The Path To Inner Peace

What is REAL inner peace? How did the Masters find it? Is it possible for us to achieve in this seemingly crazy, hectic world in which we live?

Yes, it is possible to reach inner peace, but it will not come over night. And it may take many lifetimes to achieve what the Masters have learned and taught us.

In order to understand inner peace, one has to stand back a bit and take a look at who you really are. Briefly, you are a spiritual being caught up in a human, 3-dimsional experience.

Ancient mystical wisdom tells us that our God-centered spirits discovered planet Earth aeons and aeons ago. We decided to slow our vibrations down so that we could appreciate the wonders of the material, 3-dimensional world. 

After that initial experience, we jointly agreed that we would bring a sense of sacredness to this planet by blending Spirit with matter. In other words, we wanted to being a sense of God-energy and Heaven to Earth.

Over time we lost our way by over-identifying with the pleasures of the physical world and all it could offer. As a result, we've gotten stuck here. We now find ourselves in a cycle of life-death-karma until we awaken spiritually and find a balance between our  mind-body-soul. When we do, our spirits will be free from the material world we find ourselves attached to lifetime after lifetime. 

Each and every one of us is a part of our Source. Prior to arriving on planet Earth as a human family of souls we were always God-centered. Everything we did was a result of our sacred relationship with All That Is. We constantly experienced a deep and profound inner peace because of our connection with the divine.

As we lost our way in this material world of 3-dimensional reality, we drifted further and further from God-centeredness. The more we drifted, the more we lost our inner peace. The more we lost our inner peace the more we experienced suffering and pain. 

All of this occurred because of free will choices we made that separated us from our Creator. It has nothing to do with God punishing us. It has everything to do with the past, ego-based choices we've made, individually and collectively.

Because of divine wisdom and God's perfect plan, we will never find lasting happiness or a profound sense of inner peace outside of ourselves. We may be able to rent it for a while, but it will never be permanent. Nowhere in the physical universe is this possible. 

There is nothing in the material world that lasts forever nor can anything material, regardless of the degree of pleasure, provide a deep and continuing state of peace and happiness. One must go within to find it.

What is within? God. The inner journey, the discovery of remembering who we really are is the path to inner peace. It is only when we are God-centered in all we think and do that we will finally achieve the lasting peace we've forgotten about. 

The Masters know this. Nothing perturbed them. They saw through the illusion of the physical world and all of its false promises... promises we have yet to detach from.

What are some things we can do to begin the journey towards inner peace. Here are a few thoughts and suggestions, much of which comes from the Peace Pilgrim, a modern day saint...

"Your lower self (ego) sees things from the viewpoint of your physical well-being only. Your higher self considers your spiritual well-being.

When you are governed by your lower self you are selfish and materialistic... if you follow the promptings of your higher self you will see things realistically and find harmony within yourself and others.

Body, mind and emotions are instruments which can be either the self centered nature or the God-centered nature.

The self-centered nature uses these instruments, yet it is never fully able to control them, so there is a constant struggle. They can only be fully controlled by the God-centered nature.

When the God-centered nature takes over, you have found inner peace."

The Peace Pilgrim has expressed her thoughts as to how we can achieve inner peace...

"No problem ever comes to you that does not have a purpose in your life... that cannot contribute to your inner growth.

When you perceive this, you will recognize that problems are opportunities in disguise.

Bring your lives into harmony with the laws that govern this universe.

Every one of us has a special place in the life pattern and no two people have the same part to play in Life's Pattern.

There is guidance, which comes from within to all who will listen.

We must remain open to God's guidance.

Every morning I thought of God and thought  of things I might do that day to be of service to God's children.

I looked at every situation I came into to see if there was anything I could do there to be of service.

The simplification of life...

This (simplification) was made easy for me. Just after I dedicated my life to service, I felt that I could no longer accept more than what I need while others in the world
have less than they need.

During this period I was able to meet my expenses on ten dollars a week... $6.50 for food and $3.50 for lodging.

Then I discovered there were some purification's required of me.

The first was the purification of the body... this had to do with my physical living habits.

Now I eat mostly fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and no meat.

Another is purification of thought. If you  realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

There is one more purification, and that is purification of motive.

What is your motive for whatever you may be doing? If it is pure greed or self-seeking or the wish for self-glorification, I would say don't do that thing.

The motive, if you are to find inner peace, must be an outgoing motive. Service, of course, service. Giving, not getting.

Your motive must be good if your work is to have a good effect.

The secret of life is being of service.

Then there are the relinquishments...

- the relinquishment of self-will (ego)
- the relinquishment of the feeling of separation
- the relinquishment of all attachments (no one
   is truly free who is still attached to material
   things, or to places or to people)
- the relinquishment of all negative feelings

There will be hills and valleys, lots of hills and valleys, in that spiritual growing up period (attaining inner peace). Then in the midst of struggle there will come a wonderful mountaintop experience... the first glimpse of what the life of inner peace is like."

This incredible woman, who many liken to a "western Gandhi," found inner peace... the kind that truly lasts. She lived in our lifetime, walked thousands and thousands of miles across America for 25 years with just the clothes on her back, sleeping on concrete floors and eating what was given to her by others... all for the love of humankind, all for peace, all for God. Believe me, she knows what she's talking about when it comes to inner peace.


Peace Pilgrim written by her many friends. For a FREE COPY write to:

Friends of Peace Pilgrim
43480 Cedar Avenue
Hemet, California 92544
(909) 927-7678


Tendency to think and act spontaneously
rather than from fear based on past experience

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment

Loss of interest in judging other people

Loss of interest in judging self

Loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others

Loss of interest in conflict

Loss of ability to worry (a very serious symptom)

Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation

Contented feelings of connectedness
with others and with nature

Frequent attacks of smiling through
the eyes and heart

Increasing tendency to let things happen
rather than make them happen

Increased susceptibility to love
extended from others
as well as...

the uncontrollable urge to extend it

Author Unknown


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