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"There are no accidents in God's universe...
or in our lives"


This is one of many universal truths that can never be proven for sure. And yet, there are far too many stories about people who have had mysterious forces miraculously enter or guide their lives when they least expected it. 

If we really look at it closely, coincidences in our lives are far too common. As they accumulate over the years, our minds begin to open to new possibilities. Maybe, just maybe, they are more than random happenings.

What is a synchronous event? It's an experience or circumstance that comes into our lives when we least expect it to happen. What sets these mysterious happenings apart is that they are always unplanned and unexpected. A blind date that leads to life partnership, an unexpected phone call that pulls us away from tragedy, a job opportunity that suddenly opens, a gift of money when we need it most, a dream that turns out to be true, an unexpected admissions to a college we never thought was possible, are just a few examples.

These happenings can occur on a large, medium or small scale. I like to think of the large ones as events that have a major impact on the direction of our lives. This can be a long-term relationship with someone, a crippling accident that leads to a life-time challenge, an unexpected book from a friend that opens up a life-changing, spiritual quest, and so on. 

The medium synchronous events are more for course corrections that lead us to the major ones or help the major ones unfold smoothly and successfully. For example, an unexpected salary bonus (medium) that allows us to take a vacation (medium) during which we find a lifetime partner (major), or a new business venture, (major) or decide to change jobs and move to another part of the country (major), are a few examples. 

The small events are more for fine tuning the whole process and are also very important, but less noticeable.

Curiously, these unexpected gifts of guidance often drop in out of the universe to influence our thoughts or impact the direction of our lives when we least expect them. Often times they occur in the blink of an eye, like a lightning bolt out of the blue. Whenever this happens, our free will is never violated in the process. While in body, we always have the choice to react to these events any way we want to.

Where do these events come from? How do they happen? Why do they happen? Do they have a purpose? What is the force that makes them happen?

In general, here is what others and I believe...

- Nothing happens by accident in God's universe or in our lives.

- Thus, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

- Prior to coming to this planet we create a life plan.

- That plan is made with free will. Nobody forces it on us.

- Our life-plan is made after we review our previous lives
   and experiences.

- Our life plan is made with others, such as our parents,
   siblings, best friends, lovers, etc., who will be part of
   our in-body drama. 

- The more evolved we are the more our life plan
   centers around spiritual growth and service to others.

- We may want to learn patience, forgiveness, compassion,
   tolerance and so on during our next life.

- We may want to experience being blind, poor, rich, etc.

- Or we may choose to do nothing with our life.

- Our guardian angels/spirit guides know our plan.

- It is also possible to overrule parts or all of our plan
   while on Earth.

- However, overruling our original plan is not the wisest
   choice. It creates confusion in our lives.

Events will unfold in our lives according to the schedule
   we've laid out for ourselves when making our life plan.

- While in body we are constantly making choices and
   creating our reality.

- This too is done with free will.

- And yet, there is "something" going on in the background
   of life that guides us at unexpected moments.

- This influence is happening at a higher level and for
   good purpose

- That purpose is to ensure that our life plan unfolds.

- Another purpose is to provide us ongoing guidance in
   our lives.

- We need to learn how to listen to our guidance.

- Pay special attention to any event or clue that
   happens three or more times.

- Look for patterns and repeated themes within the

- Often times the messages we receive are symbolic
   and we need to decipher them.

- If things fall into place as if by magic, most likely
   you're on the right path.

- If you meet resistance or dead-ends, seriously
   reconsider the choice you've made. Most likely it is
   not consistent with your life plan.

Here's a simple way to look at past events that have mysteriously come into your life as unplanned or unexpected experiences. These events may have been based upon some form of guidance such as a strong hunch, a powerful or compelling thought that came into your mind, a voice that spoke to you, a dream that you had, a synchronous event, and so on. 

Draw a line across a piece of paper. This is your life time-line. Let's say it represents the past 30 years of your life. Go to the beginning (to the left of the line). Put a mark through the line and an event underneath the mark that had a major impact on your life or the direction it took. And, most importantly, came about unexpectedly, without your planning it. Do this until you reach current time. Then think about how it all came to be.

A hypothetical time-line might be...

- you are suffering from an unrewarding and abusive
   marriage (1990)

- you get divorced (1991)

- you lose your job (1991)

- you are in major crisis (1991)

- everything you do to find a new job doesn't work out
   (guidance can often be through negative experiences
   and events)


- a book given to you by a friend leads to a radical
   spiritual awakening (1992)

- unexpectedly an old friend calls, a wonderful job opens
   in Arizona (1993)

- you interview for job, it goes well and you are hired

- you move to Arizona (1993)

- everything goes smoothly for you (a clue that you
   are on the right path)


- a blind date in Arizona leads to a fulfilling relationship
   and life-time partnership (1994)

- and so on

One can take this simple exercise a bit further by isolating one of the major events in your life and then reconstructing the medium and minor events that helped the major one fall into place and unfold smoothly. 

Always keep in mind that, when things go smoothly and fall into place, you have most likely made the right choice and the right event has come into your life. When our decisions or efforts run into resistance or roadblocks, seriously reexamine your choices or the false alarm event that has come into your life. 

Hopefully, all of this makes you think and wonder about these magnificent ways that not only guide and influence our lives, but also help us understand our life plan.

We are never left alone. Never.    



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