"The Face"

First observed...
August 14, 2001

Right in the front yard of the
government-owned Chilbolton Observatory complex!

The second message, just above the face, was first noticed
6 days later.




"The Face"

On Tuesday, August 28, The Daily Mail finally published a news story with photographs by researcher and author, Lucy Pringle, about the controversial "face" and "binary code" in the wheat field next to the Chilbolton Observatory south of Andover, Hampshire. Chilbolton Observatory is a government-owned installation that was constructed in 1965 to study radio wave propagations from space and satellites. Cereal crop fields that run along the barbed wire boundary of the Observatory are owned and operated by various farmers. By Wednesday, August 29, the Estate had cut down the "face" and "binary code" in its normal wheat harvest.



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