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Over the years, a number of mysterious pictographic symbols have emerged, which are associated with ETs, UFOs, and otherworldly writings. There is an intriguing similarity between these symbols, which suggest they may indeed be of off-earth origin.

In a 2007 article, UFO researcher Daniela Giordano describes the experience of an Italian immigrant living in Canada, and his unique encounter with a UFO. The morning after sighting the object he decided to investigate the site where the craft had landed not too far from his home. Much to his surprise, he discovered a metallic plaque with strange writing on it. The copper-like plate is shown in the picture below:


Copper-like plate engraved with unidentified diagram,was discovered on November 5, 1967, by L. R., on the grass of the Riverside Municipal Golf Course in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, after UFO event.

The size of the plate was 17.3 cm. wide by 12.5 cm. high, and a thickness of about 1 mm. He took the plate home with him, which was subsequently photographed by an unnamed individual.

The symbols on the metallic-like plate resemble "sigils." These hieroglyphic-like drawings are know throughout ancient times and have different meanings. Some refer to them as seals, others claim they have a spiritual or mystical connection, while others say they represent "ideas." Either way, they appear to be common to pictographs left behind by otherworldly sources.

In the below image, one can see mysterious symbols that were engraved in Brazilian megalithic stone found in Pedra Pinta, which is found in the northern Amazon River basin of Brazil. These writings were discovered in 1963 by French archeologist, Professor Marcel F. Homet. The stone carvings were estimated to be 10,000 years old.


Just recently there have been a number of UFO sightings by many people in the Stephenville, TX area. One of the  compelling aspects of these sightings is that there have been pictures and videos taken of objects in the skies, which have traced out symbols that are similar to those shown above and below. Here are some of those sky symbols drawn on paper:


Hundreds of “symbols” were videotaped by David Caron when an aerial disc in sky projected them in multiple, intricately segmented colors near Stephenville, Texas, municipal airport on January 19, 2008. See images above and below.




At the time of the famous crash landing of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico, USA, in July 1947, Jesse Marcel recovered objects which contained strange symbols. Thereafter his son reproduced those symbols while under hypnosis. These symbols are shown below:




In 1952 George Adamski received the following message, reproduced on a restored film of a saucer in flight in Palomar Gardens, California. Compare Adamski's message (left) with the table made by the French archaeologist Marcel Homet (right), who discovered these engraved symbols carved into stone in Pedra Pinta, North Amazonia.     


                  Adamski Message                                                   Hormet's Discovery


On April 24, 1964, police officer Lonnie Zamora experienced a close encounter with a UFO in Socorro, New Mexico. He was able to read the symbol which follows, drawn in red on the machine:


Symbol seen by Lonnie Somora


One has to admit that there is a resemblance between the mysterious symbols described above and ancient hieroglyphics. As an example, below is the hieroglyphic transcription made from the original hieratic text of the Tulli Papyrus.


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