All That Is... is within

The conscious mind. It chatters to us all the time except when we sleep. It reminds us about the bills, it judges other people's actions, it creates our doubts, guilt's, fears and drives us to survive in this rat race material world. It never seems to quit.

Its constant noise has become so dominant that it drowns out another more powerful mind that we also have. The superconscious mind. Through that second mind, we can know all we need to, because it has direct access to the divine. All we have to do is quiet the chattering mind and a whole new world will open up for us. A world we have forgotten.   

Over the past eight years I've read hundreds of metaphysical/New Age books. Time and again I would find these kind of statements:

- Go within and know that I am God
- Listen to the still small voice within
- I can be found within the silence
- The answers you seek can be found within the silence
- Turn to the One within you and find completeness.
- I am within your very being
- Be in the stillness until you are consciousness of My presence
- Be still and put aside all thoughts of your own
- Come to Me in the silence
- You only need be very still and practice the long-lost art of listening
- It is in this total stillness that you can be guided
   by My inner voice

I've also read that in prayer we talk to God. In meditation God speaks to us. 

Meditation is not only very important for our spiritual growth, it sustains us through the experience of remembering who we really are. Beings of Divine Light.

I started meditating on and off 7 years ago. I must say that I had some very unusual experiences while doing so. Visions in full living color, out among the stars, flying over the English countryside, one very prophetic vision about my brothers second son, an indigo ball of light that fades in and out where my third eye is, the name of my twin soul, the face of an Native American guide of mine, and so on.

Meditation is a also a form of self-discipline in that one can use to calm the conscious mind so that it ends its constant chattering in our head. This chattering comes from the separate self, or the ego, which doesn't want its influence over us ended. In other words, the separate self rebels against self-discipline and any attempt we make to become God-centered. As a result, meditation takes some practice. But it's not as demanding as you might think. Above all, don't get frustrated. Relax, be kind and gentle with yourself and try to meditate on a regular basis.

My purpose is not to describe all the different meditation techniques. The most important part is just getting started with something simple and something that works. The biggest hurdle is being able to calm the mind for about 5-15 minutes. Keeping things simple will help. Once you have accomplished the simple, you are ready for more. And you will have some very neat experiences, even with the simple approach.

With all the stress going on in today's world, meditation is becoming very popular. Here's an easy way to start off...

- create a quiet place to be
- surround yourself with white light, your angels or both
- turn off the phone or anything else that can disturb the silence
- listening to soft dreamy music can be helpful
- get into a comfortable position whether it is sitting, laying
  down, or semi reclined
- ask God and your angels to help still your mind and remove any fears
- don't fight the chatter in your head... just be calm and still
   within your mind

- close your eyes 
- take several deep breaths 
- if it helps, focus on your breathing
- feel relaxed all over
- try to focus, but not force, your attention between the eyebrows
- this is where your third eye is located (it's color is indigo)

- now just "be"
- this is the key, just "being" and not forcing anything
- if any chatter comes into your mind, gently let it go
- then be still for 5-15 minutes

- keep this up on a regular basis
- when you have your first exciting experience you'll want more

What kind of exciting things can happen? Watch out for, and try to be calm when they happen:

- an unexpected vision of something
- at first the vision may be vague, but you may "sense" what it is
- colors or shapes
- a country setting
- a soft voice speaking to you in your head
- a sensation, awareness and a vision of being among the stars
- tingling surges of energy sweeping your body
- words that appear
- a vision of someone who has passed on
- incredible light that fills you with energy
- a face looking at you that you may or may not know
- an eye looking at you

These are just some of the experiences you may enjoy. When they happen, your first tendency will be to react to them. That will make them fade. The challenge is to remain calm in your mind when something happens. As you meditate more and more, the easier it should be to enter the meditative state.

What I normally experience is that during the first 5 minutes slight hints of images, colors, shapes, etc. are vague and fleeting. During minutes 5-10 these things become somewhat more defined. During minutes 10-15 is where the real excitement seems to set in. Stay with it and I promise you it will be rewarding.

From what I understand, the experiences we can have are endless. Meditation is a great way to get guidance, to recharge your energy and to awaken to who you really are. Ask God and your spirit guides a specific question before going into the meditative state. Then wait for an answer.

The ultimate meditative experience is a knowingness or profound feeling of being one with God. This experience cannot be put in words nor can it be described. It can only be felt. And it is possible. Many others have achieved it.

Be patient with this. Don't force a meditative response. Just be.


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