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Planning Your Next Life


While I was growing up, my religion taught me to fear God, and I would go to heaven if I were good and to hell if I were bad. For many years I was guilt-stricken by this dogma and wondered how the Source of my existence could be this way.

I no longer believe in these man-made fairy tales. I now live my life according to karma, reincarnation and a God who loves me unconditionally. It's the only thing that feels right and makes sense to me at the soul level.

Karma and reincarnation has been an ancient belief long before Christianity came into existence. It is based upon the wisdom of the ancient ones.  I have researched it thoroughly and there is a lot of credible evidence available to support the concept the we, indeed, have past lives. 

A lot of that evidence comes from Dr. Ian Livingston, a psychiatrist. Dr. Livingston is former Head of Psychiatry, Virginia Medical School. He has researched thousands of cases of reincarnation, the most compelling of which are those of children who spontaneously talk about their past lives. He then painstakingly investigates and verifies their accuracy. He has written 5 books describing his findings. The American Medical Association favorably received his work and admitted it would be hard to deny that reincarnation did not exist.

Karma and reincarnation are based upon the belief that we are caught up in the Earth plane and have been stuck here since the Fall of mankind ages ago. Since that time, we have been going around on the Wheel of Life in a continuous life-death cycle. We have to work our way out of this situation on our own and in a way that offers us the opportunity to take responsibility for all that we do through our free will choices. Everything we have ever done here on Earth during past lives will have to be healed with love and forgiveness. Then we are free to leave and move on to our next cosmic adventure in higher realms of conscious experience.   

For those who believe in reincarnation, we tend to focus on what went on during our past lives. Let's shift the perspective a bit and ask a very thought provoking question. Given what you know today, how would you plan your next life?

This is not something to be done while watching television or having a quick cup of coffee. This is serious stuff. A quiet walk in the woods, a rock to sit on by a quiet stream is really the place to be, because this question requires some very deep and deliberate thought. 

If one lives by the simple law that all must be healed in love and forgiveness, this exercise can be a bit overwhelming. Don't be overtaken by it. You have many lives to make it all right. The most important starting point is that you sincerely want to do just that.

You may want to think about the following...

- Who did I stay angry with for a long time?

- What lies did I tell that really hurt someone?

- Who did I abuse physically or mentally?

- Whom have I not yet forgiven?

- Who did I steal from?

- Who did I not care for because of selfishness?

- Have I been too self-centered at the expense of others?

- Who did I deceive?

- How has my anger hurt others?

- Was I jealous and controlling?

- Was I inconsiderate to others?

- To whom have I been loving?

- To whom have I brought joy and happiness?

- How did my unselfishness help others?

- How has my honesty helped others?

- Who did I please with random acts of kindness?

- Who did I forgive with sincerity and compassion?

- How did my cheerfulness help others?

- Who has felt my unconditional love?

Think about some of the people in your life with whom you have had  long-term relationships. All of them are your soul mates. Are you at peace with those relationships? Are they based upon unconditional love? Is there unfinished business that needs to be healed with love and compassion? Have you been living the Truth? Whom have you seriously hurt in this life? Was it intentional?

There are many questions and many relationships to take into consideration. When you pass on to Earth heaven, you'll have the opportunity to not only relive your experiences, but also feel what you have done to others as well. Then you will take the time to plan your next life with some of these individuals to heal all with love and to be in the presence of others whose energy you will truly enjoy.

This cycle will continue until all is balanced with unconditional love and forgiveness. Not because we are forced to do so by an angry God. Rather, it will happen because of free will choices we will make on our own. God will support us at any time. All we need to do is ask.

Here's more...

I've read that the path towards mastery and freedom from the reincarnational cycle of planet Earth will not be an easy one. Over future lifetimes we will have to choose life plans that are more challenging, simpler and based upon, humility and service for others. Assuming that is correct...

Would you choose a life as a humble shoemaker in a run-down neighborhood and be a Light for God over the better part of a lifetime?

Could you spend a life as a homeless person, in order to bring out love and compassion in others?

Could you come back as a crippled person to help someone else with their karma?

Could you incarnate as a member of Mother Teresa's society to serve the sickest of the sick and the poorest of the poor?

Could you devote your life to caring for a sick person so as to heal a past karmic debt?

Could you return as a poor villager in a distant land to learn simplicity and have joy in your heart at the same time?

These are not easy questions. There are many more one can ask. The path to karmic freedom will require a great deal of unselfishness, unconditional love, compassion, humility, patience, discipline and forgiveness. That's how we will become masters.

How would I plan my next life? This has become a far more interesting thought than remembering the past ones I've had. 

One thing is for sure. Now that I understand the way Universal Law of "what I put comes back to me" works, I do my best to accumulate all the positive, love-based karma I can. And I avoid those actions that are negative and fear-based. Not because I fear retribution. Rather, it is because love is the highest choice one can make.    



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