Cosmic Partnership


"Marriage was originally designed to assist physical survival. With the growth of spiritual consciousness in the world, that model is being replaced by another; a sacred commitment between partners to assist each other's spiritual growth"

Twin Souls
Patricia Joudry & Maurie Pressman


More than any time in the history of mankind, men and women of all ages are desperately searching for answers about romantic relationships. 

Why is this happening? Because today many of them are failing at an alarming rate. Many others that remain seem to be far less fulfilling than expected when love was new and passions seemed eternal. Needless to say, it is causing a great deal of anguish, confusion, frustration and unnecessary broken hearts. 

Something big is turning the traditional ideas of romance upside down and inside out. And it's not happening by accident. Just take a look at today's 50% divorce rate that has shattered the dreams of so many hopeful lovers and the children of their consummated love. 

It would seem the time has come to start asking some very serious questions about all of this. Things just can't go on this way. Thankfully answers are available to those who really want them, especially the children who have come from these broken partnerships.

The astrological age of Pisces is ending. A new age, Aquarius, is dawning and its influence will be felt for almost 2,160 years. We are now caught in the twilight zone between the two and that is causing all of the turmoil and upheaval we see in the world, including relationships. 

Like other astrological ages before it, Aquarius will bring change. Sweeping change. To those paying attention, it is already having a measurable effect on the way we think and act. Aquarius will be an age of Light, peace, harmony, the reunification of souls, profound inner growth and spiritual partnerships. These changes will not happen overnight, but they are clearly beginning. 

The changes in energy we are witnessing today are occurring because of the shift in global consciousness that is taking place. Slowly but surely humanity is beginning to awaken spiritually. In the process, it is plugging into belief systems that are motivated by universal truths and unconditional love rather than by dogmas, laws and personal behaviors that are rooted in ego, fear, survival and guilt.  

Aquarius will also ask us to take personal responsibility for our actions. As a result, the negative habits we've brought into our partnerships such as expectations, needs, control, insecurity, dependence, pretenses, selfishness, judgments, clinging and other ego-based behaviors simply won't work any more. That is why the divorce rate is at 50%. That is why the children from failed marriages hurt and they hunger for something that works. 

Thankfully there is something new for the children to consider. It is something that will help them fair a lot better than their parents did and they, in turn, can pass this wisdom on to their children. Over time it will change the entire nature of humanity.

For thousands of years couples have made countless promises in the heat of passion to remain together for a lifetime. Such vows are often impossible to honor. I've made such promises only to have them end for so many different reasons. Why? Because most individuals enter into relationships for the wrong reasons that eventually weaken rather than strengthen the union. 

The result of it all is that the old way of being in love is slowly coming to an end. At the same time a new and wonderful idea is emerging that will usher in an incredible age and way to partner with another that is based upon unconditional love and a true sense of the sacred in that blessed coupling. 

In short, it's time to put aside the traditional concepts of relationship and seriously consider the notion of a cosmic, spiritual partnership that will transcend those of the past. Not only is this new concept beginning to take hold and flourish, in the end it is going to prevail. And it's going to prevail because ego will have no place in such a union. 

Spiritual partnership is based upon equality, balance between the male and female energies, the freedom and the strength to be one's self while taking responsibility for one's actions, sacred sexuality, open and truthful communication without fear of ridicule, honoring and respecting the other's strengths and weaknesses, and the genuine recognition that your partner is truly your most intimate and all-embracing friend.  

These same unions will be founded upon the ideals of unconditional love, unselfishness and the realization that ego is at the root of all failed relationships. It will be true, soul-to-soul love.

The success of spiritual partnerships will not be dependent upon legal papers that bind two people together. Nor will they need to be sanctioned or blessed by religious or court appointed strangers at ceremonies, which have become so materialistic they defy logic. Rather, the couples in cosmic union will want to bond simply because of their desire to be together. But this will not be an irresponsible nor impulsive decision. It will be based upon concepts, feelings and soul-to-soul commitments that most of our ancestors have yet to think about or experience. They simply weren't ready for it before this moment in human history. But we are now.

How can we enter into spiritual partnership? In order to answer that question we need to start at the beginning. We need to understand our soul and what it's up to. 

Perhaps this can get you started...

Your soul is a miniaturized version (fragment) of God. As such, it has a built in craving. It wants to be reunited and ONE with its Source as it was in the beginning. 

Since you are your soul, it is important to know that it, and you, are a reflection of your Creator's nature. As a result, you contain both masculine and feminine energy, a dual polarity so to speak, that is similar to the two poles of the same magnet. 

Somewhere along the way, the female-male polarity of your soul split into two halves when your spirit entered the material world in which you now find ourselves. If you were male at that moment of painful separation, you still retain a seed of your female half. The opposite holds true if you were female. Through all of your previous lives you have been developing our basic gender while at the same time you have also nourished the growth of our opposite sexuality.  

In your current state, mostly female or mostly male, like one half of a magnet that has been cut in two, you yearn for completion. There is a built-in hunger to be whole again with your other half. This yearning for wholeness, for oneness, is also a reflection of the soul's hunger for completion with All That Is. It's all part of the same yearning.  

The soul realizes that while it is in physical form on planet Earth it must realize its divine origins and return to wholeness with All That Is. This will happen in increments.  In order to accomplish this, God gave the soul the opportunity to find its way back home through the experience and feelings of oneness created from relationships. That is why you fall in love. 

Keep in mind that virtually all of our relationships, including the romantic kind will be with soul mates. These unions are necessary to help us evolve and grow spiritually so that we can achieve and experience ultimate and lasting twin reunion. 

It's a soul experience we're talking about here. And unless we realize the purpose of this plan we'll struggle through relationships that are entered into for many of the wrong reasons. In essence, we fall in love because we are seeking God. That's the perfection behind this grand and wondrous plan and it is God's gift to us. When we realize this, cosmic partnering becomes a sacred experience. And we'll never want to be in love the "old way" again.

What are spiritual partnerships based upon? Here are five principles to think about...

Unconditional Love: God is the purest form of unconditional love there is. Unconditional love means it is given without any conditions attached and that we will be loved no matter what we do. It will take you time to be and experience this kind of love. It will not happen in a single lifetime. Our ability to do so will come in stages.

While in body on planet Earth, relationships of all kinds are available to help us become unconditional love. Nowhere is this more apparent than in romantic couplings. If we truly try to have this sacred kind of love for our partner, ego will have little chance of upsetting the inner peace and strength of that relationship. This will take a lot of effort and it will not happen over night. But we have to begin somewhere. 

Unconditional love also means you love the other regardless of what they might do. However, it does not mean that you have to accept abuse or negative thoughts and actions from a partner that are not serving your higher purpose or spiritual growth. There is a line and balance that must be drawn, but there must always be unconditional love involved in the choices you make to resolve these imbalances. 

A spiritual foundation: In spiritual romance, there must be a triad formed between the two partners and God. This will provide a foundation for the union that will give it true sense of sacredness. 

Sacredness implies honor, respect and unselfish love of the other. Within this kind of union, ego-based beliefs, thoughts and actions become less and less dominant. Sacredness in sexuality will also result in a far more rewarding partnership than one that is based upon traditional, religious beliefs that can be full of guilt and negative dogma.

However, in order to develop an appreciation of what this sacredness is all about, one must also begin the inner journey. As you awaken spiritually your chances for spiritual partnership increases dramatically and the rewards of such a union will overshadow those that are found in any ego-based relationship. 

The freedom to be you: In any relationship, one must have the privilege and the right to simply be themselves, imperfections and all. That has to be honored. Both partners must recognize that each is still on the path of spiritual growth and that it is a continual process of self-perfection that evolves over many lifetimes. Being human is not easy and all who enter the material world should be honored and respected for it.

This is where unconditional love, tolerance and patience come in. In the beginning of any romantic relationship, passions are high and we are overwhelmed by the incredible energy of our newfound love. We do not see the other's weaknesses and our partners are just fine as they are. During that time, ego has little influence. We love the world! At that stage, we are experiencing and being unconditional love. Our partner can do no wrong.

Then, when the original glow of love has subsided, our egos begin to creep back into the relationship. And we begin to make judgments about our partners. When the other is just being themselves and a weakness comes through, our egos try to find fault with the same flaws we smiled at and thought were cute when love was new. This can worsen over time as the balance between ego and unconditional gets out of hand. All of a sudden your partner becomes afraid to be who they are and that's when disharmony starts.

The challenge is to keep the balance in favor of unconditional love rather than letting the ego dominate the partnership. Always remember, with more unconditional love and less judgment, there is greater freedom to be one's self. 

Letting go of the ego: At this point it should be apparent that our egos can take control of our lives and our relationships. This fear/guilt-based activity has been part of relationships for ages. Yes, people got married and divorced thousands of years ago and have been doing it ever since. 

Over many lifetimes honest mistakes have been made. But we are ready for something new today and Aquarius is opening our minds and hearts to that possibility. So, don't be harsh on yourself if ego has eaten its way into your union with another. The key is to minimize the influence of the ego go while trying to become more and more loving.

Here are more thoughts to consider...

 Cosmic partnership is not about giving your heart away, but sharing it with another.

Cosmic partnership is not about clinging to another, but having a strong sense of identity and being in balance with yourself and your beloved other.

Cosmic partnership is not about surrendering your freedom, but becoming freer and also more responsible.

Cosmic partnership is not about finding your happiness in another, but bringing your happiness to another.

Cosmic partnership is not about getting lost in another, but finding your Self first and then sharing that with the other.

Cosmic partnership is not about the material. Rather, it's about the soul and reaching new spiritual heights together.

Cosmic partnership is not about fears and uncertainties, but about trust, acceptance, unselfishness and unconditional love.

Cosmic partnership is not about staying stuck in the material world, but about growth in oneness of the two in union, as they evolve towards their Source.

Cosmic partnership is not about ego. There will be challenges and conflicts, but they will be resolved quickly, openly and in a spirit of unconditional love.

Please bring all that I have said about spiritual romance to your heart. If it feels right, then perhaps you'll want to give it a try. This is my humble gift to you. It comes from someone who has made all the mistakes. But now sees things in a different Light.




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