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"Most humans are living lives of quiet and not-so-quiet desperation. They are frightened and confused. That which they have come to rely on is crumbling. Their world is changing so rapidly that it is becoming impossible for them to pinpoint areas of security." 

Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light
Patricia L. Pereira

There is no question that many prophecies abound today. The best prophets are the ones who will admit that the future is not written in stone. The future is fluid and holds many probable outcomes and results, all of which are dependent upon the choices we make today as individuals and as a collective human family. If we don't like what we hear about the future, then we have the power to change it. 

There is no doubt that more prophecies and other divinely inspired messages are reaching humanity today than at any other time in our known history. The global awareness of these insights is without precedent. All of it is rapidly affecting the collective human consciousness and expanding it to unprecedented levels.

Most importantly, all of this information is converging on this moment in time in human history. To be more specific, this window of time extends from now until sometime around December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. Needless to say, these are interesting days and we are entering what could be a momentous time for all of us.

Let me share with you a general theme of possible coming changes that are said to be imminent. I cannot offer any proof for this. It is based on an inner feeling that just sits right with me. I've also listed a number of reference materials at the end of this page. I invite the reader to explore some of these sources of information with an open mind and draw his or her own conclusions. My only desire is to inspire a heightened sense of wonder about it all.


We are not our bodies. We are spirits with souls created by God and with free wills. Throughout our universe, and perhaps countless other universes, there are many root races or different families of souls. Although many have chosen to go their separate ways, we are still and always will be ONE with each other and our Source. The human race is one of these many cosmic families. We were and still are free to experience the different material worlds and dimensions that God created for us whenever and wherever we want to. 

Ages and ages ago human spirits decided to come to planet Earth so that we (and God) could experience and appreciate the life that this 3-dimensional planet had to offer. As a group we had agreed to uplift this planet in a very sacred way. It would be one that would bring God-consciousness to Earth's level of vibration by blending Spirit into matter. 

Somewhere along the way we over-identified with the material world through its many physical pleasures and got stuck here in the life-death-reincarnation cycle that typically takes place on planets with a 3-dimensional level of vibration. In essence, we have lost our way and our God-centeredness. We've simply forgotten who we are and why we came here in the first place. Reincarnation, and the law of karma that goes with it, helps us remember who we really are.

We've accumulated quite a bit of negative and positive karma through successive lives, both individually and as a global family. The purpose of having many lives is that it allows for us to lovingly heal and neutralize all past karma based upon our own decisions and sense of  responsibility. God does not judge us; we are loved unconditionally. In other words, the reincarnation process is ultimately a loving one that gives us the chance to be the free spirits we once were. But it can only be achieved through free will choices based upon unselfish love, forgiveness, compassion and humility. 

It also seems that as a civilization we've been at this same point before. This supposedly happened thousands of years ago. Many refer to it as the times of  Lemuria and, most recently, Atlantis. During the time of Atlantis, we were very technologically advanced as a human family, more so than today. At that time we over-identified with the material pleasures and comforts that excessive physical indulgence and self-gratification can bring. In the process, we arrogantly destroyed the environment just as we are doing today. Missing was the desire to balance it all with the spiritual so that peace and harmony could exist.  

In the end, we were responsible for the great cataclysms that resulted in Atlantis from our being out of balance. It had nothing to do with an angry God punishing us. That's not how it works. We, not God, determine our own destiny. We have come again to this point. We are on the brink and very close to the edge once more. Will make the right choices this time around?

The universe is perfect. There are cosmic cycles, both big and small, within its vast expanse that occur like clockwork and reflect divine order and purpose. And
we are now at the moment when they are going to create massive change in our universe. 

The Coming Changes...

As stated, planet Earth and all its inhabitants have been vibrating within the 3rd dimension for quite some time. According to what I read about cosmic cycles, we are now shifting from a 3-dimensional existence to one that vibrates at a higher level of energy. This shift for planet Earth reach completion around 2012.

The driving force behind this irreversible and benevolent transformation is a wave of energy called the Christ Consciousness. This is part of the second coming of Christ we are all familiar with. Interestingly, there is the possibility that Christ may be walking on this planet today and is in the process of helping us go through the shift in consciousness taking place. This is a  profound thought and, if true, is beyond description in its implications. I invite the reader to visit a page on my web site that explores this possibility and to reach his or her own conclusions.

In addition, the human family currently on planet Earth is not homogeneous. Rather, it appears to be a mixture of starseeds and walk-ins from other planetary systems who were aware that our planet was going to go through a profound dimensional shift in consciousness at this point in time. These individuals volunteered to forget who they are and where they came from. They were then born here as "humans" and are helping our planet go through its transformation into the Light. 

From some of my readings, it would appear that over the past 20-30 years or so, we have been given the opportunity make choices in our lives that are based upon love or those based upon fear. Those who continue to choose a life that is fear-based will be shifted to another planet, which still vibrates at the 3-dimensional level. They will continue on with the life-death karmic cycle until they choose a path of love. Those who are choosing a life of love will continue on with planet Earth and move into a higher dimension, most likely the lower levels of the 4th dimension. These will be the Golden Years referred to in the prophecies.

Can all of this shift into other dimensions be proven? Not really. However, one thing is for sure. There is a massive change in consciousness taking place on planet Earth these days. Millions and millions of people are awakening spiritually. This in turn has affected the global consciousness of our planet. Many of the dire prophesies made for these times simply have not happened. Yes, there are erratic and violent weather patterns and other Earth changes taking place and they will continue to intensify as we head towards 2012. But the worst case scenarios appear to have been softened a bit by our planetary spiritual awakening. 

My best advice is to have no fear regardless of what happens. Just be the magnificent Being of Light that you are, gently spread that light and love to all you meet and do all you can to heal our planet and end separation among mankind.

Along with these changes we are beginning to vibrate more quickly. For many who are awakening, this has not been the most enjoyable experience physically. Symptoms of exhaustion, malaise, a desire to be out of the rat race, lack of focus and concentration, sleeping for long periods of time, a desire to find inner peace come and go. There are times when your feelings may be more intense. You might get angry or impatient in a way that comes as a complete surprise to you. Perhaps you are over emotional, cry a lot, feel things deeply. Try to rest easy. These changes are a part of the transmutation process.    

In short, the world isn't ending, but it will be a time of change, upheaval and flux. Planet Earth will no longer permit 3-dimensional attitudes and choices that are based upon fear. All the rules are changing. Do not try to hold on to your past experiences and beliefs because they will no longer apply. It is time to let them go. 

Journey Earth, as we have known it, is almost over. What is also  ending is the destruction of this magnificent planet with greed and fear. For some, we are now birthing into a New Age of unconditional love, peace, harmony and sharing among one another. Pisces is loosing its grip. Aquarius is upon us. How all of this sorts itself out still remains one of God's mysteries that we must allow. 



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