Wisdom's Children




"Many have come to teach the holiness of God,
but still there is not peace in the world.
Many have come to teach the holiness of man,
and still there is not peace in the world.
When many come to teach the holiness of children,
then there will be peace in the world"

~ Rabbi Schlomo Carlebach


There is nothing more important today than the children. Humanity and our struggling planet have reached a serious crossroad. What the children are, the future becomes.

During 2007, a remarkable book was published called Wisdom's Children. I highly recommend that it be read by all who want positive change for the world, especially alternate thinkers, parents and teachers. The quote above, used by the author to set the theme for the book, could not be more relevant.

Wisdom's Children was dictated to the author over several years by Spirit, and also includes stories about the extraordinary children she encountered as a teacher and counselor. The wisdom contained in this book is the best I've seen regarding spiritual principles, and the highly sensitive children who are gracing our midst today.

Some have called these children Indigo, others refer to them as Star or Crystal Children. In Wisdom's Children, Spirit tells us that all of today's children are of this genre. And they have a mission: To help humanity return to love, and usher in a new era of peace and brotherhood.

Below is a quote, given by Spirit, from the book...

A generation of children is living without the spiritual awareness of who they are, compromised in their Divine self-expression. When will the adults around them set them free? For when you allow each child to find a balance between their emotional, physical, and spiritual knowledge, they will give each of you a living example of all that you can be.

Are you to just sit and watch them deny their holiness, and their beauty of spirit? Can no one accept that the young beings here among you carry within them a highly developed knowledge of spiritual truth? Indeed, it is time for society at large to educate themselves about today’s new children, and to look closely at the signs and wake up calls being delivered from distraught young children who are shouting loudly…

Help us return to love again for that is the path for humankind. Wake up! Materialism can no longer be the god before whom all genuflect. We are living proof that the love of God manifests daily through each one of us. If you teach us to live according to the lower instincts, we will reject what we are not! Unity, brotherhood, peace, beauty, and truth are the touchstones upon which we stand. Be ever mindful that the message we bring, however neglected, ignored, or denied by our parents, teachers, religious leaders, and government is never going to go away.

We are a new prototype of a human being, and our soul purpose is to bring about a revolution within the consciousness of man. To that end, we are dedicating this manuscript as a manual for understanding the universal laws, practices, and wisdom needed for parenting God’s holy messengers. Read with an open mind because within these pages are principles for an enlightened age.’

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