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"Do not be concerned if you are unable to accurately count the stars in the galaxy, express yourself in complex sentences, or formulate mathematical equations in the manner of superbrained beings. On a cosmic scale, nothing of this sort is important. What is of consequence is your stated willingness to commit to a spiritual life and the intent with which you openly and freely put that into practice. With integrity, adopt the precepts of Universal Law and apply them in every aspect of your life. Attempt to love others without expectation that they will love you in return. Endeavor with the best of your ability to practice compassionate love for all sentient beings."  

Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light
~ Patricia L. Pereira

Have you ever wondered where you really came from? I'm not talking about your parents or a particular country or even planet Earth for that matter. At this point many of us make a big jump and say we're from God. And that is true. Everything is.

But let's not jump quite that far. We'll miss one of the most exciting parts of all. What I'm talking about is where have we been from the moment God first created us in the beginning to that time just before we are conceived and born. Were we simply "nothing" and then all of a sudden we find ourselves inside our mother's womb? Or were we in a state of suspended animation, a limbo, until it was our turn to visit Earth? Or were we very much alive, conscious, in a lighter body, perhaps in another dimension or maybe on a planet in another star system?

Over the past ten years I've come to realize in a very profound way that planet Earth is not my permanent home. On the contrary, it is just a wonderful place to visit and grow into spiritual knowingness. And all of it is part of a much larger and grander cosmic plan that goes way beyond anything I was led to believe for most of my life. Before that time, I often wondered to myself where was I really from. Perhaps this kind of question interests you as well.

It wasn't until my spiritual awakening during the past ten years that I realized answers were available I never knew existed. I'm not talking about "we're born with sin, we grow up fearing God, we work to survive and to have the comforts and pleasures of life, get married, have babies, pay taxes, grow old, retire, then die and either go to heaven or hell for eternity." 

This simplistic, fear-based fairy tale I was conditioned to believe in has misled us (and me) for a long, long time. When I found other answers to my questions, they made so much sense. They had the right "feel" and in my heart I knew there was undeniable truth to them.

From 1991 to 1999, I went through a time of unexpected turmoil and upheaval that expanded into a full-blown series of crises in my personal life. At the same time, I also began to awaken spiritually after reading hundreds of New Age/metaphysical books that have had an incredibly profound effect on my life. Somehow I just can't seem to get enough of the wisdom and truth these books contain.

Within these books I found many answers I'd been looking for all my life. These insights came from inspired messages via the spirit world, eastern mysticism, teachings of ancient civilizations, Native American wisdom, and so on. And, for some unexplained reason, it made so much sense as I read them.

Can I prove much of what is being said in these books? No I can't. Quite frankly, if a lot of this information could be proved beyond any doubt, our free wills would have a tough time dealing with some of it. It's a subtler, gentle process. 

The truths contained within these books are there to create "feeling" for us to react to at the heart level and to make free will choices from it all. Nothing is forced. Again, it has to do with feeling and I trust the very powerful emotions they've created in my heart for me.

Briefly, what I've learned is that before our universe was created God was All There Was. What existed then has been described as the Absolute, in which there was nothing but the incomprehensible mind of our Creator. There was no physical/material world in existence at that time.

In the Absolute, God could only know things but couldn't feel or experience them. For example, we can know what it's like to fall in love, but until we experience and feel it, something very, very big is missing. 

When God created us (souls) we, too, were in the Absolute. And, although it was complete joy and bliss to be there, all we could do was know things, but not experience and feel them. 

In order to resolve this dilemma, God came up with a plan. A place, separate from the Absolute, would be created. This would be a physical world where everything in it, including all emotions, feelings and experiences had an opposite. God knew that unless there was an opposite for something like cold we could never experience, feel and appreciate warmth. And, because of these opposites, we would be able to have the experiences and feelings so important to us. 

In one magnificent burst of our Creator's mind (the big bang), the universe we live in was manifested and God was to experience all of it through the souls that were created... us. To say this in a different way, when you smell a rose, God smells a rose. That's how intimate our connection is with All That Is.

At the moment of the big bang, we were released into the physical universe. For ages upon ages, we played in the stars. Countless Beings of Light separated into untold numbers of families or races of souls who went their many ways to explore, feel and experience the material universe. 

On top of it all we had been given two of the greatest gifts possible: free will and the ability to create anything we wanted to. Anything. We also knew that God loved us unconditionally and that our Source was always at the center of all we thought and did. Over time that changed for some of us.

Many of the original root races have since populated countless other star systems in the billions of galaxies found throughout our universe. As that happened, some members of a given family remained in spirit form, while others lowered their vibrations in order to explore the physical world at the 3-dimensional level.

Since that time, many of these root races have evolved into societies that are more advanced or less advanced than our own. Some are more spiritual, others less. Some are of the Light, others of the darkness. But they are all a part of our original family and are to be loved unconditionally. Just as God does.

Most of us on planet Earth are part of the human root race. At one time, all humans were in spirit form roaming the stars. Eons and eons ago we came as a family to Earth with a special challenge. We agreed to bring Spirit into 3-dimensional matter and find a way to balance the two. In other words we wanted to raise planet Earth's energy by infusing it with God's love and, in the process, transform it into a very sacred place in the universe for all to visit and behold. 

To begin this love-based project, many of us descended into matter and caused our spirit forms to vibrate at a much slower 3-dimensional level. Others of our family remained behind as spirits to give us help and watch over us.

Somewhere along the way we lost our God-centeredness. As a result, our egos began to dominate our thinking and we over-identified with the material world and the physical pleasures it had to offer. We forgot our divine origin and the spirituality it creates in us. Over the ages, we have been trying to reestablish our connection with the divine so that we can accomplish our original goal and then return to the stars for more adventures.

Prior to the Fall into physicality, we told those in our soul family who remained behind as spirits, that if we ever get lost and confused while in material form, to help us remember who we really are. That awakening to our divine heritage is taking place now on a broad scale all across this planet. Others are helping as well.

From what I read, Earth is not a homogeneous planet. Although spirits from the human root race mostly inhabit it, there are members of other spirit families here as well. They come from other star systems such as Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, and so on. Most walk in the Light. Others prefer fear or darkness. 

Starseeds from other planets, who agreed to forget who they are when born as humans, are here in great numbers. Many come with special missions to serve humanity in some way. They are now awakening to who they really are and sense that something spectacular will happen soon, as we approach 2012. They too are here to help us awaken.

Years ago, while a successful corporate executive, I never dreamt I'd be saying these kinds of things today. Never. As a Ph.D. scientist I was told time and time again throughout my education, "Only measurable facts count and even then discoveries must be repeated time and time again in order to be considered verifiable. The only thing that is real is what can be seen and measured."

My thoughts today blend with the heart and the soul. Even though all the statements I've made herein cannot be proven at this time, something deep inside, a knowingness, tells me to pay attention to it because it has the right feel. I'm going with these feelings.

As always, my intent is to make others think and wonder just as the books I've read inspired me to do. In the end the final choices must be your own. For me one thing feels certain. We are all from the stars.

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"It doesn't matter whether we were born as Earth people or whether we came from a distant star. If we truly believe what we're all trying to understand and learn here - that we're all part of the One Source of all creation - then really, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're processing through that path to divinity and learning how to love and be loved. That's all that matters."

Spoken by "Betty" ... taken from the book "From Elsewhere" by Scott Mandelk, Ph.D.

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