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I recently put together a list of things to help me determine if I might be a Starseed. I've included this list to help the reader with his/her own search...

Am I A Starseed?

Written... 1999

Over the past 7 years I've gone through a massive spiritual awakening.

Throughout those 7 years I've been challenged by a severe dark night of the soul experience.

As part of the awakening process, my spiritual curiosity became more and more intense.

The more spiritual I became the more I wanted to serve humanity in some meaningful way.

I have a very strong need to raise the spiritual awareness of humanity.

I've become very focused on the upcoming planetary shift in consciousness.

I have experienced severe bouts of depression and exhaustion over the past 3-4 years.

During that same time, I developed an interest in UFO's and how they fit into the big picture.

Seven years ago a laser beam of white light shined into my eyes from across the room while sleeping late at night. I awoke for several minutes and then fell peacefully to sleep.

4 years ago I developed spontaneous nosebleeds, which continue to occur only in my right nostril.

A year ago I witnessed and photographed two UFO incidents 30 days apart.

The object photographed during both UFO incidents is similar in shape and behaved similarly.

I have a desire to make contact with Beings of Light of the starships.

Over the past year I've had a number of dreams of UFO sightings.

Over the past 4 months I've had 2 dream-type events…

   - During the first event I was in a semi-sleep
      state in the middle of the night. I was aware
      of an energy presence or force in my room
      that immobilized me. I resisted the effect of
      the "force" and it went away. It felt like
      something wanted me.

   - During the second event, I dreamt there were
      two lights close together in the sky. They
      seemed to be pulsating a bit. Then all of a
      sudden I felt that same energy again… and I
      was unable to move. Again I resisted and the
      feeling went away.

For several days after the dream, I actually had a feeling of relief/gladness that "something" was
finally happening. (the presence of a craft can
have an immobilizing effect)

During August of 1998, my daughter and I saw a
glittering object in the daytime sky while driving
to Boston. It behaved like the object I
photographed  that same year. Then it "blinked

I've recently published my UFO experience in the
MUFON journal.

I related very strongly to the book "E. T. 101."

I've disengaged from my old identity and find
myself detached from the human way of life.

I continue to have a very strong desire to serve

On July17, 1999, while in Miami on business, I
was standing by the water next to my hotel.
Towards dusk I saw an oval-shaped, white,
stationary object in the sky. It hovered in place
for about 45 seconds and then was lost behind
moving clouds. 


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