Thirteen Insights for Partnership


Be  yourself and honor your partner's right to do the same

Don't expect your partner to act or be a certain way

Your partner should be your best friend,
if not, something is out of balance

Nurture communication at the soul level;
intimacy creates lasting oneness

At all times try to be honest and truthful with your partner

Make time to know and understand who your partner is
 all the way to the soul level

Do your best to create an atmosphere where 
feelings are shared openly and 
without fear of retribution 

Try to avoid selfish wants, needs, and jealousies;
they weaken the bond of love

Take full responsibility for your actions...
resolve, forgive and heal each other's hurts without delay

Try not to limit or control your partner,
you do not own one another

Use sexuality to celebrate your love,
not to satisfy your basic desires

Ask Spirit to bless your union with 
unconditional love, patience, tolerance,
and understanding, in place of ego and fear

From time to time, ask one another,
"How are we doing?"

If for some reason you and your partner should go your separate ways, do so with unconditional love for one another. Realize that each of your life plans brought the two of you together in order to learn and grow from the union. When that purpose has been honored and served, and no further soul-growth from the relationship is possible, the parting must occur. Then, bless your former partner and realize that the two of you did your best to help one another on the journey towards Oneness.


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