Twin Souls, Soul Mates
and Our Cosmic Journey

"I often wonder how many of us, who yearn for soul mate or twin soul relationships, know something about our own souls. After all, how can we have these kinds of sacred partnerships without an understanding of our soul and what it is up to during its profound, cosmic journey?"

~ Author of this article


For as long as we have had recorded history, there has been a very powerful attraction of the masculine and feminine energies for one another. Does it exist by accident? Is it nothing more than a by-product of Mother Nature that guarantees more humans? Or could there be a deeper purpose and sacred meaning to it all? 

Why do we seek feelings of oneness with another that can be so profound at times we want it to last for all of eternity? How do we account for a knowingness deep within our being that often reminds us we are incomplete; that there exists a someone, somewhere who will make us feel whole again? 

Quite frankly, I can't think of any other human experience that rivals the passion and intensity of falling in love. That is why we seem to be so preoccupied with it. Eventually we reach a point along the spiritual journey when we discover that it has everything to do with our souls.

Ancient, mystical wisdom tells us that each individual soul is a fragment or part of our Source. These same teachings go on to say that our Creator has a dual nature or essence, which is an equal blend of the male-female principle. 

The dynamic interplay between the male-female, yin-yang energy is responsible for the incredible, creative forces that originate within the divine mind. Since everything that exists comes from God, the male-female essence is found in all things. This also includes your soul, which contains an equal blend of the masculine and feminine a magnet with a positive and negative polarity, but is whole within itself. Because of it you are neither female nor male at the soul level. You are both.

Before God created the physical universe and our souls, all was perfect harmony, bliss and oneness. Then a series of intentional divisions took place. As part of the divine plan, the original Single Soul began to fragment into over-souls, which divided into group souls, then family souls and, eventually, into individual souls. 

At some point in our distant past, a final, painful division took place. It appears that a part of each individual soul separated into its feminine and masculine halves when we lost our way and decided to remain in a 3-dimensional, physical body here on planet Earth. It all happened during the Fall of humanity when we over identified with the pleasures of the material world, developed egos and lost sight of our God-centeredness. 

Since the Fall, male and female, twin soul halves have been wandering the Earth, lifetime after lifetime, in search of one another. Today, those who have reached a certain level of spiritual understanding and divine awareness, are now ready to reverse this process and begin the journey Home. The first meaningful step of the journey is remembering our divine connection and living it. The second is twin soul reunion with our other half.

Every one of us will eventually experience spiritual awakening because our souls crave completion with our other half, our soul families and, ultimately, our Source. This yearning is irreversible and, sooner or later, all will respond to its calling. A long-term romantic union with another and the profound challenge and opportunity for unconditional love that it represents, is a gift from God that allows the soul to remember its divine connection and its craving for oneness with All. That is its sacred purpose and the reason it exists. That is why we fall in love.

About 2500 years ago Plato had this to say about soul partners…

"And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight even for a moment."

Over the ages other worthy sources besides Plato have also shed light on the extraordinary experience of love and intimacy that transcends all others when parts of the same soul reunite with one another. The Sufis, Edgar Cayce, Eileen Caddy, St. Germain, Kryon, Shirley MacLaine, Jess Stearn and others also refer to an indescribable, timeless connection that can exist between two individuals because of its potential to go way beyond the traditional concepts of everyday romance. These kinds of soul partners have been called twin souls, twin flames, twin rays and other mystical names.

There is another term that has also been used to describe a profound relationship between two individuals…soul mates. There is a significant difference between twin souls and soul mates and the use of both terms interchangeably has caused some confusion. 

Within the same soul, there is a male and a female essence or polarity. Each vibrates with the same frequency…like two identical tones of the same musical instrument, with one tone being masculine and its mirror tone being feminine. Each is an exact compliment of the other and, for thousands of years, both have incarnated in separate bodies. These two twin aspects of the same soul are totally unique to one another. Said another way, there is only one other half in the entire universe with your same soul vibration. Not surprisingly, you are incredibly sensitive to the energy of your other half and, when soul recognition occurs, the reaction can be very powerful and intense.

Interestingly, during any given lifetime, twin souls can be lovers, siblings, best friends, and so on, depending on what they chose for themselves prior to incarnating. 

To make things even more interesting, the soul is multi-dimensional. As such, many twin pairs or male-female compliments exist within the same soul, each vibrating with their own unique frequency. 

The portion of your soul that is "you" is currently having a 3-dimensional experience here on planet Earth. Chances are, your twin is doing the same. Each of the encounters you have had with one another during your many previous lifetimes stoke the twin flames and keep their memory and desire for continuing reunion alive.  

Soul mates are individuals who have developed special bonds between one another because of many lifetimes spent together. Generally, they come from closely related members of the same soul family. However, soul mates are two different souls. They are not two aspects of the same soul. 

Prior to incarnating we choose the soul mates who will be a part of our next life plan. They are often our lovers, family members, best friends, individuals that will help us learn and grow and others who play a meaningful role in our lives. Most romantic, long-term couplings are of the soul mate variety as they help each partner prepare for an eventual twin soul reunion.

Planet Earth is now going through a very profound shift in vibration and consciousness. We are gradually leaving the Age of Pisces and slowly entering the New Age of Aquarius that will last some 2160 years. We currently find ourselves in an unsettled, twilight zone between these two cosmic influences and all the emotional conflicts that go with it. These conflicts are causing the profound changes we are experiencing as the old way of doing things is dying and a new way of being is dawning. 

The influence of Aquarius will have a great impact on the quality of relationships we have now and in the future. Aquarius will be a time of peace, sharing, harmony, truth, unconditional love and spirituality. In its wake, a lot of personal sorting out, cleansing and healing will take place. Ego and fear-based thinking will not do well as the Aquarian energy begins to affect our choices and way of life. That is why all fear-based, ego-driven institutions and the like are crumbling before our very eyes. That is why many traditional relationships are ending. That is why the divorce rate is so high.

There is an event taking place on planet Earth today that is without precedent in human history. Millions of people are beginning to awaken to their true spiritual nature and divine, cosmic heritage. In the process, each of us is becoming far more aware of our soul and the incredible journey it is on. 

This revolution is setting the stage for the reunion of twin souls as spiritual partners, who will naturally attract one another as each grows in spiritual awareness. However, two twins will not be able to reunite and have a fulfilling relationship until each has developed a strong sense of themselves and both have reached a certain degree of Self-understanding and spiritual maturity. That wisdom will help to free them from the needs, controls, insecurities, expectations, and ownership demands that are typically part of traditional, ego-based, relationships and marriage couplings.

A twin soul union, complete with soul-to-soul contact, intimacy and the desire to heal past karma with one another, does not guarantee lasting partnership, because ego is always trying to make its presence felt. The two God mates will still have to work at their relationship, which will endure so long as each helps the other grow spiritually. Eventually it will be the twin partnership and all the children that derive from such a sacred union that will build the foundation upon which the Aquarian Age will flourish and grow.

Soul mate partnerships are just as important as the twin kind, and quite frankly, can be more compelling, rewarding and spiritually nourishing if two twins find they are not ready for one another. These alternate unions provide an opportunity for balancing and healing past karma, while helping each partner grow spiritually as well. And by growing spiritually, the individual sets the stage for eventual twin reunion, this lifetime or next.

What we really need to do is bless all relationships that have come into our lives because each is sacred in its own way. After all we did plan them with a sense of higher purpose prior to incarnating. God gave us these opportunities to help us remember who we really are…Beings of Light who have temporarily lost the way during our cosmic adventure. In the process, we eventually become unconditional love, which is our divine heritage and the ultimate destiny of our souls.

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