Is God 
Ok With Sex?


"The sexually active are no less qualified for enlightenment, no less spiritually evolved, than the sexually inactive. 

What enlightenment and evolution do cause you to drop is your addiction to sex, your deep need to have the experience, your compulsive behaviors."

Given to Neale Donald Walsch... by God Conversations with God 

In the three Conversations with God books, one can find rich and meaningful insights into many things, including sexuality. For those not familiar with these extremely popular books, Neale Donald Walsch, while in an altered state, carries on a dialogue with God, which he puts into writing. God's explanations about sex are the best I've ever seen and I'd like to share a few of those thoughts with you.

It begins with Mr. Walsch asking God some questions...


Is sex "okay." C'mon - what is the real story behind this human experience? Is sex purely for procreation, as some religions say? Is true holiness and enlightenment achieved through denial - or transmutation - of the sexual energy? It is okay to have sex without love? Is just the physical sensation of it okay enough without a reason?


Of course sex is "okay." Play with sex, Play with it. It's wonderful fun. Why its the most fun you can have with your body, if you're talking of strictly physical experiences alone.

But for goodness sake, don't destroy the sexual innocence and pleasure and purity of the fun, the joy, by misusing sex. Don't use it for power, or hidden purpose; for ego gratification or domination; for any purpose other than the purest joy and the highest ecstasy, given and shared - which is love, and love recreated - which is new life! 

With regard to denial, nothing has ever been achieved through denial. Yet desires change as even larger realities are glimpsed. It is not unusual, therefore, for people to simply desire less, or even no, sexual activity - or, for that matter, any of a number of activities of the body.

You want to experience yourself as a person who has sex without love? Go ahead! You'll do that until you don't want it anymore. And the only thing that will - that could ever - cause you to stop this, or any, behavior, is your newly emerging thought about Who You Are.


Why did you make sex so good, so spectacular, so powerful a human experience if all we are to do is stay away from it as much as we can? What gives?


There is so much more to be said about sex than is being said here - but nothing more essential than this: sex is joy, and many of you have made sex everything else but.

Sex is sacred, too - yes. But joy and sacredness do mix (they are in fact the same thing) and many of you think they are not.

Your attitudes about sex form a microcosm of your attitudes about life. Life should be a joy, a celebration, and it has become an experience of fear, anxiety, "not enough-ness," envy, rage, and tragedy. The same can be said about sex.

You have repressed sex, even as you have repressed life, rather than fully Self-expressing with abandon and joy.

You have shamed sex, even as you have shamed life, calling it evil and wicked, rather than the highest gift and the greatest pleasure. 

The energy which underscores sex is the energy which underscores life; which is life!. The feeling of attraction and the intense and often urgent desire to move toward each other, to become one, is the essential dynamic of all that lives. I have built this into everything. It is inbred, inherent, inside All That Is.

The moral codes, religious constrictions, social taboos and emotional conventions you have placed around sex (and by the way, around love - and all of life) have made it virtually impossible for you to celebrate your being.

From the beginning of time all man has ever wanted is to love and be loved. And from the beginning of time man has done everything in his power to make it impossible to do that. Sex is an extraordinary expression of love - love of another, love of Self, love of life. You ought to therefore love it!

For now - and for you, personally - simply know this: I have given you nothing shameful, least of all your very body, and its functions.  


Yet isn't it true that some beings who are highly evolved have "given up sex?"


Not in the classic sense of the words "to give up." It is not a forced letting go of something you still want but know is "no good to have." It's more of a simple releasing, a movement away from - as one pushes oneself away from a second helping of dessert. Not because the dessert is no good. Not even because it's no good for you. But simply because, wonderful as it was, you've had enough.

When you can drop your involvement with sex for that reason, you may want to do so. Then again, you may not. You may never decide that you've "had enough" and may always want this experience, in balance with the other experiences of your Beingness.

That's okay. That's all right. The sexually active are no less qualified for enlightenment, no less spiritually evolved, than the sexually inactive.

What enlightenment and evolution do cause you to drop is your addiction to sex, your deep need to have the experience, your compulsive behaviors.

Regarding children...

... you will not allow your offspring to be taught to celebrate themselves and their bodies, their humanness and their wondrous sexual selves. And you will not allow your children to know that they are, first and foremost, spiritual beings inhabiting a body. Nor do you treat your children as spirits coming into bodies.

In societies where sexuality is openly spoken of, freely discussed, joyously explained and experienced, there is virtually no sexual crime, only a tiny number of births which occur when they are not expected, and no "illegitimate" or unwanted births. In highly evolved societies, all births are blessings, and all mothers and all children have their welfare looked after. Indeed, the society would have it no other way.


One engages in sex because it is the natural thing to do. It is built into the genes, you obey a biological imperative.


Precisely! It is a genetic signal that drives to the question of species survival. But once the survival of the species is assured, isn't it the "elevated" thing to do to "ignore the signal?"  


You misinterpret the signal. The biological imperative is not to guarantee the survival of the species, but to experience the Oneness which is the true nature of your being. Creating new life is what happens when Oneness is achieved, but it is not the reason Oneness is sought.

If procreation were the only reason for sexual expression - if it were nothing more than a "delivery system" - you would no longer need to engage in it with one another. You can unite the chemical elements of life in a petri dish.

Yet this would not satisfy the most basic urges of the soul, which it turns out, are much larger than mere procreation, but have to do with re-creation of Who and What You Really Are.

The biological imperative is not to create more life, but to experience more life - and to experience that life as it really is: a manifestation of Oneness. 

If you are having sex from only your lower chakra center, you are operating from the root chakra alone, and missing by far the most glorious part of the experience. 

Remember, you are a three-part being, with seven chakra centers. When you respond to one another from all three parts, and all seven chakra centers, at the same time, then you have the peak experience you are looking for - that you have been created for. 

There is nothing unholy about any of these energies - yet if you choose just one of them, that is "un-whole-y." It is not being whole. 

When you are not being whole, you are being less than yourself. 

There are many more remarkable insights into sexuality for both adults and children in the three Conversations with God books. I highly recommend you consider reading them to expand your awareness. Millions like yourself already have and it's helping to change our collective consciousness and our planet.



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