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When all the trees have been cut down,
When all the animals have been hunted,
When all the waters have been polluted,
When all the air is unsafe to breathe,
Only then will you discover you cannot
eat money...

~Cree Prophecy  


Of all the living things on this planet, there is only one species that poses a serious and deadly threat to the well being of our environment. Mankind. We have waged war on plants, animals, forests, the oceans and ourselves almost always for greed and profit. This is a very disturbing and frightening thought.

What makes it all so critical is that it won't take generations of future humans to experience the devastating effects of what we are doing to the environment today. It has almost reached the point where events are virtual. Do it and we'll feel it.

Mother Earth and all of her living children have a built in desire to keep things in balance and in harmony. Over the centuries we have seriously begun to upset that sacred balance. All we continue do is destroy forests to make more farming land so that we can make more money, more food and more humans. The same holds true for the oceans. More humans need more houses, cars, TV sets, clothes, and other material possessions that are typically accumulated over a lifetime. It is a vicious cycle of unregulated consumption that is destroying our planet.

Mother Earth is starting to fight back. She doesn't like being out of balance. She is doing this for our own good, because our arrogance and selfishness have gotten out of control. Violent weather patterns, global warming, increasing volcano and earthquake activity, excessive rain and snow fall, flooding, rising sea levels, spreading plague-like conditions due to warmer temperatures, breaks in the ozone layer, severe drought, melting ice caps and glaciers, and so on are all the warning signs that something is seriously wrong and out of balance on planet Earth.

Say what you want, but our planetary eco system is wounded and dying. And our Mother is crying because of it. All of it can be traced to greed and money, which can be traced to the belief that we are separate from our Source. Being separate from our Source causes us to be self-centered. This false belief may very well lead us to our own demise sooner than we think.

Here are some very insightful excerpts from a spirit called Mentor whose wisdom can be found in a book called "Agartha: A Journey to the Stars." He describes our interrelationship with planet Earth in the following way...

Negativity (negative energy) in the form of individual thought patterns, magnified many billions of times, is capable of creating a physical imbalance within the molecular structure of the ionosphere by diminishing the ozone layer.

The weakening of the ionosphere allows undue gravitational pull to eventually upset  the essential Earth balances so that the entire planet could buckle in on itself.

The various "greenhouse" gases are not alone responsible for the ozone problems; the negativity given off by humanity's pain and fear is, in fact, the primary energy breaking down your atmosphere.

The collective energy given off by people and all living things creates the dominant atmospheric conditions.

 I'm suggesting that every prayer and action of positive and loving intention helps restore the ozone.

You are now (1995) approaching a crucial time in which the density of the ionosphere has become so weakened that it is in danger of disintegrating altogether.

In fact, the Earth has reached the end of a period, the end of the rope, and is, as I've suggested, in neutral - poised for new movement or no movement at all. The question becomes: Will energy be generated by humanity to propel the Earth into its new spiritual direction of transformation, or will the Earth be reduced to its essential energetic parts and returned to space?

And there is a consciousness shift under way to bring about the next stage of Earth's development.

The Earth shifts just as consciousness shifts.

The Earth is alive and regenerates some parts and sloughs off others on a continual basis, just as your own body does. Land masses rise and fall, and this will continue to happen as long as physical Earth is in existence.

These natural shifts arise not solely to humanity's activities, although humanity's disregard for natural law is surely a very real and present factor.

The goal in understanding Earth changes is to accept that you are part of a living organism.

You are also to learn the ways that you can bring conscious intention to ameliorating the physical stresses on Earth that are within your means of controlling or changing.

Disturbances and eruptions of all sorts, both within the Earth and on the Earth's surface, are occurring in relationship to the weakest energy lines of the Earth itself.

Bizarre and erratic weather phenomena and earthquakes , tremors, and eruptions of all sorts are most likely to be observed along these fault lines (plates), where the tension is the greatest.

These plates are mirrors of the energy patterns above them on the Earth's surface. The plates mirror not only present civilizations' energy but also those that have existed previously.

Positive and negative energy patterns from humanity, once created, continue to exert influence on the Earth, the subterranean plates, and the atmosphere, until transmuted and allowed to return to the universal stream of awareness. Each thought lives as a "real thing" long after the person who created the words is dead.

The positive and negative thoughts of every individual continue to influence each individual continent as well as the planet at large. Thus each plate has its own distinct collection of energies.

Consider, for example, the way Atlantean society developed as a civilization of beauty and advanced learning... The Atlanteans  failed, however, to recognize the gathering storm clouds of change, the same storm clouds that are on your horizon.

When humanity pits itself against nature, it will always lose.

Respect is called for. Humanity must bend to other vaster energy systems - namely, your Earth home and the Divine energy influences contouring all evolution. The respect I'm speaking of is spiritual wisdom. The process you are learning is one of walking in a partnering way with all life. 

The human family needs to wake up and realize that our individual and collective thoughts affect the climate, Earth movements, global disease and other planetary conditions. When we reach a state of harmony and balance in our minds, the same will be achieved on this planet.   

If you want to read a marvelous, award winning book about how the greed and arrogance of humanity is destroying this planet, I highly recommend Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. This book should be required reading for all high school and college students and their teachers. 

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Below is a message you can consider modifying as you see fit prior to sending to your elected official. Don't e-mail the message. They are not being read because of backlog. Here are some links that will help you contact a US elected official...

Office of the President of the United States
Web Site:
Phone: (202) 456-1414
Fax: (202) 456-2461
Capital Address:
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20500

Office of the Vice President of the United States
Old Executive Office Building
Washington, DC 20501

Here's a sample message you can modify/build upon and send if you like...


I am sending this message because I believe there is a very dangerous threat today to the ecological well being of all living things on this planet. I want the wholesale destruction of plants, animals, forests, fisheries, oceans and the protective ozone layer to stop immediately until a balanced, unselfish approach can be established that honors the overall well being and sacredness of our planet. This ongoing destruction, if not halted, will threaten present and future generations of all living things, including mankind.  

For the good of all concerned I ask that you take this request seriously.

Thank You


If you want to call the White House messaging system directly and voice your point of view call (202) 456-1111.


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