It's December 2013...Now What?


December 21, 2012, has come and gone. One year later the world is still here. We are here. Now what?

Similar pages in this website presented various 2012 scenarios described by others, always allowing the reader to reach his or her own conclusions. Along with those scenarios the reader was consistently reminded that our future is a fluid one that is based upon our individual and collective (mass consciousness) choices. And yet, God's cycles of change also have to be taken into consideration.

 From the Stars has always felt that 2012 was more about a BIG shift in consciousness rather than catastrophic physical cleansings. And when one looks out at the world today, we do see a striking shift in humanity's mindset. More individuals are demanding freedom, justice, dignity, and an end to oppression, painful as it has been for many of them. Others are trying very hard to make the world a better place.

The 2160 year-old age of Pisces, with its focus on the individual, has come and gone. Aquarius, the age of synthesis, or a coming together between peoples, has now begun in earnest. Aquarian energies will not tolerate fear and its many ego-driven extensions: greed, deception, corruption, control, violence, separation, and aggression. Institutions that thrived on fear are being exposed for what they represent. Slowly, but with gathering force, they are beginning to crack and collapse from the pressures of a humanity that wants to replace them with love, truth, brotherhood, and justice.

A good example of Aquarian energy comes from the new Pope, Francis. He is a simple man who cares about social justice, sharing, freedom, dignity for all, and loving and serving the poor, as Jesus and many others have implored us to do. And he walks his talk. Others before him have been the brave souls who have risked life and limb to expose fear-based choices by those who do not have out best interests in mind. The better known ones are Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul the First, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and now Pope Francis. Over time, others will step forward just as they have...until we "get it" and change our world for the better.

One also has to admit that physical changes, such as rapid climate change, freak weather events, increased volcano and earthquake activities, rising sea levels, flash floods, drought, etc. are also beginning to manifest in the world, as Earth Mother pushes back against those forces that are trying to poison and kill Her. She has rights as do all her creations and we are slowly learning to honor and respect that. If we learn to live in harmony with our Earth Mother, she will calm down and support all of us.

And then there are God's cycles, large and small, that ensure nothing stays the same in our physical universe and on our planet. We now find ourselves at the end of the Mesoamerican fifth world, the ending of the Kali Yuga (Iron Age) of the Hindus, and the extreme end of the Great Year, that repeats itself every 25,920 years. Approximately 13,000 years ago, halfway through the Great Year, the last significant ice age ended, the oceans rose several hundred feet, land masses were freed of glaciers and a new window of time for our current civilization opened. We have had our time to undo and heal past karmic choices and actions. Now the 13,000-year pendulum of Earth-time swings back the other way.  

Over the past 50 years there have been a number of different prophetic scenarios put forth for the human population. They include catastrophic cleansings, a harvest wherein those who are ready to graduate move on to a 4th-dimensional Earth now being born, a massive shift in consciousness by all humans resulting from the hundredth-monkey effect, the presence of the Christ energy and its materialization in human form as an individual named Maitreya Who already is in our midst, and other possible outcomes. I can't say for sure which of these will unfold for us. In fact, no one knows for sure except God.

So here we are, 7.5 billion souls staring into a future that is full of question marks and the unknown. If I had to take an educated guess, I lean towards a scenario that includes Maitreya, the Brotherhood of Light, and benevolent extraterrestrials working with humanity to create a better world, perhaps one that leads to a 4th-dimensional Earth. Even though we have to take into consideration God's cycle of changes a positive shift in humanity's mass consciousness just might calm these cyclic changes to some extent and result in a relative stable period of time (some say 1000 years) to restore this planet's balance and well-being through responsible stewardship. What happens then, is another question.  

What I do feel for sure is that the grip of the dark forces on this planet is becoming weaker with each passing day...and the influence of the forces of Light are becoming stronger. Every day I see examples, large and small, of this happening all around the world. It's as though the Christ energy that enveloped our world in earnest 50 some odd years ago is resulting in this shift. And it is picking up pace.

I also strongly feel that we will see and experience things in the next 5-10 years that will be nothing short of astounding...and for the betterment of mankind. We will be offered guidance and help, but we have to do the asking and the heavy lifting. I further believe that humanity will be up to such a challenge and that the road to a better way will become smoother and straighter over the next several generations.


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