"...humanity is continually encouraged to believe in the reality of fear. You see, if we would let go of fear we could not be controlled."

~ God I Am by Peter O. Erbe

I recently (November, 2013) reread a book titled God I Am by Peter O. Erbe. The book is a treasure trove of Wisdom. And within that Wisdom there is a section on fear and ego. Below are excerpts from the book. In essence, the message is...when we conquer our fears, we will be free.

"In social consciousness life is reduced to survival, a fear based state of existence. Society's religion is the hunt for supply; the Dollar has become the almighty God of the merry and the wretched alike - this is where security is seen.

Our investment in fear is staggering: the energy spent in keeping fear alive and well drains our very life blood.

Here reality, the state of Being, is reversed to the state of Having. Our need for love and to love is substituted with the need for material things and conditions.

In the majority of the race, at present, only approximately ten to thirty percent of the brain's full capacity is utilized and only two chakras are open and active: the chakra at the base of the spine and the navel chakra, which relate to procreation and survival.

Now, what prevents the activation of the dormant chakras is the 'plug', which is fear. This results in a repetitious energy flow between the two lowest chakras as in males, sexuality and survival. Females are somewhat better off, as their third chakra, the solar plexus, feeling, remained intact.

So we run in circles [lifetime after lifetime] - we have become stuck...It is like listening to the same tune over and over again. As the release of a fear-based consciousness terminates this vicious cycle, the compelling question is then: what determines the release of fear? In a nutshell the answer is desire.

...because of stabilized perception, which sustains the extremely low frequency of fear...All that is needed is a push to move the 'needle out of the groove. (usually a major life crisis and a turning to God for help)

In the early days of the recent human history, the maintenance of fear-based frequencies was partly through the help of the western Church...This induced guilt on a massive level [and based on] a dogma which states that Man is innately sinful and corrupt.

Whatever it is we give our energy to we empower. If we love we empower love - if we fear we empower fear and what we empower we attract.

If you know who you really are then you would know as a fact that you are provided for, that you are perfectly taken care of, by the Spirit that causes you to be. If you know this as clearly as you know that water is wet, then you could not possibly be controlled.

A state of mind devoid of fear is unconditional love, is a soul conscious of its Oneness with the Creator...It is an individual unaffected by any worldly adversities. In order to remember Oneness, survival thinking has to be surrendered, and to enable us to do this, much dross has to be removed first.

We pay tribute to the man of enterprise and worldly achievement, who, at closer inspection, is but a walking appetite. Our faith is in shares and bonds, in electronics and creature comforts, in warfare and science, but not in Divine sustenance. The disease of separation from the God within is the loss of identity.

Within the years 1990 and 2010 we shall witness the decline and disintegration of every institution, business and government that is fear-based. Each soul is given the chance to choose between war or peace, competition or co-operation, healing or attach, fear or love.

And what is the cause of any disease? Consciousness. We may step in the right direction and read a hundred excellent books on the matter and shall find most certainly the mental condition [fear] which has caused our individual problem...we should look at the universal cause of all dis-eases and problems, which is the human sickness of separation from our Source.

What does it take to bring a soul to light, to its natural state of Being, void of sorrow and lack, to pure joy? I shall tell you what it takes - in the majority of cases anyway: It takes pain and pain and more pain. Until a soul is so tired of its game of SELF denial, so exhausted from its endless cycle of rebirths that it becomes humble and looks within instead of without. It is then when it cries out: There must be another way. If there be a God, so help me, please!

It need not take pain to return to light. All that is ever required is the sincere desire to awaken from the human drama. ...But as it is we are so caught up in the game of survival that we fear we have to give everything up to come to light. There is only one 'possession' we have to surrender and that is the sum total of our anxieties. As long as we cling to it, that is believe in its reality, there is absolutely no way out. In clinging we shall remain paupers in Spirit."

And how do we conquer fear?"

How is this done? We define our problem and give it unto God I AM, our real SELF, and then let go. Once we do this we must not interfere, however much the situation temps us to manipulate and to 'pull strings. What we are really doing by giving the problem to our SELF is this: we are handing it over by saying" 'Father - I step aside - You lead the way'. To then let go, means we perfectly trust."

Then you will be free.

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