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ANESVILLE, Wis. - A buffalo named Miracle that attracted widespread attention when she was born white in 1994 has given birth to a fourth calf.

The female calf, born a light red color on Monday, was named Magic, in honor of the magic number four in American Indian folklore.

Magic joins three siblings, all female. Millennium, the first calf born to Miracle in 1998, and Mitakuye Oyasin, born in 2002, were both red, the normal color for buffalo calves. Lady Miracle, born in 2000, while lighter was still reddish in color.

American Indian folklore predicted a white buffalo would unite the human race. The buffalo would then turn black, red and yellow to represent the races of the world.

In 11 months, Miracle went from white, to black, to red, and to yellow. She is now brownish-red.

Folklore predicts she will turn white again when there is world peace.

Miracle draws visitors to the farm of David and Valerie Heider daily, Valerie Heider said. She estimates 500,000 people have visited Miracle since 1994.

Story originally published by:.
Beloit Daily News via Star-Tribune, Minneapolis - Sep 08.03



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