-----------------------------June 2011-Bulletin-----------------------------

The Poirino, Italy Crop Circle Contains Coded Information!

A look at the below image shows that the crop formation contains coded information. Among other things, the outer rim contains the names ‘Enki Ea,’ coded in ASCII. These are names of a Sumerian god: Lord of the earth, god of water, creator of mankind.”

June 20, 2011, crop formation in Poirino, Italy.
Aerial image © 2011 by Concesso l'uso a Space Freedom.


-----------------------------July 2009-Bulletin-----------------------------

Crop circle accurately predicts solar storms - 7/8/09

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Does This Jellyfish Crop Circle Accurately Predict
A Solar Storm for July 7-9 of 2009?

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-----------------------------June 2009-Bulletin-----------------------------

A mysterious crop circle appeared below the Alton Barnes
White horse on June 21st - the summer solstice.

The original pattern was smaller. Then, 24 hours later,
the boxes and lower circles on the left were added.



A second circle also appeared on the morning of the June 21st.

It was a beautiful variation on the Yin/Yang symbol.



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Incredible Synchronicity Appears In UK Crop Circle

On 08.08.08 A Figure "8" Over 800 Feet Long Arrived


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Original Crop Circle Design Enlarged Overnight

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-----------------------------July 2008-Bulletin-----------------------------

Mayan 2012 Astronomical Data in July 2008 U.K. Crop Circle?




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Strange Roswell Rock and a 1996 Crop Circle!

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See the 2004 Crop Circle of the Year!

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UFO Forming Crop Circles!
- Vid

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-----------------------------August 2002-Bulletin-----------------------------

Messages from ETs in Crop Circles!

An apparently incredible event has occurred. During August 2001, a "face and a message" crop circle appeared in the same field.

Almost a year later to the day, another "face and a message" appeared in another field. Both occurred in England. Clearly, there are parallels between the two, which need further investigation.

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-----------------------------September 2002-Bulletin---------------------------

New and Astonishing Scientific Evidence for Crop Circles!

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----------------------------August 2001-Bulletin---------------------------

A most dramatic turn has taken place in the history of crop circles. Several events have occurred from 1999 to 2001 that go way off the human radar screen of experience. When taken together, they leave little doubt that ETs are the source of these cosmic  messages. I and many others now believe contact has been made with an off-Earth intelligence.

I've summarized these events towards the end of this page. If you wish to go to that information now, please click here.


Crop Circle Background...

The swirling Windmill Hill image just above these words was made during 1996 in England. It was an extremely large, highly complex and incredibly detailed crop circle whose intricate design and mathematical relationships continue to challenge the limits of one’s imagination. This crop circle had a diameter longer than a football field, its symmetry was absolutely breathtaking and it was clearly an artistically stunning creation.

Another one of these mysterious, cosmic designs appeared overnight at Etchilhampton, Wiltshire on July 29, 1996 and, incredibly, was over 4,100 feet, just short of a mile in length! This design was so large that its aerial photo had to be constructed as a montage.

Since the 1970's, crop circle patterns have not only become far more complex, but their numbers have been increasing dramatically as well, as if to heighten awareness of the changes taking place on planet Earth today. Click for pictures of some recent spectacular formations, which are referred to in this article.

It has been estimated that over the past 25 years more than 10,000 of these mysterious images have been etched into meadows all over our planet in such diverse places as Japan, Germany, USA, The Netherlands, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Romania, Hungary, and many other countries. 

It seems as though "something" is trying to get our attention in a very repetitive way because each year crop circles faithfully return like migrating birds to warmer climates. However, when it comes to sheer numbers and frequency, the spectacular crop circles of the English countryside stand out above all the rest.

Also intriguing is that archeologists, mystics and academics who study ancient civilizations recognize a form of sacred geometry and symbolism in these designs. Adding support to their findings is the fact that many of the mysterious glyphs that have been found in England magically appear (and frequently reappear) near ancient, sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, and the earth mound of Silbury Hill. These places are known for their high energy vortexes.

What is also compelling about crop circles is that they are real, even though hoaxers have made a small percentage of them. 

Unlike UFOs, which have often been linked to them, circle formations can be visited, photographed, walked on, measured, and scientifically analyzed. They are concrete reminders of what appears to be the handiwork of an off-Earth intelligence and, for anyone who has researched this area, it is difficult to deny their existence. Sadly, as with other types of paranormal phenomena, crop circles have been the victims of massive disinformation programs.

Another very interesting crop design occurred on June 17, 1996 in Alton Barnes, England. This incredible glyph was almost 2 football fields long and consisted of spiraling spheres of various sizes, which were easily identified as a DNA double helix. This particular crop circle was so compelling the prestigious (but conservative) scientific journal, Nature, decided to include a reference and a picture of it in one of its recent issues.

Soon after the DNA glyph appeared, an incredibly exquisite design over 900 feet long was discovered in a field across the road from Stonehenge, which consisted of 151 circles of varying size. Incredibly, a pilot flew over this same field during late afternoon and saw nothing out of the ordinary. However, thirty minutes later, on his return leg, he observed this extraordinary formation.

Dr. W. C. Levengood of the Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Grass Lake, Michigan has studied crop formations for years. His scientific data leads him to believe that very uniform and ordered forces are involved in their formation. His efforts have focused on the possibility that residual effects may be left behind in the crop formations that can be measured. 

In general, Dr. Levengood has made precise physical measurements of the stems, nodes, and other parts of the plants taken from the crop formation and compared them to the same kinds of measurements from plants a far distance away, but within the same field. In addition, he also compared the ability of seeds to germinate taken from crop circle and normal plants.

His findings, published in Physiologia Plantarum 92: 356-363, 1994 (a peer-reviewed scientific journal), clearly show that meaningful differences exist between the plant stems and seeds taken from the crop circle versus those taken from plants in other parts of the field. Based upon his recent findings, Dr. Levengood suggests that the affected plants show distinct signs of having been exposed to transient high temperatures, possibly caused by microwave radiation.

Click here for pictures of a typical bent node from a crop plant versus a node from a control plant. In this same group of pictures, one can also view the normal crystalline structure of the inside of a normal plant cell compared to that of a cell taken from a crop circle plant.

What have our scientists, our government officials and the media done with Dr. Levengood’s data? As usual, they’ve ignored it.

Why are crop circles being made? My own feeling is that they are the product of an off-Earth intelligence and are being sent for a very specific reason. There are sweeping changes taking place on planet Earth today (see Earth Changes, Cosmic Cycles and A.D.2012). The momentum behind these changes began to pick up pace during the 1960's and 1970’s and has continued to strengthen through the present day. Interestingly, UFO sightings, crop circles, spiritual/New Age books and other kinds of mystical happenings have made themselves felt during this same period of time.

The combined effect of these phenomena, including the symbols etched in crop fields, are prodding humanity into a greater cosmic awareness and an acceptance of intelligent life within the universe. There is no doubt that our collective consciousness is being raised and crop circles are an important part of the overall process.

I am also convinced that these magnificent, symbolic formations are meant to encourage us to remember who we really are: Children of the stars with a divine heritage and origin. As we awaken to our true spiritual nature, the awareness of how we can become responsible cosmic citizens will come into focus.

Interesting Facts From A Book
Called "Crop Circles" By Carolyn North

During the 1970s and 1980s, crop circles were primarily single circles.

In the 1980's, their complexity began to increase to circles within circles.

During the 1990s, their complexity increased many-fold with complex patterns and all kinds of intricate geometric designs being formed... with 5 per night being reported in England and hundreds appearing over the summer season.

Hoaxed patterns, which account for a minority of circles formed, are easy to detect. Typically, the crop stems of  hoaxed circles have been broken and they lack the interwoven lay of the crop (e.g. wheat), which would be impossible to hoax.

Crop circles have been documented in 26 countries.

Japanese tourists to England once meditated on a specific design and it appeared within the week in a nearby field.

The general pattern seen over the world is that the crop circles continue to increase in complexity... as if they are saying that a climax point is to be reached here on planet Earth.

Aerial photography using infra-red film shows that the groundwater under a crop circle dries up for several days to a week before the water table returns to normal.

Up to 2000 designs have been reported in India since 1986. 

Designs have also been found in sand, snow, trees, corn, sunflowers, and even blueberry bushes.

Circle designs have been found in ice!

Crop Circles at the United Nations?

Yes, believe it or not. Within the United Nations organization there is a very interesting subcommittee called the Society of Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.). It is referred to as a cultural society and has been a part of the United Nations for the past 50 years. As of 1996, several channeled entities have actually been invited to speak to this committee, with the spirit, Kryon, being one of them (channeled through Lee Carroll).

In 1992, Richard Hoagland, a consultant for CBS News, NASA and other organizations, presented his findings to these same U.N. delegates on The Monuments of Mars. Furthermore, he made a powerful scientific argument that the Earth and other bodies within our solar system have been visited by intelligent beings from other worlds.

In 1993, Colin Andrews, a world expert on crop circles, was invited to make a presentation of these phenomena to this same group. 

On April 23, 1999 Doug Rogers, another noted expert on crop circles, presented his recent findings to S.E.A.T. I joined Doug at the United Nations as his guest and his presentation was very well received.

Recently, the spirit, Kryon, had some interesting things to say about the Double-Helix crop formation that arrived on June 17, 1996 in East Field at Alton Barnes, England. 

This crop circle, some 600 feet long, clearly resembles DNA. Kryon tells us that these and other circles are being sent to us from those we are going to meet, and "they" know all about our biology. They are not the "grays" nor those related to the grays who have been causing problems on planet Earth with abductions and the like. Rather, the circles are from those who represent the actual seeds of our DNA, those who look like us and the ones who purposely planted the DNA/biology in our primitive ancestors ages ago. These beings, who seeded us on planet Earth, are from another place in the universe... and they are returning.

2500-Year Old Crop Circle Evidence

The U. K. newspaper, the Independent, reports that a Chinese researcher has discovered, close to the Mongolian border, 2,500-year-old stone circles in the same patterns as modern crop circles. Read more about this fascinating discovery that strongly suggests the circle makers have been at it for a long time. 

Crop Circles Made by Hovering Spheres?

A recent study was conducted by Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff, a physicist and member of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies. His recent measurements of crop circles show that the energy used to make a crop circle decreases from the center of the circle outward, suggesting that the crop was heated with a small, spherical heat source. This begins to support the eyewitness accounts of others who have reported crop circles being made when mysterious spherical balls have hovered and moved over a crop circle being formed. In addition, Dr. Haselhoff will try to develop a working model of a sphere that will support his observations.

Dramatic Developments and ET Contact

There were five crop circle developments since 1999, which tell quite a convincing story for off-Earth origin and argue against hoaxing as an explanation for their appearance. In my opinion, they collectively constitute sound and convincing proof that ET contact has indeed been made. 

Added to the weight of all other evidence, the debunkers will have a tough time of it in the coming days. You will not find crop circles in the nightly news nor in the New York Times. Nor will leading scientists discuss it out of fear for their project funding and jobs. But you will continue to see some TV programs dismiss their existence as a hoax. What I attempt to do here is present the facts and let you, the reader, make up her or his mind about them.

I would also like to point out that hundreds of crop circles have been created in England over the past several years including those I describe below. Most of the circles are incredibly beautiful and highly complex. For a good pictorial view of them, please visit Lucy Pringle's site and ask yourself, "Could all of these have been hoaxed into existence?"

Event #1
 East Field Alton Barnes
June 11/12, 1999  

During 1999, over 140 crop formations were made in England. The "monster" crop circle below was one of two made in the East field during the evening of June 11/12. It has been said that this field was being watched by crop circle enthusiasts until 2:30 am to see if any circles were being made. None were reported. That would give the hoaxers about 3 hours to make the circle designs before dawn.

The "monster" creation is more than 3 football fields in length, measuring 1020 feet. It contains a number of designs and elements that are a throwback to the crop circles seen during the early 1990s. Rather than a single message, it comes across more as a cosmic "sentence."

Click on either of the thumbnails below for larger pictures...


Event #2
Wakerley, Leicestershire, England 
June 6, 2000  

More than any other crop circle made, this particular one defies hoaxing as an explanation for its existence. The reason is that the technique used to create the picture in the field of barley plants was dramatically different from the typical swirled effect noted in traditional crop circles. That is, the design was defined by plants that stood 6 inches shorter than the remaining plants in the field! 

Although this could have been achieved by a farmer sowing his crop at two different times to create a design, it is highly unlikely. It would have been a time consuming process and, as it is, farmers do not like crop circles in their fields because of the trespassers they attract and the resulting damage. Furthermore, no hoaxer has stepped forward to take credit for it. 

It would appear that this design was achieved by a method that uses a well-directed energy source that retards the growth of some of the plants, but not the others. Estimates are that the affected, shortened crops lagged approximately 30 days behind the plants showing normal growth.  

Click on the thumbnail below for larger pictures...

Event #3
Milk Hill, Wiltshire, England
August 13, 2001  

The crop circle noticed on Milk Hill in Wiltshire (Southern England) on August 13, 2001 is being hailed as the most awesome ever made. It is composed of 409 individual circles in a spiral pattern. Appropriately, it was found in the heart of crop circle country in the United Kingdom.

The sheer size and complexity of this formation is staggering. It has been estimated that hoaxers would have had to make one circle every 30 seconds during the night time hours in order to create this design!

 Furthermore, the field in which the design was created is not flat, but consists of small, undulating hills, making it virtually impossible for hoaxers to lay out and create an accurate design.

Click on the thumbnail below for larger pictures. Those tiny speckles you see in the center circle are people!...

MilkHill-thumb.jpg (3887 bytes)

Event #4
Chilbolton England 
August 13/14 2000

Sometime on 13/14 August, 2000, a spectacular crop circle was placed in the wheat field right in front of the government-owned Chilbolton Radio Telescope Observatory. It was one of the largest and most intricate made during the year 2000, measuring some 200 feet in length and 85 feet in width. However, it's real significance could not be appreciated until a year later when two other extraordinary crop formations appeared in the same field... and all three appear to be linked together (see below).    

Click on the thumbnail below for a larger picture...

Chilbolton1thumb.jpg (5049 bytes)

Event #5
Chilbolton England 
August 14, 2001

During 1974, a coded (binary) message was sent from a radio telescope in Arecibo, Mexico to a star cluster in our Milky Way galaxy called M13. As of today, it has traveled  approximately 160 trillion miles into deep space and will arrive at its intended destination some 22,000 years from now. 

In August of this past year (2001), a response was received from that 1974 broadcast a lot sooner than anyone had expected, implying that a nearby off-Earth intelligence intercepted it. Reception was made perhaps as soon the message was sent, but the intelligence waited until now to return the message knowing we are better prepared to receive it today. 

On Tuesday August 14, 2001, exactly one year after the last crop circle had been made next to the Chilbolton Observatory, a haunting, human-like face was placed in this very same wheat field. Click on the thumbnail below for a larger picture of that face and its location... 

cropface.jpg (3642 bytes)

 The "Face"

Even as a stand alone formation this glyph was spectacular for several reasons. The face itself, the first of its kind in the history of cereology, was a very rare rectangular layout. To create this image, standing clumps were made out of wheat stalks, with each clump individually swirled and stitched together as a pixel, while adjoining wheat plants were flattened around the pixels to create the overall image effect. 

The pixel layout is a radical departure from traditional circle design. If you look closely at the picture above, the dark areas represent wheat that has been flattened while the light colored dots represent standing clumps of wheat. Again, a highly unexpected, but very clever and effective way to make a picture out of standing plants. For a graphic representation of the pixel effect click here to see a ground view of this design.  

On the following Sunday, August 19 2001, another incredible design was reported in the same wheat field and this is the one that has really impressed the experts and skeptics alike. 

As mentioned above, we sent out a coded message in 1974 to the M13 star cluster. That coded human message has been put into graphic form. The design placed in the Chilbolton wheat field on August 19 is almost a mirror image of the one we sent into deep space, with a few, but very important differences, and one of those differences would most certainly be unknown to even the most sophisticated hoaxer. Click on the thumbnail below for a larger image of this message/design...


For a ground view of the message design click here

A number of discoveries within the message already indicate that it came from an off-Earth intelligence. More knowledge will come forward as additional information is deciphered. For now I will mention two of them because they are quite compelling. 

First take a look at a side-by-side comparison of the two different messages below. As one can see, there are a number of similarities between the two messages. It is the differences that are noteworthy, as if the ETs are saying "we're different in these areas."    



  August 19, 2001            
Returned Message              Received At Chilbolton
November 16, 1974Arecibo Message
Broadcast From Earth

The first notable difference is that the DNA strand shape just above the human figure in the 1974 message versus the DNA strand above the humanoid figure made in 2001 is not the same. Specifically, the respective DNA strands on the right hand side of both pictures are quite different. In the August 19 message, the DNA strand has 6 circles (6 nucleotide base pairs) per turn of the DNA while the 1974 message has 10 per turn, which is what we have in the DNA found on planet Earth. 

Very few world-class molecular biologists know of such a 6-base/turn genetic material and yet this message appears to be saying to us that their off-Earth DNA is based upon that type of molecule. The point is, no hoaxer would use a 6-base/turn code to describe a DNA-like molecule because it is extremely rare here on Earth and its existence is only known by a handful of molecular scientists. However, in another planetary system, it could be quite normal. 

The second noticeable difference can be found at the bottom of both pictures (above). In the right hand picture, there is an umbrella-shaped object over a capital "M." This is a graphic representation of the radio telescope device that sent out the 1974 message. In the corresponding part of the returned message of 2001, the ETs seem to be saying that their communication device is different (see lower part of the left image above) and this is what it looks like. Here is where things get interesting. The pictogram made in this very same wheat field a year earlier is a blown-up version of their communication device and is a replica of that seen in the lower part of their returned message to us! Hoaxers aren't this clever or imaginative.

There are many other interesting comparisons between the two messages. The best web site I've seen that explains them well can be found here.

A number of insights can be drawn from these recent crop developments that are worth noting. They are...

Techniques: 3 different techniques have now been used to make the crop circles. First there is the traditional swirled crop design, the second is the retarded growth method and the third is the pixel technique.

Timing: The August 13/14 2000 crop circle at Chilbolton was made exactly one year before the Face and in the same wheat field.

Chilbolton: With security cameras guarding the Observatory complex, some of which are apparently pointed into the adjacent wheat field, no one has stepped forward and said, "Here are videotapes of the hoaxers making these crop designs."

DNA: As a trained scientist (my Ph.D. degree is in Biochemistry) I find it hard to believe that hoaxers would know about a 6 nucleotide base/turn DNA strand to describe genetic material. Only a few molecular biologists know of such things.

The Face: Making a pixel-by-pixel design in a field of plants would be an extremely difficult thing for hoaxers to accomplish. It could only be done with aerial help such as a night-flying helicopter with a two-way communication system. I doubt this was done in front of a government complex.

Dish symbols: The difference in the Arecibo Radio Astronomy device and the one sent back in the August 19 message is quite convincing, especially since one year earlier that very same ET communication device was created as a crop design in the same Chilbolton wheat field. The linkage is striking.

Orientation: The orientation of the August 19 message in the wheat fields points directly at the dish antenna located at the Chilbolton Observatory as if to say, "we're pointing this message directly at you. Why don't you acknowledge us?"  

Hoaxers: No hoaxers have come forth and claimed they made these crop formations.

These have been a very interesting past 10 years in the history of crop circles. Anyone who has studied them will tell you that, during this time, they have become larger and far more complex. It's as though they are paralleling the changes taking place here on planet Earth. 

The year 2001 has been a real departure in that the messages have gotten bolder and less difficult to translate. There is no question in my mind that they were coming from a benevolent, off-Earth intelligence that is trying to expand our consciousness without tampering with our free will. 

I suspect that during the year 2002 and beyond these messages will be more compelling as more of us reach out to these beings with love in our hearts. Soon the scales will tip in favor of us who "know." The days of the debunker are numbered. Aquarius will tolerate nothing less than the truth.

I want thank Doug Rogers, for his insights and comments in the preparation of this communication.

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