Earth Changes
2004 and Beyond


A massive snowcap formed on Africa's Mount
Kilimanjaro 11,000 years ago. Over the past
100 years, it has shrunk 80%. Over the
past 7 years, it is almost gone.


Some scientists believe the snow cap of Mount Kilimanjaro will be gone in two decades. Researchers say the ice fields on Africa's highest mountain shrank by 80 percent in the past century. The snow cap formed some 11,000 years ago. The Landsat satellite captured these images of Kilimanjaro February 17, 1993 and February 21, 2000. full story

Carbon dioxide levels today are nearly 30% more than they were prior to the industrial revolution. What is truly unprecedented about current carbon dioxide levels is the speed in which they have risen. In the millions of years of known geological history, the Earth has never experienced such a rapid rise. The signature of human influence is unequivocal. There is no doubt that we have caused this change to the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels.

The Earth Institute at Columbia University



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