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During a recent trip, I visited a spiritual/New Age bookstore and came across a small newspaper called "Positive News" from around the world. It originates in the United Kingdom. 

Their publication focuses on all the efforts and good things happening around the world that are helping to transform our planet. It is very refreshing to see how so many different groups of people from various cultures are genuinely trying to heal our beloved Mother and those of us who live on her. As you know, she is suffering quite a bit these days.

Below are some excerpts from their wonderful publication that will give you a sense of what what is happening in our world from a positive point of view as well as web sites you may want to visit...


"Go Green, Be Heard"

"Launched in Kenya in February 1999, the UNEP Youth Advisory Council is a group of 12 enthusiastic young people, who have committed themselves to give their generation a VOICE. They are working right now on a youth strategy for sustainable consumption..."


"Global Action to Prevent War"

"A practical plan for moving towards a world in which armed conflict is rare. Key government officials in several countries have expressed serious interest in and support for the plan which increases early action, such as meditation, to prevent the escalation of disputes into armed violence..."


"Big Feat"

"Big feat, little feet, young feet, old feet... Marching in step to chants of "Stop! Stop Child Labor!" and "We want education! No more child exploitation!" Hundreds of demonstrators from around the world converged in Geneva this June..."


"Green Group Grows"

"Jean Lambert, the England and Whales Green Party's Principle speaker and Dr. Caroline Lucas, a former Green Councilor from Oxford are the first two British Greens ever to be elected to the European parliament... They will be joining the new 47-strong Green Group which is the fourth largest coalition in the European parliament..."


"A Message to the G8 Leaders"...

"Do not underestimate the power of global resistance..."

- Up to 100 people a day from all walks of life, are
   arrested in resistance to the building of a nuclear mine
   on world heritage and indigenous Australian land

- Colombian U'wa Indians threaten mass suicide if oil
   companies do not get off their land

- Opposition to genetic engineering spreads across
   every continent; in England campaigners uproot
   thousands of genetically modified plants; in India
   peasant farmers launch their campaign "Cremate
   Monsanto" by burning
   fields of GMOs

- Thousands of Indians pledge to drown in their homes in
   resistance to hydro-electric dam projects that will
   destroy hundreds of villages along the banks of the
   Narmada river

- Environmental activists celebrate a year-long tree sit
   to protect forests in Oregon, USA, while in the UK
   activists spend 17 days in a tunnel to stop the
   destruction of a local park

- American Indians, Earth First! Activists, radical
   unionists and Wobblies join local people in opposition
   to a US highway development

- Indigenous women and children in the Ecuadorian
   jungle seize a bulldozer belonging to an oil company
   and hold its operators hostage, demanding a halt to
   construction of an oil pipeline that has contaminated
   their water supplies


"Bank Warns of GM (Genetically Modified) Industry Collapse"

"The influential Deutsche Bank is advising investors to steer clear of companies associated with GM crops, saying there has been a major change in the market's attitude to the industry. The report concludes that GMOs are dead because of the consumer concerns about their impact on human health and the environment."


"Military Men Keep Flame of Peace Alight"

"For the first time in history, live flames from Africa, America, Australia and Europe were united into a single World Peace Flame.

In an unprecedented display of goodwill, military Air Forces flew flames of peace more than 30,000 miles to the UK for the creation of a World Peace Flame which will be carried to people in every part of the world as a source of hope in the new millennium."


"Spirituality and Politics Meet in Italy"

"A citizen of the Federation of Damanhur has been elected mayor of Vidracco in Italy - the first time in Europe and probably the world that a representative of an intentional community has been elected to the most important post in a local election.

Bisonete Quercia decided to run for election on Damanhur's philosophy of creating a good balance between spirituality and the material world."


"A Wake Up Call"

"The 1999 International Conference on Business and Consciousness...

On a global level, from corporate offices to home-based business endeavors, there is evidence that people want to see business wake up in the way people people have been waking up in their personal lives..."


There are about 23 pages in this great newspaper filled with information like this and, most importantly, ideas on how you can help and make a difference.

Below are some of the web sites that were found in this wonderful publication...


Good News Network

Global Eco-Network

1999 Conference On Business And Consciousness 

Green Business Angels

Global March

Ban Nuclear Weapons

Global Action To Prevent War


Please do all you can to bring peace and love to this planet. Many others are trying to do so in their own way. Together, as a global family of compassionate souls, we can make a difference.

Thank you.


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