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Intimacy and Cosmic Partnership

What is soul-to-soul intimacy? Is such a thing possible in relationships? Does your soul even want to become intimate with the soul of another? If someone asked me these questions years ago, I would have struggled a great deal to find an intelligent answer for any of them. 

In order to answer to these kinds of questions, one has to begin understanding what unconditional love is all about, and how that relates to your soul's cosmic journey. 

How important is intimacy when it comes to relationships? It's not just important, it's crucial, especially as the Age of Aquarius begins to influence our everyday lives, the choices we make, and the partnerships we enter into during this lifetime. 

Aquarius inspires self-discovery, harmony, peace, forgiveness, openness, honesty, the freedom to be ourselves, friendship, and most importantly, true love. We will not be able to participate in meaningful partnerships very well during the New Age, this lifetime or next, unless we learn to relate to one another on a soul-to-soul basis.

In order to appreciate the profoundness of soul-to-soul contact, one needs to have an idea of what the soul is about. The origin of your soul can be traced back to the moment God decided to create us for a very specific purpose, all of which was based upon unconditional love. 

Before our physical universe ever existed we were in the Absolute with God, where there was nothing but ultimate bliss and happiness. However, two things were missing: experience and feeling. Ancient wisdom and more recent teachings tell us that in the Absolute we (and God) could only know things. For example, we knew what love was about, but we couldn't feel or experience it.

In the Absolute, there were no opposites. There were no conflicts, contrasts, or comparisons. All was the purest peace, joy, and harmony imaginable. However, we (and God) wanted to have experiences, and the feelings they created for us. After all, that is where the fun is. 

God created the physical universe in which there are opposites for everything. For cold there is heat, for light there is darkness, for joy there is sorrow, for health there is sickness, for anger there is forgiveness, for love there is fear, for male there is female, and so on. Our souls then left the Absolute as extensions or fragments of God. 

Since that time, each of our souls is constantly trying to become more and more God-like. It can't accomplish that without feeling. And one of the most powerful ways to have feeling is through relationships, especially the romantic kind.

Within each and every romantic relationship is the opportunity to decide who we really are and who we really want to be. The choices we make determine the way we wish to be with another. We can evolve towards unconditional love in partnership, which is our true divine journey, or we can let our judgmental egos get in the way causing us to make lesser choices.

Unconditional love in our partnerships allows us to be free, and to be ourselves just the way we are. 

Real freedom also means that you can share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with your partner without fear of disapproval or retribution in any way. Can you imagine such a union with another where you can share your deepest feelings no matter how positive or how embarrassing they might be? 

The word, "embarrassing," is key here. In order for your soul to become more and more God-like, it will have to be, experience, and feel all things throughout its cosmic adventure. You cannot become unconditional love unless you do so. By that I mean you will be rich and poor, pretty and not so pretty, addicted and not addicted, smart and not so smart, good and not so good, and so on over the course of many lifetimes. And there is good reason for this.

How could we love a person who is a rapist unless we had done the same or similar thing? How could we embrace the alcoholic without judgment unless we have experienced some form of addiction? How could we have unconditional compassion and forgiveness for a murderer unless we also have taken another life? How can we have understanding for someone who might be sexually imbalanced unless we ourselves have gone through the same experience?

All of this relates to our ability to be intimate with another. 

We are born into each new life as a sum-total composite of all that we have been in previous lives. Thus, choices we've made and experiences we've had in the past will influence our current life. This applies to you and your partner. 

If your partner's soul is going to be and experience all things, and if your soul has been doing the same through many lifetimes, then what is the basis for hiding feelings between the two? After all, it is part of the divine plan for us. Once we realize this, compassionate understanding and soul-to-soul intimacy can turn any embarrassment into more love, understanding, and support for one another. 

This was a very powerful realization for me. Lord only knows I have my imperfections, but I've learned to love myself far more than ever before now that I see what my soul is up to. 

Can you imagine two partners who have truly begun to understand what their souls are trying to accomplish? Once they buy into the concept that we will be and experience all things, each will have more and more unconditional love for the other and will become best friends

Most importantly, they can share their deepest feelings, their deepest fears, and their deepest desires without the fear of being judged, laughed at, or embarrassed.  

The net result of all of this sharing is that there will be far less fear in the union. By sharing one's deepest feelings soul-to-soul, the couple will raise their relationship to a level of sacredness and fulfillment rarely seen in traditional partnerships. 

Soul-to-soul intimacy will usher in a new standard for Aquarian couples and the whole human family. At times it will take a lot of courage to go soul-to-soul with another. But that is where we are headed, this lifetime or next. And when you stop to think about it, that's a wonderful place to be.



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