Is Christ On Planet Earth Now?

The Masters of the Universe & Mr. Creme

Benjamin Creme has had his work cut out for the last 27 years. In fact, as the man chosen to tell the planet about the future of mankind, he hasn't stopped. Now 78-years-old, he still tours the world constantly and lectures on the emergence of a 'World Teacher', a man greater than the Messiah, a man they call Maitreya. The world according to Creme is a world of UFOs, Masters of Wisdom and a Divine Plan for the universe. And if that sounds hard to believe, wait for this. Prepare yourself, for the moment the world has been waiting for has come. Christ is back. But this time, it's just a little bit different...

On 3rd January 1959, Benjamin Creme's life was revolutionized. Which is probably quite understandable, considering he claims he was telepathically contacted by one of the senior Masters of Ageless Wisdom. In true James Bond style, his mission - if he chose to accept it - was to re-educate the planet on its future. Except this was no Hollywood movie. Creme says this really happened, as he's been telling people ever since.

He's made more than 300 broadcasts on TV and radio in the US alone, lectured across the world since 1974, published nine books translated into 11 languages, whilst editing the prophetic magazine Share International that spans 70 countries. All this when he was quite happy to carry on life as an abstract painter with his wife in London. His message is simple and clear:

Get ready, for the times they are a changin'

"In this coming time, even 100 years from now, you'll see a new world, much better in every respect," says Creme. "Sharing, justice and freedom will rule." His books, written through him telepathically, continue where Theosophists like H. P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey left off. They give a comprehensive account of the evolution of consciousness in man and nature, describing how the Universe came to exist, how it operates and man's place within it in great detail. Creme's job, as he puts it, is "just to make the story known."

When he talks, it often sounds like the next script for Star Wars. For any unexplained event, from weeping statues to crop circles, Creme has an explanation, and it all comes back to Maitreya. His books prophesy the dawning of a new spiritual age under the guidance of Masters of Wisdom, advanced beings who exist in a Spiritual Hierarchy in the higher realms of the universe.

These Masters, Creme tells us, are men who have gone ahead of us in evolution and perfected themselves. They now plan to return to the earth with one Great man, Maitreya, who will show humanity the steps it should take to regenerate itself. And this man, the Lord of Love and Christ himself, has apparently been living amongst us since 1982, waiting for the public to be ready for him. Appealing as it sounds, Creme's proclamation is bound to cause some skepticism.

The Day of Declaration

His blueprint is far from vague. The Day of Declaration is nearly upon us, he says, as a major US television network has already invited Maitreya to appear on a prestigious program. An international press conference will then lead to a momentous occasion when he will appear on the television networks of the world linked by satellite.

On that day Maitreya will mentally 'overshadow' the whole of humanity simultaneously, meaning everyone will hear him speak to them inwardly in their own language. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of miracles will take place throughout the world, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the one man all religions have been waiting for. All the world has to do is invite him to come forward and be ready. At the very least, it makes for an interesting story.

Creme's own story of what happened in his London home 42 years ago is just as extraordinary. Already an adept esotericist, Creme was told by an associate that the Masters were sending him communications, but they were just 'bouncing off' because he wasn't open. He says: "I was aware of the Masters and knew about their work and believed about their existence, but wasn't expecting any kind of communication from them.

"It was the last thing on my mind. Then within just a few weeks the first message got through. Late one night, about 11.30, it was as if a beam of light was directed to my mind and my attention shot up several notches.

"All my own thoughts disappeared, and then came these words as clear as a voice on the telephone, 'Go to Blackfriars Bridge on January 18th at 9.30pm.'"

The Universe calls to Mr. Creme

Three weeks later Creme went there and was greeted by a waiting car of men, one being the associate who first approached him. This was the start of a flow of messages that came, he says, "in gathering momentum." The telepathic voice of the Master soon told Creme to get a tape recorder, then he began a series of long dictations which Creme recited into his machine.

He says: "At first there was some hesitation, but after about three months I got better and better until I perfected it. Then in March 1959, the Master suddenly said: 'Switch off the machine and sit down. Now our Master has something important to tell you. This is the Master of all the Masters, and he holds the office of World Teacher in the hierarchy of Masters.'"

He explained to Creme that this great Master, Maitreya, is the historical Christ, not Jesus but the one who worked through him and all the other great teachers like the Buddha. Creme then knelt down and had what he called "the most extraordinary experience of my life to date."

He says: "There was a tremendous energy that poured down from the top of my head. My heart melted and I was filled with the love of all the world. At the same time tears rolled down my cheeks, not from sadness or sorrow but from the feeling of my heart melting.

"Then I was given a visitation. I was sitting inside a sphere of white light and if I turned my attention to the right I could see events of the past from history, but they were all taking place now. If I turned my attention to the left I saw the events of the future that were also taking place now." Creme says he was told time doesn't exist in the higher realms as we experience it, as the past, present and future all take place simultaneously.

A visitation from the World Teacher

He continued: "I then saw Maitreya with multitudes of people crying for joy around him shouting 'Hallelujah'. While I was watching all this the voice of Maitreya came and says: "I myself am coming, sooner than anyone thinks possible. It will be in about 20 years. You will have a role to play in my coming if you accept it.'" Being filled with the love of all the world, Creme found it impossible to say anything other than "I'll do it."

But it didn't end there. Creme was told to put his tapes away, which he did for 17 years, until in 1972 his Master resumed what he called "the most intensive period of de-glamorisation, disillusioning, training and preparation." For months he worked for 20 hours a day with his Master, strengthening the telepathic link until it required the minimum of his Master's attention and energy. By 1974 Creme eventually, and reluctantly, began lecturing, soon to travel the world by invitation in the name of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom.

He teaches that a fundamental shift will take place in the coming years, making it clear that the soul exists, that reincarnation is a fact of life and that everyone is here for a certain purpose: the evolution of the planet. Most people think the world develops in a haphazard fashion, Creme says, but in fact the Masters - who are, literally, the Masters of the Universe - have a divine plan to make the Earth into a sacred planet. It is currently only mid-way in its evolutionary path.

The evolution of the planet

Since the millennium the world has moved into a new period, what esotericists have called the Age of Aquarius, which is set to become a time of peace and brotherhood. If we reincarnate even 100 years down the line, Creme says, then the world will be a drastically different and far better place. As this happens, the Masters plan to return to the everyday world, where they will peacefully co-exist amongst men.

Living in a culture defined by its skepticism, many people will take Benjamin Creme with a pinch of a salt and a large dose of irony. But at 78-years-old, his enthusiasm, energy and spirit is an example in itself. At one point during the conversation, asking if there is anyone else in the world in telepathic contact with a Master, Creme paused to ask his own Master the answer. Without a trace of pretence, Creme says there were originally five others given the opportunity to do the work in the worlds five cities of spiritual energy: New York, London, Genoa, Darjeeling and Tokyo. He couldn't say if they accepted the offer.

The endearing thing about Mr. Crème

The endearing thing about Creme is that, after so many years of lectures and talks, he doesn't seem to mind what anyone thinks. At most he will compare himself to Galileo, the man declared a heretic for understanding the solar system whose theory is now taken for granted. If he tells the truth, as hundreds of thousands of people across the world already believe he does, the mild-mannered and self-effacing Creme will soon be compared to the likes of John the Baptist in the world's history books.

"There's a deep fear of something new," Creme says, "So in my lectures I say 'just listen and be as open-minded as you can'. People are extraordinarily lacking in open mindedness, and they're very afraid of what they don't know. They would rather have a lack of knowledge than a knowledge that is so far out. But then people write to me all the time and say they're lives have been changed by what I've said."

Having a Master of the Universe in your head is, as Creme puts it, like "having your best mate sitting on your shoulder." He isn't releasing his Master's name yet, but on anything else he is candid and open. "It's taken over my life in a very strange way," he says. "I'm perfectly normal and down to earth, it's not a mystical thing to me. It's just like someone talking to their boss in his office over the phone." Except that his boss apparently lives high up in the nether regions of the Himalayas.

The Master's sense of humour

Far from being a disciplinarian, Creme says his Master has a tremendous sense of humour. Recounting an experience when he was writing his first book in the 70s, he says he was smoking cigarillos as he took the dissertation. His Master constantly told him to stop smoking his "filthy weeds", as he called them, but Creme was determined not to, retaining his right to exercise free will. He always put his cigarillo tin in the same place, but on this day it suddenly vanished.

Looking for it everywhere, he asked his Master if he had moved it. 'Who me? No, don't you think Master got better things to do,' was the constant reply. Soon realising that it had to be his Master, Creme said: 'Ok I'll just buy some more on my way out,' and then, instantly, the cigarillo tin manifested just where he had left it. It was just one of many anecdotes amassed from Creme's intriguing past, if, of course, you can believe it.

The Master uses Creme as 'a window into the world' through which he can heal, talk and inspire Creme to say what's needed. The incongruity of this free-spirited, amiable man communicating constantly with a prodigious world Mastermind is comical to think about. Creme says that he often has to apologise for his language, as his Master is always impeccably polite, approaching him with words like 'would Creme be good enough to do such and such'. He says: "If I don't approach him he doesn't approach me now, but I have never wished he would leave me alone or give me a break."

A climate of hope

It is an incredible account, but for Creme the point of his story is not to glorify himself, but simply to inform about Maitreya. He doesn't receive any kind of financial reward for his work; his books are sold as cheaply as possible, while his lectures and meditation workshops are always free. "This reappearance is an imminent thing, Maitreya is in the world now," declares Creme with tireless enthusiasm. You have to ask how someone, if deluded or mad, could spend so many years lecturing on a subject if they made it up, especially when you consider the backing and support Share International has built. Creme urges the skeptic to just read his books and contemplate the wisdom and insight of the material, which he says is obviously not his but channeled from a far greater source.

His aim is simple; to create a 'climate of hope' for the World Teacher to make himself known, a man who doesn't sleep, doesn't eat, can take on different forms, be in several places at once and disappear at will. A man who is already living among the Asian community in East London. But that's another story, one that Creme will no doubt be telling at his next lecture.


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