“1998 will bring many of the great awakenings that lead into the Aquarian Age. This is being caused by the Great Cycle of the Sun. This great solar cycle is in turn caused by the revolution of the Sun through the various spheres of activity in the galaxy. This cycle is a gradual activity; it does not occur all at once.”

...Edgar Cayce
 ~ Reading 1602-003 9/22/39

Edgar Cayce's prediction is right on schedule. There are many great awakenings taking place today, and it is part of the enormous change we are witnessing in our everyday lives.

Today, the Great Cycle of the sun described by Cayce is coming into Aquarius and its cosmic energy is affecting each and every one of us. 

Over the years we have come to think of the universe as being alive because of its constant motion. In spite of its largeness, the ancient astrologers were familiar with the cosmic cycles that not only governed the seeming chaos of our heavens, but also gave it explicit order and meaning. They also knew this ordering principle was divine in origin and its influence would be felt by all. 

In order to appreciate the dawning Age of Aquarius and how it fits into the cosmic scheme of things, you need to understand some of the movements of planet Earth that the ancient astronomers were quite familiar with.

Planet Earth has many motions. It spins on its axis once every 24 hours. It orbits the sun every 365 days. And our whole solar system, the sun included, is slowly revolving around a massive object located at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, once every 250 million years. 

However, it was a more subtle celestial movement that captured the attention of the ancient ones who knew the stars. Think of our magnificent planet as a spinning top. As a top begins to slow down, it goes from a smooth motion to one that wobbles, especially at both of its ends.

Earth is like a spinning top, and its rate of spin is just slow enough to cause a slight wobble, which is most apparent at each of its poles. And it was this planetary wobble that deeply intrigued the ancient astronomers. They knew it had a direct effect upon the timing of the astrological ages. And they called this 25,920-year cycle the "Great Age" or "Great Year." 

Imagine yourself standing on top of the North Pole. If you look straight up into the sky, you would find that the Pole is pointing to the star Polaris, the north star of the Big Dipper. If you have the patience, imagine lying down on the North Pole for the next 25,920 years while looking straight up. What would you see every night?

Like a very slow moving movie you would see that Polaris would no longer be above you. Perhaps another star was in its place. It would take 25,920 years for Polaris to be directly overhead before another one of these great cycles would repeat itself again. This slow, circular, wobbling movement of the North Pole and planet Earth is called precession, and it directly affects how many years we spend in each of the twelve houses of the zodiac.  

Before you run for some Dramamine, here is an easy way to visualize all of this dizzying celestial motion. Pretend you are sitting on the nose of the Sphinx and looking in the same direction as this magnificent man-lion, which is due east. Pretend further that it is the first day of spring, the vernal equinox, and that the sun will rise in the east in an hour or so. Lets rewind the cosmic clock 11,000-12,000 years. What you would see in the starry skies, just above the eastern horizon is the constellation, Leo, one of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The next sign to gradually rise above that same horizon and appear after Leo would be Cancer, which would take 2,160 years to unfold. Then, one by one, every 2160 years, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Aquarius would rise and pass over you in the heavens as if by magic. Today, we would see the tail end of Pisces and the beginnings of Aquarius. 

If it was the first day of spring 2009, and you were sitting on the nose of the Sphinx gazing at the eastern horizon just before dawn, you would see the extreme end of Pisces the Fishes rising overhead. If we fast-forward this same scene for several hundreds of years, we would be well into the Age of Aquarius. Or another way to say this is that, during that same period of time, Aquarius will be the rising sign for all of humanity.

Today, we are right in the thick of an astrological, no-man's land. It lies directly between the dying Piscean age and the new Aquarian age being born. We are also at the extreme end of the 25,920 Great Year, which promises even greater changes.

The slate of Pisces will be swept clean by many changes all over this planet. The ancients knew very well that the twilight zone between the ages was always fraught with upheaval and turmoil. They also were aware that each new age brought another messenger from God to point the way for us. The last was Jesus who ushered in the beginning of Pisces.

Why did all the ancient astronomers have a constant need to know where they where in relation to the Great Year? They considered it an absolute because this information was related to even larger cosmic cycles, and the events that went with them. Did their very existence depend upon it? Recent findings suggest that is exactly the reason why. 

The ancients appear to have left messages behind for us... messages about great Earth changes that occurred 12-13000 years ago when the last Ice Age ended, and the Great Flood occurred. Interestingly, that time period marked the halfway point of the Great Year. Of even greater significance, shifting from Pisces to Aquarius, as we are now doing, completes the 25,920-year cycle, a major, major event in cosmic cycle time.

The Maya divided the Great Year into five smaller cycles of 5,125 years each. Each sub-cycle ended with a different kind of cleansing process for planet Earth and its inhabitants. Why a cleansing? It seems that previous civilizations of mankind over-identified with the material ways of life, and paid little attention to spiritual development. The material ways lead to excessive pleasure, self-gratification, comforts, greed, destruction of the environment, wars, injustices, and so on, not unlike what we have today.

The Mayan astronomers, who had a magnificent comprehension of the heavens, used a special calendar that guided and ruled their lives. Their calendar comes to an end on December 21, 2,012. Why? This is not only the end of a 5,125-year sub-cycle, but also the end of the Great Year.

The Maya and the Hopis say planet Earth will be cleansed once again at that time. Perhaps they knew that before a new cosmic cycle can begin, the karma of the current cycle must be cleared. They are not alone in this thinking.

What could it all mean? How might it tie into ancient prophecies and recent inspired messages from the Spirit world? I and others believe it could mean the beginning of a new and wonderful period of time known as the Golden Age, if we let go of our fears, change our material ways and balance it with the spiritual.

With the birth of any New Age, there will no doubt be pain and changes. Do not fear the pain and changes. Face it all with unconditional love for yourself, our Source and one another.

"Beyond Prophecies and Predictions" by Moira Timms
"Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock
"The Mayan Prophesies" by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell


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