A.D. 2012

The End of Time?

In the yellow image below, let's imagine that we are looking down on a specific part of the Milky Way galaxy. Note that the horizontal line, stretching from the zodiac signs, Gemini (left) to Sagittarius (right), ends on the right side of the circle called the galactic center. Also note that the dashed line aligns with the zodiac signs Leo (top) and Aquarius (bottom). This smaller circle lies within the larger circle that makes up the entire Milky Way galaxy. The smaller circle can be likened to the face of a 25,920-year cosmic clock. Keep in mind that the solid horizontal and dashed lines never move. They are key reference points on the clock's face for what is to follow.



What the authors of the Hendaye cross book show quite clearly, through the use of commonly used astronomical computer programs, is that a third line, the axis of precession, moves around the circle (see image below) like the big hand of a clock, while the other two lines  remain stationary. The counter-clockwise motion of the big hand is the result of precession. As one might expect, it takes 25,920 years for the big hand of the precession clock to make one complete turn. This moving third line, colored red, can be seen in the image below.



One can see in this same image that 2,160 years ago the top part of the red line was leaving Libra and entering Virgo, as it heads towards the sign of Leo at the 12 o'clock position. At the same time, the red line on the bottom is moving to the right out of Aires and into Pisces. This ushered in the Piscean Age 2,160 years ago. Today, the red line is straight up and down right on top of the dashed line, as the New Age of Aquarius begins. This specific "cross" formation happens just once every 25,920 years and is THE key alignment in the cycle. Today we are at the end of the Iron Age and the 25,920 year cycle... a very important time when cycles within cycles climax around 2012.

This special alignment was known to the ancient adepts, astronomers and astrologers. They also knew periodic alignments are formed when the moving red line reaches each of the 4 cardinal points on the circle of time (i.e. 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions). These alignments, occurring every 6,480 years, correlate to the 4 different ages. But, it was the 25,920-year (and the 12,960-year alignments that brought destruction to Atlantis), which received the most attention.



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