Oneness the Teachings

"You are well within the process of ascension now. For ascension is not an 'event' but rather, a momentum. It is not something that happens to an individual at any given moment, and thereafter one's reality is instantaneously different. Ascension is a gradual shift in awareness, a shift in perspective, a shift in vibration, a shift in attunement, and a shift in conscious alignment with who one truly is..."

Oneness - the Teachings
~ Received and transcribed by Rasha. 

During the summer of 2003 I began to read a book called Oneness - the Teachings. All of the information contained in this book was received and transcribed by someone named Rasha. It was given to her by a universal presence called "Oneness."

Rasha's conversation with Oneness began during 1998. It led to a profound relationship in which various mystical teachings of the Oneness were communicated. This is her second book. The first was The Calling.

I can't say for sure why, but the information contained in both these books really speaks to my soul. It seems that the content is always "right on" and so relevant to the experience of personal transformation that awakening beings are experiencing on planet Earth these days.

Here are some excerpts from Oneness - the Teachings that deal with our Earthly journey, Earth changes and the End Times that are upon us. Perhaps they will enlighten your journey a bit. As always, bring to your heart what feels right for you and reach your own conclusions about the information presented below...

Transformation and Ascension

"This is the moment that you have been waiting for, for eons of existence. For, this is the lifetime that will catapult you beyond all you know to a depth of awareness and understanding you are as yet unable to fathom."

"As you gather the fragments of the structure that crumbles around you, and as you cease trying to 'make sense of it,' you will come to embrace the peace of knowing that the struggle is, at last, coming to an end. And you will experience a sense of sweet detachment from what was and an openness to what is yet to be."

"You are a multidimensional being. You are not limited to the particular identity that you have come to regard as you. There are viable aspects of yourself that live, unbeknownst to you, in parallel realities, who reach out, instinctively, for the lost aspect of the self that you would consider to be you. To these beings, you are a missing note in a chord that defines their very existence. You are the harmony toward which they strive and without which they are unable to achieve it."

"It may seem like your life has become a testimony to uncertainty in the present period. By virtue of the fact that you are reading these words and have been drawn to the energy of this communication, you are completing 'the course.' Yet, the sense of direction toward the next phase of your life continues to elude you. It should be fairly obvious, in light of the dismantling of much of your life's structure, that extensive preparation has been done. And there is a sense of waiting for someone or something to give you the 'go-ahead' and tell you what's next."

"It is not necessary to try to second guess the process, but merely to be present. Observe your situation: your whereabouts, your companions, your current focus, and the synchronous events that have brought you to this moment. And it is likely that you can discern a sense of the direction in which those factors are combining to draw you toward a new life's focus."

"As you grow to trust the process, you will be able to allow the future you are co-creating with other aspects of (your)self to evolve in a natural way." 

"If you are not yet at a point of absolute clarity about the nature of your participation in your life's work, it may be that all the information has not yet been presented. Be patient and loving with yourself in this time period."  

"Once you are at peace with all that you have done thus far in this lifetime, you will be ready to let go of it. Only then will you be ready to embrace a state of beingness that transcends the sense of separation reinforced by those experiences."

"Many are traveling by your side whose experiences may or may not parallel your own. And it is best to resist the inclination to judge your own process or that of others. For each of you is engaged in the perfection of his own personal journey to Oneness."

"You are amongst the forerunners of a new paradigm who will set the precedents upon which the ground rules of the new world will be based. You have identified yourself to yourself and have dared to stand alone in the Light of your inner truth, while others, still cloaked in the self-righteousness of consensus thinking, throw stones - as the fabric of that reality unravels."

"The process of awakening is not one in which a definitive threshold is crossed and one is then enlightened, transformed or ascended,. There is much backsliding to be expected on this journey."

"Your own preoccupation with the concept of completion will keep that state of attainment ever elusive. Spiritual growth is not focused on a destination, but rather, on the journey itself."

"You have come to this experience you know as your life in order to be able to reject, completely, the consensus view of reality imprinted upon you since birth, and to replace that structure of understanding with a perspective that totally transcends it."

"You are not a human being. This is simply an expression of form in which you have chosen to experience yourself. You are no more a human being than you are a rock or a tree... What you are is not limited to any form at all."

"It matters not whether you choose to follow in the footsteps of your ancestors in your expressions of devotion, or upon a path that no one has ever walked before - so long as your heart has led you to it."

"The God you long to know does not seek to control you, or to punish you when you choose to express the free will with which you have been gifted."

"The free will that is inherent in the human condition is unconditional. You are free to do anything, be anything, and believe anything, in any way it pleases you. That is your God-given birthright. And with that freedom goes the right to reap the ramifications of all actions. You yourself built that into the system, so that you would be able to experience the results of your choices."

"The God that you would hold exalted and worship from afar is no further away from you than your own heart."

The End Times

"The key to riding out the turbulence that may well manifest at the height of the vibrational shifts to come, will be your willingness to totally surrender to the process, fully aware that you may not yet understand what is, in fact, happening. The changes will be so profound and so far reaching that you will be challenged to maintain your mental and emotional equilibrium."

"... this unprecedented level of change will continue throughout what remains of this physical lifetime and well into next. For it will take quite some time for the dimensional shift to stabilize and for the reality in which you find yourself to once again be in a world where life could be considered quite predictable."

"The hallmark of these extraordinary times, in terms of your physical awareness, is the extremes of uncertainty that characterize virtually everything."

"People everywhere are shifting their awareness inward and are reaching beyond the mundane evidences of a physical reality for a spiritual foundation on which to build their understanding of what is so."

"Those who choose to fight the reality of what is at hand will create painful and challenging obstacles to the lives they would wish to be living."

"Generations to come may speculate on what it was like be alive in these times. For, your history will allude to conditions that they will not be able to  comprehend. The world as you know it will undergo radical transformations in the times to come."

"In keeping up with the pace of those changes, you have systematically shed the layers of density that were designed to keep you grounded at levels you have transcended. And for you, the process will be be ongoing, as long as you retain your present physical form."

"The systems on which your society is based will, most likely, experience a fundamental breakdown as they are built on a foundation of diminished vibration that cannot sustain itself under conditions that continue to accelerate."

 "There has been much wisdom and much speculation handed down through the ages with regard to the nature of the times now upon you. They have been referred to as 'The End Times,' by the sages since time immemorial... you may have come to consider that that label has been interpreted in a literal and a linear sense by many in your reality. And as such, much fear and mass hysteria has been triggered unnecessarily."

"To expect that catastrophic events will victimize your world and reduce it to rubble is to cast a literal interpretation upon words with which basic truth may have been given. That is not, in fact, what has been foreseen for these times, as you will experience them. For the collective mind-set presently representing your reality is not of the resonance to reflect that outcome."

"There are other realms, where that is not the case. There are realities that are vastly denser variations on the theme that you regard as your world."

"In those realities, the environment that hosts and supports the life that experiences itself there is having a far more severe reaction to the universal upsurge in vibrational frequency. At those levels of experience, circumstances more in keeping with radical interpretations of 'End Times' prophecy are manifesting in reality."

"It was those diminished vibrational realms that were referenced by prophecies made so very long ago."

"There are no accidents in your physical world. All has been carefully orchestrated. And even though there are circumstances and levels of human condition which you may find horrifying, know that the individuals in question selected these very circumstances to illustrate, to themselves, the issues in which each was most profoundly invested at a soul level. Each volunteered to pay the price  in terms of suffering in order to elevate themselves from the need to continue experience incarnation at those levels."

"The catastrophic events that are being experienced by large populations in remote areas of the globe are indicative of a mass release of energy that has been liberated from the need to continue in oppressive conditions. Having experienced some of the 'horrors' of those circumstances, these beings have transcended the need for much of the repetition of similar themes that might have been otherwise called for. They contracted for these conditions voluntarily, fully aware of the price to be paid and the liberation to be attained as a result."

"Much that has been categorized as 'Earth Changes,' were scenarios that were orchestrated to provide such opportunities. For, in living out some of the most insidious of these experiences, quantum leaps in consciousness are possible."

"There are other segments of your population that will be totally untouched by these kinds of circumstances. It is you, many of whom are tuned-in to the higher understandings also being made available en masse in these times, who will transcend the need to be caught in the grasp of any manifestation of environmental upheaval at all. Your earthquakes and tidal waves are transpiring within you, and the ravages of famine and disease are being experienced equally by you - symbolically."

"You are not being asked to pay the supreme price of the relinquishing of your physical body in exchange for the lessons learned, as some in other corners of the world. The price many of you have agreed to pay is far dearer than that. For you have dared to weather the virtual annihilation of an entire state of beingness that has kept you imprisoned in self-defeating patterns for lifetimes. The ravages of such an experience cannot be underestimated."

"The prophecies for these times of transformation are not something to be feared. They are the monumental turning points you yearn for as a soul. They are the gift of deliverance."

"The so-called 'End Times' to which the attention of so many is now drawn is not an ending in the physical sense, so much as a transcendence of the limitations posed by linear perspective. The endings that may well transpire in the physical lives of many are not the objective of the events that may precipitate them. Rather, these endings are the doorway to another level of experience, whether or not in physical form."

"The beings who will be incarnating in human form in the times soon to come will have a natural affinity for the world of nature. They will be able to communicate with the other life forms that populate your reality, and their easy interaction with these other forms of intelligence will set the stage for the air of peace and harmony that will prevail."   

"For a new breed of beings is scheduled to incarnate amongst you in stages, over the course of several generations. And until the conditions in your world stabilize, and a population of vibrationally adapted beings prevail, you can anticipate a populace with a radical diversity in ability and perspective."

"Those of you who now ride the crest of the wave that carries you ever closer to that breakthrough will serve as teachers - and ultimately as spirit guides - for the masses that will follow in your footsteps in these times. You will have made the journey ahead of the rest, in order that you would be equipped to reach out and take another by the hand in the times to come." 

"And you will be led systematically in the direction of ultimate surrender to the truth of your Oneness will All Creation - no matter how many lifetimes it takes."

"You will make this journey again and again. And ultimately, you will know yourself so fully and completely as Oneness that you will no longer need or wish to make the journey."

The messages within Oneness - the Teachings has an energy that will appeal to those who have reached a certain stage of spiritual awakening, while struggling to let go of an old way of life, as their new one dawns. It will also vibrate well in the heart of many who have gone through radical life change and now find themselves further down the path of inner transformation and ascension.


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