Oneness. We are here with you now. As you have learned, there have been acts of atrocity in your country. And these acts will continue to occur over the course of the days and weeks to come. These are the events to which we have referred. And these are the events that have been prophesied. Your society, as you understand it to be will crumble in the wake of these events. And there will emerge a new world of understanding. In time, you will comprehend the magnitude of what has just been initiated. For this is but the beginning of the transformation of your world and of the souls that presently populate it. It would be important to remain calm in the face of what will come to pass. Source your strength from within the immortal core of your being. Live your life from within your heart. And remember who you really are…regardless of what may transpire. Your key to all you would ‘do’ in what remains of this lifetime lies in your ability to remain grounded…and centered in your faith in yourself to manifest the highest possible outcome. In the wake of the events now just beginning to unfold, you will come to recognize that the idea of the highest possible outcome is relative only to the moment at hand. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into the morass of fear that will emerge throughout your world, based upon how you remember reality to have been. Those memories are of the past, now. The highest possible outcome you can manifest is no more and no less that what is able to be perceived in the present moment. Regardless of the way life may have been….the highest possible outcome in this ‘Now ‘ moment is still possible….and always will be. In order to effect the transition that has been envisioned for these times, it is important that all who can grasp this concept remain focused in envisioning what CAN be…as though it already has come to pass. For all outcomes are possibilities. And what is experienced is determined only by what you choose to create with your perceptions, your reactions, and the underlying foundation of what you believe to be so. Believe in your innate Divinity. Believe that you are safe. Believe, even in the wake of unspeakable horrors, that the dust WILL settle. And that reality will begin to define itself anew. 

In the present moment, your world looks darker than most could have imagined. Yet, the gift in that vision is the possibility of transcending what your logical mind tells you and to hold firm to your power to source the strength and the wisdom from within that will see you through. Be there Now. And know that that haven is there for you, Always.   Oneness


Second Message...

The following Divine Guidance

is an excerpt from a dialogue with Oneness,

transcribed by Rasha, September 13, 2001

Oneness, can you tell me what is going on, please? How serious is the present situation regarding the terrorist attack on America?

The situation in your country is extremely serious. You have just begun to experience the wrath of those who have sworn their vengeance upon your nation. There will be more incidents. And there will be political upheaval. You are to consider yourself to be in a state of alert at all times.  

There will be a period of allowing the dust to settle here that will last for several more days. The situation will then escalate. And you will find yourself immersed in the ravages of a war that is unprecedented in your world. Prepare carefully for this time, now. Think carefully about where you wish to be located. For that is where you will remain for some time to come. Lines of communication should remain operational throughout the period of what will come to pass. And much in the way of Divine guidance will be provided to help those who are open to receiving it to remain in a space of hope during the trials to come.  

These are the times for which you have been preparing, all these years, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. The so-called “Baptism by Fire” has indeed begun. Resist the temptation to drift into fear, along with the masses of your population. Remain focused in your Divine connection. And you will be protected from adversity and from harm. 

Can you give me an idea of the timing of all this, please? Do we have weeks, months, or years before things become drastic? 

Your situation as a nation and as a world is already drastic. The vibrational components of the events in question are already in place and ready to play-out as experience. The actual manifestations have not yet occurred, in terms of your understandings of “time”. Yet, in terms of energy, these events are already at hand.

Is there anything we as a population of beings could do to help dissipate the intensity of those vibrational conditions?  

A directed focus of mass consciousness toward the creation of peace and harmony would be effective to assist in a less volatile release of the energies in question. The release of these energies is inevitable. The form that certain acts of release will take and the locations that will experience the direct effects of them are variables that can be affected by the power of mass consciousness to co-create its reality. A foundation of hope, inner strength and resourcefulness will go far toward helping to manifest a less devastating outcome than might otherwise occur. A foundation of mass hysteria and fear will assist in bringing about the worst-case scenarios that you, as a population, inwardly dread.  

Go about your life with a positive outlook, regardless of evidence to the contrary, and you will have made the highest possible contribution, regardless of where you are and where you choose to direct your efforts. For this world as you know it is simply a reflection of the vibrational essence of the souls that comprise it. And that outcome could be shifted in a radical way, were the population at large able to unite it’s collective vision in Divine connectedness.  

As things now stand, such a radical shift in mass consciousness is unlikely within the time frame in question. Know however, that there are limitless variations upon the theme of one’s individual life experience. One is certainly able, through work that is inwardly directed, to elevate one’s individual vibration to the extent that the full impact of certain events would be minimized.  

Within the context of the dimensional reality in which you now experience yourself, the likelihood of certain events coming to pass is virtually inevitable. How you will personally experience the ramifications of those events is defined and re-defined by each of you in the ongoing moment of Now. Direct your focus toward manifesting the Divinity within you with every gesture and with every word spoken. Recognize your fellow beings as your very own sacred essence. And demonstrate the loving compassion, in every encounter, that you would wish to experience yourself.  

That is the recipe for shifting the energies that now threaten the sanctity of your world. Taken on a personal level, such a focus will go far toward influencing what you may or may not experience in the days to come. That principle, when implemented in unison by all humankind, could significantly modify the prognosis for global crisis that now appears imminent. You hold the destiny of your world within the hearts of each of you. And regardless of the mundane choices made in your day to day lives, life as you know it will never be the same again. That is a fact not to be feared, but rather, to be embraced. For the essence of change is your destiny and your birthright.  

You have chosen to be here in these times in order that you might experience and help co-create the ‘world shattering’ transformations that have been slated for these times. Those upheavals will be transpiring not merely in the world that surrounds you, but within the depths of each of you. For you have arrived at the time where the ‘Shift of the Ages’ is at hand. That shift is one that is to be experienced within. And the acts of purging that will enable all to transcend the limitations that have bound you to an outmoded state of being, are a necessary part of that process.  

In the days to come, each of you will have the opportunity to come to terms with much that has colored this lifetime and the way you have chosen to live it. The circumstances that your world has made manifest are here as a catalyst to assist each of you in embodying that momentum of change. It is a highly charged drama calculated to bring up for scrutiny all that you hold-dear and much that you do not. The opportunity to make those distinctions is the gift borne by the turbulence of these times.  

The profound journey scripted for each of you who have chosen to be present in this drama is calculated to catapult you to the heights of human experience. Many of you have chosen to have that taste of your own Divine essence in incarnate human form. And you have, many of you, just embarked upon the journey of a lifetime that is scheduled to deliver you unto that experiential destination. 

Hold to that vision in the hours ahead that appear most bleak. Know that this is the process that you, as an eternal being, wanted to experience. For in the heights and the depths of your own humanness is the experiential gateway to another level of experience …a heightened level of awareness, waiting in the wings to take you into its loving embrace. Give yourself permission to feel fully the emotions that will be stimulated to the surface by the circumstances soon to come. For this is the gift you have chosen to give to yourself by being present in this crossroads in ‘time’ and ‘space’ that you would regard as Now. 

Each of you will experience the events to come in different ways. For each of you is bringing to completion lifetimes of interaction with the fellow beings who now populate your life scripts. And each hopes to be able to transcend the need to continue in these predictable dramas. These times of transformation are calculated to provide the full spectrum of such opportunities. 

When you look back upon the events now beginning to unfold within your world, you will see quite clearly the inevitability of what will come to pass. And you will rejoice in the recognition of the being you really Are. Underneath the mask and the posturing, underneath the conditioned behaviors, underneath all that you believe now defines you …you are about to encounter your own Divine essence. And you will recognize the gift in the metamorphosis of a world that could not have come about in any other way. 

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